Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Overcome Public Speaking

How many of us are good at public speaking?

I will need to do a 10 minutes public speaking to 50 people by end of next month, but I'm not sure what to speak as I'm not familiar with the topic assigned.

From what I understand, it requiring huge effort and preparation if you want to provide a good and meaningful speech to the audience. On top of that, you have to overcome the fear of speaking in front of audience, forgotten what you want to say, and the response from the audience.

Well, the way you speak normally will influence on how you perform on stage, including the tune, pace and vocabulary.

Anyway, practice will makes perfect. Now just need to think of what to say, and then practice it and wait for the day to come!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Always Exceed Expectations

I touched about a topic on aggressive about 2 months ago. Come to think of it, perhaps it needs to be explained further. I would like to talk about expectation in this post.

When we perform a task or execute a job, there is always an expectation from yourselves or others. Not to mention those who doing less than what is expected. Most of us are used to follow instruction to achieve the task / job's goal, or so call 'do exactly as expected'.

First of all, there is nothing wrong on this as the school has taught us to perform so and the teacher has encouraged us to do so. Unfortunately, doing so may not work well today as the competition is getting stiffer, cost living is getting higher, resources are getting scarcer, and our life is getting tougher. These factors have lead us a need to make a change.

Without change, we may face to be mediocre or even below that eventually. Just look some successful giant companies i.e. Nokia, Yahoo, Blackberry and where are they now. And then you also can look at iPhone, what do you think it's future will be?

The rule is very simple if put this into a job position. Do less than expected, we are not contributing sufficient value and thus you may be an liability and expense to the company. For example, regular late comers, always forgotten this and that, did not deliver task on time. Thus, you may be the first one to be retrenched.

Do exactly as expected, you may just sustaining the value to the company, where you may be dispensable asset and low return investment to the company. For example, you are just doing what is required by the boss or superior. Nothing more than that or less.

Finally, do more than expected, you are possible creating value to the company. For example, you are the top sales of the company and always provide ideas to the team on how to generate more sales. Or you are an assistance that taking more challenging jobs from the boss instead of entry level jobs. The company is earning more than what it gets by paying the same salary if compare to your peer. By making this as your habit, luck and opportunity will start to come to you. The boss and colleagues will also think of you when they need someone to be rely on.

Hence, you may want to consider to be a value creator and do more than expected in order to stand out from others and change your life.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


The stock market and property prices have been growing and flipped don't know how many times since recession of 2008 till today. A lot of people made a lot of money from this recession. No wonder the guru always said the stock and property markets are the best tools for mid to long term investment.

For those who want to jump into the market now, the risk is definitely a lot higher compared to last year, few years ago or year 2008. But we cannot say it is at it's peak now as no one can really predict the market.

In short, stock and property market is a cyclical game, which means there is up and down. There won't be forever go up, or forever go down. In overall based on history, it is going up a lot even it went down some times. That is why I said it really does not matter you buy at the peak as this point, as it is hard to say and you can be right in mid or long term. What if the marker continue to go up for another 30 to 50% after you invested?

Anyway, what we want to do is to make a right decision. In order to make a so called right decision, we have to minimize our risk and understand what we are investing. We cannot be 100% right on all decision, but we can increase our probability of being right in our decision, by understanding what we are investing either based on history or future prospects, as well as the risk we are going to face.

The best thing to do now is to learn. Michael Jordan spent more than 20,000 hours in his life to practice on basketball before he became a legend. Warren Buffet spent all his times to study annual reports and company financial statistics even though he is one of the richest man in the world. All the riches are keep learning in order to climb in a better position and secure themselves.

If you have learned a lot about stock and property market before 2009, you should be a multi-millionaire by now. If you are already started to learn, then you need to continue to learn. That's one of the reasons that how the rich differentiate than the normal and poor people.

Have a nice day, folks.
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