Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apple iPad Advertisement

Apple iPad is launched! If you yet to know, iPad has a 9.7 inches LED black-lid IPS display with a remarkably precise multi-touch screen, with only 0.5 inches thin and 1.5 pounds weight. iPad allows you to do exactly like a mini notebook, web surfing, listening to music, watch movie, view photo, play games, etc. Sounds amazing? May be.

With the launching of new product, advertisement is required to boost up the sales, especially via online channels like YouTube. Well, I suggest you should watch iPad advertisement below...

See, iPad also has the technologic with women's period! It's cool isn't it!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Hey guys, Valentine's day is coming in less than 3 weeks, have you think of what to present to your partner? Sometimes, you will get bored if you keep doing the same time. Well, if you yet to come across any idea, perhaps some simple ideas below can help you out, at least for the coming Valentine day.

Anyway, you should aware that gift is just an object, your sincerity is the message you want to deliver to her, isn't it? Perhaps we don't really need to spend much about it, and we can do something different this year. Let's see.

1. Flowers
Are flowers the indispensable gift for Valentine day? If yes, perhaps you don't really have to buy. How about DIY? Perhaps you just need to buy color papers and ribbons and you MAKE IT YOURSELF. No time to do it? In fact, you just need 15 mins to show your sincerity. Try this.

If it is too simple, just think of how to improve it. Good luck.

2. Cloth
As you know Valentine's day will be crashed with Chinese New Year, we can do some combos here. How about buying a Cheong Sam for her? It cost less than RM50 per piece here. Perhaps she can wear your Valentine's day gift to celebrate Chinese New Year. So every Chinese New Year will be her Valentine day by wearing your Valentine's day gift.

3. Video
Well, we don't need a talent to make a video. It's pretty simple. All you just need is some preparation and practice. Perhaps you can just borrow a digital camera from your friend, sing a love song with guitar, or say something you want to tell her from your heart, and send the video to her on Valentine day. Something like this, but I'm sure you will be better than him. ;)

If you dare enough, just upload to Facebook and let her proud of your daring.

4. Fine Meal
You don't have to really go to up-market restaurant every year. How about cook a simple lunch or dinner for her for this year?

No idea what to cook? Perhaps you can refer some delicious Valentine's day recipes here.

5. Blog
How about create a blog for her, and write down all the history you both went through from the first day, or post about her favorite in the blog. It's totally free. All you need it's recall you thinking and time to write it.

Okay, these are the simple ideas that I want to share with you. I hope they are not too lousy. Perhaps you will have a better one by now. No matter what gift is it, the most important thing is you do it sincerely. Good luck!

Wait, how about Valentine's day gift for guys? I would say any idea will do, as long as not the ideas above. ;)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Racist Face Detection Camera?

Have you heard of Joz Wang? I guess she should be very famous by now, at least her blog visited by couple of ten thousands of people by now. Don't get me wrong, she is not famous because of what, but with a complaint about a camera.

When she and her brother bought a Nikon Coolpix S630 digital camera for their mother on last year, they discovered one of the features seemed to be malfunctioned. The fact is, every time they took a portrait of each other, a message from the cam flashed across the screen and asking, "Did someone blink?" No one had actually. However, when her brother posed with his eyes open so wide, the messages stopped.

After this incident, she posted a photo of the blink warning on her blog under the title, "Racist Camera! No, I did not blink... I'm just Asian!" The post was picked up by Gizmodo and Boing Boing. The interesting thing is, it prompted at least one commenter to note, "You would think that Nikon, being a Japanese company, would have designed this with Asian eyes in mind."

Well, if I'm the commenter, I would say, "Easy, just open up your eyes when taking camera will resolve the issue". What do you think?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pickup Women on Facebook?

Don't you think many of our daily lives are related to Facebook nowadays? For example, crime investigation by police, scandal leakage via video, personal problem and joy via shootout, escape from work and caught by boss via photo sharing, etc. And of course, Facebook has been widely used for pursuing relationship as well. It's good to see it.

Guess what. Sometimes, it might not advisable for you to pick up women on Facebook......

....... if your parents also on Facebook!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Open Source Vehicle

Let's face it, when I say Open Source, most of you will think about software (OSS). Open source has been developed for quite many years and it has been developed and transform to many industries. Thus, with the advance and agile development and innovation, open source does not apply to software alone anymore in recent years.

The first time I heard about OSS is about 12 years ago (Ow, I realized I'm already an old folk). Today, I heard about TREXA eV electric platform. The platform allows third parties to build upon a standard chassis with any type of body and accessories they would like. They did not mention any of licensing though and in this case, open source refers more to flexibility than in actually allowing for innovation in the underlying vehicle.

That's pretty cool uh! So, can we develop an open source movie, please?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Charm of Women's Cup

Yes, we all are aware that business owners should be creative when it comes to business idea and generate more profits for the retails, especially on marketing. I used to respect those who are creative in business idea.

This morning, I was kind of surprised when I heard one of the night clubs in Singapore came out with an idea to attract customers and in hope of boost up the revenue. They night club organized an event themed "Fill My Cups". So, what is it about?

The rule is easy. Women will be offered with free drinks according to the cup size of their bra. Woman with A cup would get 1 free drink, while with B cup would obtain 2 drinks and C cup with 3 glasses. Woman with D cup would be given a bottle of alcoholic drink worth SGD168.

What the heck is this idea? How do they measure women's cup size? Take off their bra and let the bartender to measure? Okay sorry, perhaps I concerned too much how it works. With this idea, I would agreed that it may attract a lot of male customers. However, will it be embarrassed for those women only taking 1 cup of drink in their hands?

So, please tell me how many cups this lady can get?

On the other hand, I'm interested to know. If you are a D-cup female, will you support this event and get your SGD168 free drink?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Read Fast?

I believe you have heard enough of how to make money online or how to be a millionaire from the Internet. Well, that could be interesting to read on from the first time. How about, how to read fast?

To be honest, I always have problem to read an article, book or magazine. I always cannot concentrate and read them very slow. I wasting a lot of time to read a short article. I always envy those who can read very fast and able to understand what they are reading. Until very recently, I realized the important to read fast to save up my precious time. I really have to overcome it, as I still have many materials to read for the remaining of my life.

After did a quick research, seems like there are many ways to improve the reading speed. One of the articles even mentioned the tips can help you improve 300% in a short period. Sounds amazing. Unfortunately, I don't understand what is it talking about after reading it. And eventually, I come across a video. Those tips mentioned in the clip does make sense to me.

After practiced it for a couple of days, my reading speed seems slightly improve now. So, I would like to share it with you here, how to speed read.

Hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice weekend, folks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Only Church Arson Witness

On 31st December last year, Malaysia High Court ruling on that Catholic weekly "the Herald", had the constitutional rights to use the word “Allah” to describe “God” in its Malay-language edition. Right after the news spread, a couple of churches in Malaysia have been the victims of arson attack.

Many people were shocked with the church arson incidents, and many are worry the similar incidents will continue to happen anytime. Just on yesterday, the only incident 'witness' claimed himself that he was around when the explosives were being made to one of the churches. And guess what, this youth post his witness in his Facebook. For sure, his Facebook is achieving new hits with so many visitors and comments.

With the prevalent of Facebook, police is also pay attention to it, not only individual. This youth is very lucky that he was picked up by police at his residence in the same day's evening. After a couple of hours of interrogation, the youth finally confessed that he made a hoax on his Facebook. In the end of the day, the youth was released after he was warned sternly of his actions.

So what's the moral of this story? If you want get popular on Facebook, you may try this? Definitely no! If you want to make a hoax, don't ever make it on Facebook, please!

Friday, January 8, 2010

How Google Scan Books?

We all know that Google Books have millions of books in its database. And I always wonder how many people they hire to scan new books everyday. This is interesting. With luck, I only found out how they work this evening.

For book scanning technology, Google has come up a system using 2 cameras and infrared light to automatically correct for the curvature of pages in a book. It's pretty cool. By constructing a 3D model of each page and then de-wrap it afterward, Google Books presents flat-looking pages online without having to slice books up or mash them onto a flatbed scanner.

The patent should works like this:

This diagram shows patented Google technology for correcting for curved pages while scanning books.

1) The book is placed on a flat surface. Above it, an infrared projector displays a special mazelike pattern onto the pages.

2) 2 Infrared cameras photograph the infrared pattern from different perspectives.

3) Photo of the page taken with conventional cameras can be de-wraped, permitting easier OCR and a better image when showing the real book in conjunction with search results based on the text.

The sophistication of this technology makes competitors who want to feature their own digitized libraries won't have a trivial time catching up to Google, which already has scanned more than 7 million books.

Any unskilled laborer can plop a book on an ordinary scanner and run some optical character recognition (OCR) operations that convert the imagery into textual data, but it is another matter for high quality image by doing so rapidly.

Have fun, folks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year New Resolution

Happy new year 2010, folks! How was your new year eve celebration? Did you notice any uncivilized reveler again? I hope not. Well, my 2010 new year eve celebration is pretty simple, compare to the previous one. But I did enjoy it very much.

People always say, new year with new resolutions. Yes, indeed these new resolutions are very important for us to make ourselves better and more success as a person. When I review my last year resolutions, I was surprised that I able to achieve 4 out of 7 resolutions. I felt so great to be honest, for the first time I achieved such a high percentage. Anyway, it doesn't mean I was a loser before this, I think I was just being lazy.

So, have you set your new resolutions? As usual, I've placed 7 new resolutions for myself this year. Some of them are very hard to achieve, and some of them just need some patient and time to achieve. I won't share them with you, because I'm just too shy to do so. ;) If you have no idea what to set yet, perhaps the ideas below will help you out and you may add them into your list.

10. Workout something for your house
Just to learn some basic DIY to increase your advantages.

9. Read a big book
To increase your knowledge without going out there, one of the ways is to read a book. There are so many great books around, perhaps you can just try at least one as a start?

8. Make an appointment with old friends
Lost touch with many old friends? Time to reconnect them. Try using Facebook at least.

7. Attend a seminar
Don't like to attend any seminar? If you want to expand your network, it is the best event to get to know people. Just try once for this year and see how it goes.

6. Devote more time to your hobbies
Too busy for your work/wife/girl friend/family/friends? Do you still remember you have a hobby? it is more fulfilling way to spend your time than doing nothing, yeah.

5. Body workout
Are you getting fatter? or busy working with no exercise for ages? For your healthy life and live inexpensively, you really need to set a workout routine to follow.

4. Open an savings or investment account
Over spending all the while or don't know what to invest your money? Time to do some savings and investment. You just need to plan and start it. Get a financial planner for an advice if necessary. If you interested to invest in local share market, do read my financial blog. :)

3. Conquer a fear
Cannot get a girl friend or a happier life because of fear? Everyone has fear of one kind and another, overcoming them can be a great challenge. So are you ready for a battle?

2. Help someone else
There are always many people around who need help, so don't be selfish. We are trying to make the world better for everyone else. I guess not many people put this resolution in their list. Perhaps you would like to volunteer this year.

1. Travel to a new destination
Travel is a good activity to broaden your horizons, explore new place with better travel experience. In the advent of Air Asia low air fares, we can really fly to many places and countries we want. Love it.

Are these resolutions sound excited to you? What do you have to suggest? Well, I hope you like it. Placing a resolution is good start, but it is more important to implement it!

Again, happy new year 2010, and wishing you the best of everything, folks!

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