Sunday, April 20, 2014

Burger King vs McDonald

If I let you guess, Burger King vs McDonald in terms of delivery services, who will be the winner?

The answer is.... Burger King!

You must wondering why...

Well, a picture worths a thousand words. Burger King is more rugged and safety!

It's for fun only anyway. This incident is real where McDelivery is hit by Perodua Kancil mini car. However, the local Burger King spokesperson has clarified that the car has been edited with Burger King logo. 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Business Trips

I was away for outstations for the past few weeks so I did not manage to update my blog lately.

The first stop was Singapore, which the schedule is pretty tight and did not even manage to do any shopping.  I'm there for vendor and their clients' site visits together with few colleagues.

One thing I would like to say is, the cost living there is not really that expensive even it is granted the highest cost living country in the world this year. But if it comes to real estates, shopping area i.e. Orchard and hotels, they are really really expensive. The hotel I stayed in Orchard road costs me SGD400 per night! And the fine dinner at a Chinese restaurant for 4 persons cost us SGD200!

My second stop was Manila, Philippine, for a vendor product update and quick tours together with some partners. This was my first time to Manila, it's pretty big but terrible traffic jam, crowded and can see the city needs a lot of immediate improvements on public transports and infrastructure.

Anyway, I was staying in Taguig City, which is the new developed city. Overall it is quite well develop and created a lot of job opportunities for the locals, i.e. call centers, retailers and hospitality. The nearby cities that I visited are Quezon and Makati, not so great but frighten by it's terrible traffic jam. We have been arranged a half day tour the day before we left, which we came to know about Philippine and Manila history.

With close to 100 millions population, I can see a lot of petite females on the streets. But what impressed me is the French mixed local Pinoys, which we only can spot them in the high class restaurants and bars. They are really impressive in terms of look.

My third visits are to Kuala Lumpur and one of the small cities in Malaysia, which I have been there many times, so I have nothing much to talk about apart from MH370 and kidnapping cases. I had a very bad experience during departure, where the flight was delayed for more than 4 hours from 9.20pm to 1.20pm. By the time I reached airport, it's already 4am. What a terrible night!

I'll be flying back to work tomorrow evening. So everything will be restart again. Have a great weekend, folks!
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