Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busty Larissa Dates Potential South Koreans?

Do you still remember Larissa Riquelme? This World Cup beauty is now at South Korea to meet with her potential Mr Right. The busty model shot to international fame after she was spotted watching matches in a revealing outfit with a cellphone tucked in her cleavage during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. She was cheering for her home team, Paraguay.

On last month, this 25-year-old model signed up with South Korea's matchmaking agency Sunoo, known as Couple.net, to meet her Mr Right. Without surprise, close to 1,600 men, aged between 18 and 44, answered her call. Well, I don't know why she sign up with South Korea but not other country. I'm suspecting she watched too much Korean romantic dramas and movies? Or this is just a commercial advertisement for Sunoo?

As a result, she has picked 3 candidates lately. She would go on dates with three Korean men these few days, who were selected among the thousands of applicants. Yes, all 3 of them are Koreans, even though the applicants are from different countries and majority of them are Koreans. The three lucky bastards are reportedly all at least 180cm tall and fluent in English or Spanish, and have chosen where to take Larissa on their dates. If you were one of them, how do you feel?

According to Sunoo, Larissa’s first date would be with a 27 year old employee of a conglomerate, identified by his surname Huh. Huh? During the date, they would stop at a pet dog cafe.

On Wednesday she would go to Bukchon Hanok Village near Gyeongbok Palace with a 27-year-old man with the last name Eom who works at a securities firm.

Her third date would be with a 31-year-old man, whose last name is also Eom, to Lotte World and N Seoul Tower.

Good luck and date for your glory, 180cm Koreans!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Singing Beggars In The House

If you yet to know, foreign beggars scatter in Malaysia cities are starting to use a new tactic to collect donations, by serenading the people first. The women, one of them equipped with a guitar, would go to food outlets, open restaurants and mamak stalls, hoping to win favours with their singing skills.

Often travelling in groups of three, the women would sing songs from foreign countries such as the Philippines as well as golden oldies. They would sing for about five minutes and then take out a “donation booklet” in aid of welfare homes in their home country. It is proved by police that these women were part of a syndicate trying to earn easy money from kind people.

I was lucky to witness the 'live' show where I'm having a drink with my friend in an open restaurant in the mid of last month, when I was back to my hometown for vacation. When we are chatting, we heard someone singing Christmas song with guitar from our back. We were a little bit excited intially. Don't misunderstood, the guitar they carrying is a tiny one, just enough for them to carry around easily and to make some noise within 20-30 meters. When one of the women took out the booklet, we know what they want. Fortunately, we did not make any donation to them. Yes, their vocals sound that they were from philipines.

Anyway, according to the police, these foreigners are earning big bucks. They once caught a 60 year old man from China who earned thousands of RM dollars monthly and even stayed in a hotel. Most foreign beggars entered the country on social visitors’ passes. The more people give, the more beggars will continue with their chosen profession.

If they sing with this kind of quality, perhaps I will donate some.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Bride Transformation

Perhaps this is not going to happen on you. Just in case, please make sure you check properly before you get marry. Gotcha!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Cheerleaders Blamed for Defeat in Asian Games?

With China sweeping up the gold medals faster than ever in Guangzhou, it leaves little mystery as to which country will top this Asian Games’ medal count on November 27 when the games come to a close. That’s probably why the audience and photographers are looking away from the podiums for some excitement.

The Chinese cheerleaders of the Guangzhou Asian Games have headlined the local press over the past few days, with those on the beach volleyball and basketball court getting an excessive share of the spotlight. And at least one losing player blames them for his team's defeat.

"The cheerleaders had an effect on how we played. I think they had something to do with our losing the match, " said Yemenite beach volleyball player Adeeb Mahfoudh to The Telegraph yesterday. Yemen lost its beach volleyball game against Indonesia on November 16. Well, I would say that Yemenite player who complained about this is an ass hole. By right you have to concentrate your match, it's your game, dude! Why your opponent did not complain about it? You just cannot blame pretty women for being sexy.

Who says China doesn’t have a secret weapon? According to Ben Ben, captain of one of the beach volleyball cheering teams, most cheerleaders are university students who went through a national draft. To prepare for this Asian Games, those girls, whose average age is 20, have gone through some intensive training since June.

Good job, Chinese cheerleaders!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smart Vending Machine?

A vending machine in Japan which recommends drinks to customers based on facial recognition data has tripled sales. JR East Water Business has previously installed two vending machines in JR Shinagawa station and it is believed that the recognition technology is responsible for a vast increase in sales in comparison to traditional machines.

The vending machines recommend beverages after physical attributes of customers are picked up by sensors which allow the machines determine age, sex and other attributes, before offering a number of suggestions. A male consumer, according to Nikkei (subscription), may be shown images of canned coffee due to customer research, which will be displayed on the 47 inch touchscreen monitor before reverting to a normal vending machine display.

Quite how customers react to being recommended three diet beverages based on the vending machine’s judgemental leer is unclear, but the idea of a catty, bitchy machine is certainly intriguing. As the technology becomes more commonplace we can expect to see plenty more chubby commuters crying into their skinny lattes while waiting for a train, too afraid or unable to argue with the machine's decision. The technology will also allow for recommendations to be altered due to temperature conditions and time of day.

The vending machine will now be rolled out in Tokyo Station, with five machines to be installed near the Shinkansen bullet train and near ticket gates. If the vending machine continues to attract as much business it is hope that 500 machines will be installed in Tokyo and three prefectures which will account for 12 percent of the network by March 2012.

Existing vending machines in Chiba and Saitama are expected to switch to the new technology by the end of the year in the country where a bizarre range of products are sold within machines - notably girls underwear, sake and even live crabs.

But the new technology offers some frightening prospects. With machines telling us what to drink how long until we are told what to eat and what to wear? The idea of a 1984-style Big Brother state fronted by the double-headed hydra that is a computerised Trinny and Susanna is almost too scary. As well as advertising products it is also noted that the machines could be useful in other applications such as gathering sales data for promotional activities.

Friday, November 12, 2010

6 Ways To Live Like A Billionaire

Carlos Slim HelĂș, a telecom tycoon and billionaire with well-known frugal tendencies, has a net worth of US$60.6 billions. Assuming no changes in his net worth, he could spend $1,150 a minute for the next 100 years before he ran out of money. To put this in perspective, he could spend in 13 minutes, what a minimum-wage earner brings home after an entire year of the daily grind.
Granted, the world's billionaires, all 1,011 of them, are in the position of having, quite literally, more money than they can possibly spend, yet some still live well below their means and save money in surprising places. Even nonbillionaires can partake in these spending tips from frugal billionaires.
1. Keep your home simple.
Billionaires can afford to live in the most exclusive mansions imaginable, such as Bill Gates' sprawling 66,000 square foot, $147.5 million mansion in Medina, Wash. Yet frugal billionaires like Warren Buffett choose to keep it simple. Buffett lives in the five-bedroom house in Omaha, Neb., that he purchased in 1957 for $31,500. Likewise, Slim has lived in the same house for more than 40 years.

2. Use self-powered or public transportation.
Thrifty billionaires including John Caudwell, David Cheriton and Chuck Feeney prefer to walk, bike or use public transportation when getting around town. Certainly these wealthy individuals could afford to take a helicopter to their lunch meetings, or ride in chauffeur-driven Bentleys, but they choose to get a little exercise or take advantage of public transportation instead. Good for the bank account and great for the environment.

3. Buy your clothes off the rack.

While some people, regardless of their net worth, place a huge emphasis on wearing designer clothes and shoes, some frugal billionaires decide it's simply not worth the effort or expense. You can find Cheriton, the Stanford professor who matched Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to the venture capitalists at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (resulting in a large reward of Google stock), wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the furniture company Ikea, avoids wearing suits, and Caudwell, the mobile phone mogul, buys his clothes off the rack instead of spending his wealth on designer clothes.
4. Keep your scissors sharp. 
The average haircut costs about $45, but people can and do spend up to $800 per cut and style. Multiply that by 8.6 (to account for a cut every six weeks) and it adds up to $7,200 per year, not including tips.
These billionaires can certainly afford the most stylish haircuts, but many cannot be bothered by the time it takes or the high price tag for the posh salons. Billionaires like Caudwell and Cheriton cut their own hair at home.

5. Drive a regular car.

While billionaires like Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle enjoy spending millions on cars, boats and planes, others remain low key with their vehicles of choice. Jim Walton of the Wal-Mart clan drives a 15-year-old pickup truck. Azim Premji, an Indian business tycoon, reportedly drives a Toyota Corolla. And Kamprad of Ikea drives a 10-year-old Volvo. The idea is to buy a dependable car and drive it into the ground. No need for a different car each day of the week for these frugal billionaires.

6. Skip luxury items.

It may surprise some of us, but the world's wealthiest person, Slim, the one who could spend more than a thousand dollars a minute and not run out of money for 100 years, does not own a yacht or a plane.

Many other billionaires have chosen to skip these luxury items. Buffett also avoids these lavish material items, stating "Most toys are just a pain in the neck."
Lesson We Can Learn
Some of the world's billionaires have frugal tendencies. Perhaps this thrifty nature even helped them keep some of their money.

Regardless, they have chosen to avoid some unnecessary spending (at least on their scale) and the 6.86 billion nonbillionaires out there can follow suit, eliminating excessive, keep-up-with-the-Joneses style spending. No matter what your income bracket is, you can usually find ways to cut back on frivolous spending, just like a few frugal billionaires do.
Article Reported by Jean Folger

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Way to Cure Premature Ejaculation?

Are you watching porn frequently? If yes, do you get any benefit from it? Expert recently said watching porn movies can help cure premature ejaculation. I don't mind watching porn most of the time, but how true is it?

A local newspaper reported that a man who was diagnosed with prostatitis went to seek treatment at a hospital in Guizhou, China, and was asked to watch porn movies. He paid about S$120 for the treatment.

Singapore urologist Dr Lin Fa Cai said the hospital might want the patient to masturbate while watching the movies, in order for him to discharge “unhealthy sperm”. He said the movies used in such treatments were specially selected.

Dr Yang Zhi Jian from a men’s health clinic in Singapore said watching porn films could help as patients learn skills to improve their sex lives. He, however, said he had never used the method before. What a bull shit.
Another sex expert, Dr Yu Wei Siang, said the method could stimulate the production of male hormones.
If these experts are really categorized as 'expert', I would say you are the master!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Review: Winning

If you are looking for a general corporate management book, I would say Winning written by Jack Welch is the best management book I ever read. Even you are not in management level, I would say you are still encourage to read this magnificent book. Perhaps you will like it.

Book Title: Winning
Category: Business/Management
Author: Jack Welch
Publish Year: 2005

Why? Basically Winning covered the necessity of management we need to practice in few fundamental aspects. The book also written in a way that easy to understand. Once you start reading it, you will keep reading until the end. That's the beauty of this book. Jack Welch has tried his best to bring out the meaning of management and the way the management should be.

If you haven't know, Jack Weltch was the most successful CEO of General Electric, with net worth of US$720 millions. He is 75 and he is having tour to give talk and seminar to the management people aroud the world.

Winning, the Wall Street Journal and New York Time Bestseller was published in year 2005 and perhaps most of you have heard or read it. However, I only came to know it early in the mid of last year through my cousin. Basically Winning breaks the content into 4 sections. The initial section is just to awake and notify people that what a good management should possess, such as candor and differentiation. The second section is discussing about how you should manage your people, including hiring and firing. That's a good guide for new manager.

Where section 3 touched about how you should face with competition. The best part of it is the how-to strategy. It is simple but yet useful. And the final section is talked about your career, how you should face your boss and get the right job.

Overall, I gave Winning the following ratings:
Content: 9/10
Easy to understand: 8/10
Chapter Sequence: 6.5/10
Usefulness: 7/10
Worth the penny: 9/10

Jack Welch also has few other books, perhaps I will review his another book I've read next time.
If you have yet to come across Winning, go grab one copy today! It's totally affordable and worth the penny!
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