Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Top Sales Real Story

I just read a local article about how a lady restarted her career from a total failure to leading a top sales team.

She mentioned that she was operating a beauty saloon for 7 years. The business was getting worse and ended up with debts from banks. She has no choice but to follow her sister who is doing well as property agent.

She was doing badly for the first 2 months as she doesn't has connection and she met a lot of problems in mutual price between sellers and buyers. Then she changed to sell new development properties.

Within 3 months, she managed to sell very well, about 70 to 80 units of condominium. And after that, she was promoted to lead a sales team of 6 people. Within 3 years and today, she is leading a sales team of over 200 people. She mentioned she is earning already 30 to 40 thousands in the first year. You can imagine she should be super success now and she is only 37 this year. She also proudly shared that she has accumulated 4 properties including 1 semi-detached worth more than 1 million dollars

Apart from very hardworking, she did share some moral of her story to us, as below:
1. "It's never too late to make a change."
2. "If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself."
3. "As long as you sacrifice, daring to take the first step to change and move forward, you already won."

From what I noticed, there's another point I really need to learn from her. If you want to get rich faster, become the top sales is just the first step, but lead the team to become the top sales and grow the team from there.

This is why the successful people always tell us need to find and absorb talented people to the team. Without that, you cannot go anywhere by just one man show.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yellow Joke of the Day (Sep15)

Two men visit a prostitute. The first man goes into the bedroom. He comes out ten minutes later and says, ‘Heck. My wife is better than that.’

The second man goes in. He comes out ten minutes later and says, ‘Yeah, you are right! You know what, your wife is definitely better.’
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