Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breast Massage

Ladies, have you do any breast massage before? Or perhaps you heard that breast massage can avoid breast cancer? There are tonnes of new business ideas everyday. I would say this Singaporean guy is brilliant, by targeting the needs where most women are concerning, breast cancer. 

Now thousands of Singaporean women would like to inquire this doctor after he advertising his breast massage benefits on air. His spa will only serve female customer and charge the relevant massage treatment with $68 per hour. If you sign a 20 times treatment package, you can entitled with $44 per hour. Wow, this Singaporean will be making lots of money soon.

Skin Lab Medical Spa, perhaps you are interested too?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 Sales Strategies From Club Membership

Hi folks, have you encounter any sales person approaching or asking you to join their club membership when you are shopping in the mall? You don't really know whether you need it on the spot. But after listened to the salesperson, most people will want it (except those are very stingy), because their sales strategies are just too good.

I noticed more or less they are using 3 major sales strategies. These strategies are really brilliant where I believe some of you have already encountered.

Strategy #1: Value per Visit
"RM3.56 per visit. Join our membership today for only RM1,299, you will entitled for 1 year membership  with unlimited visit throughout the year!"
Analysis: They utilized large volume to lower down the cost per visit and misled you that the offer is valuable.
Actual Fact: Since this kind of calculation is misleading people from the beginning, we don't have to look at it further.

Strategy #2: Promotion will be Over Soonest
"The promotion only up to this month end." or "Once the membership is out of order, you dont have a chance anymore! Please hurry!" 
Analysis: They give you time limitation pressure and let you feel regret if you are not signing it immediately.
Actual Fact: Perhaps the promotion is really going to finish this month end. But you will see the salespersons stay with their booth for another type of promotion the next month.

Strategy #3: Invest in Your Health
"This is not spending, this is investing your own health. Please don't abuse your health anymore."
Analysis: They try to make you feel guilty about your health, by enticing you to buy your health back.
Actual Fact: Health is important, but health and money is two different things. Healthy is about consistently maintaining your exercise.

If you are unlucky, they will start to maintain the club poorly or cut down the cost, after the sales has reached the peak. If you are very unlucky, they closed down the center after a couple of months of operation, after sucking your money and tell you they are having financial crisis. 

Joining fitness club is encouraging, if you are keen to exercise regularly. But, please do think twice for those promotion plan. Cheers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Advent of New Android

I think not too long to wait, we can have our favorite celebrity to be with us anytime.

Japanese has just unveiled a new smiling female android, which looks like really real. With the advent of this android, the celebrity can make some good money by doing some simple recordings. This success story immediately let me think of Lin-Chi Ling, an Asian supermodel.

So if you are rich enough, are you willing to buy one?
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