Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Real Joke from My Friend

A real story to share here, but I treat it as a joke because it's a joke. -.-

One of my male friend's friend went to clubbing at usual on one of Saturday night. He was drunk but he still managed to drive his car home. On his way back, he met a police road block. The police stopped his car and requested him to do drunk test.

Since he was drunk and he did not know that he is drunk, he has no fear to do the particular test. Unfortunately, he failed the test miserably and policemen query him about it. He refused to admit he is drunk and he insist he is not drunk. So the police asked him to walk in a line. Eh, he still managed to do so. So the police gave him a chance to do the test again, and he failed.

This fellow is still denied about his guilt. While they arguing about it, a car crashed the road block and escaped. All the policemen went over and left this fellow alone. To the fellow surprise and lucky, he quickly sit on his car and drive it home as fast as he can.

The next early morning, police came to his house and look for him. His wife and him were surprised while both of them just wake up from the bed. The police asked whether he drunk on last night. He is furious and denied about it, and asked the police to seek her wife as evidence to sleep with him on last night.

Anyhow, the police summoned him a RM1,000 note. Because he drove home a police car.

Police car in Malaysia.

His car.

Perhaps they are just about the same. -.-'''

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make Money Online?

I'm not sure about you, I always think of what can I do in order to gain more money.

Of course, there are many ways to make money, the proved ways are doing business, part time job, invest in properties, stock market and unit trust, trading, make money online & blogging, gambling at casino, make crimes such as hack bank account, scam people's money, drugs delivery, rob and so on. They are just too many ways to make money, either good or bad, okay.

Is writing blog making money? I would say yes, but depends on how much you earn. For example, I setup a new blog and apply Google Adsense. After it has approved, I click on the ad in my new blog and I already earn USD 10-30 cents from Adsense. It's consider a simple earning. But I don't think you can get USD$10-$30 a day with a new blog like that. It needs time to build up, unless you tricked your way to earn madly, like this fellow did. is also doing a good job, he earning about a couple of thousands of USD per month. Unfortunately he did not reveal what he is doing. I suspecting he is doing some zombie blogging.

Make money blogging has become a trend around the world, because it's just simple and start cheap.

Apart from time, topic and promotion of blog always very important. Apparently bloggers starting with MAKE MONEY BLOGGING are really making money, because it can attract a lot of visitors to visit their blog and see how they make money blogging, envy them, comment there and etc. By then, advertisers pay the blogger to make use of the visitors, per click or per visit etc. The bloggers who teach people make money blogging are like Johnchow Dot Com and Raja Wang. John Chow claimed that he made money from blogging up to USD$41,000 per month, see his June 2008 income report here.

Another local guy who impressed me is Kenny Sia. He is a blogger writing about his personal life, and he able to earn up to RM4,000 per month (sourced from Personal Money magazine), which is pretty good. As we know writing personal life has nothing to do with teach people make money online.

Google Search Ranking can helps a lot in your make money blogging plan, I think so.

I think it's just too many people write about make money online due to easy income, until I'm sick of it. You may ask how about Saving Money or Financial Advise blog? I'm not sure, it can be famous such as KC Lau, but he didn't let me know how much he earns from his blog. So it's a question mark.

News blog also seems like a hot cake now, as Malaysia politicians have so many gossips/news to show off. The best one so far is
Malaysia today. If you are politician, you also can make money online by owning a blog too, such as Tun Mahatir and Anwar, visitors will grow easily, but within the country itself.

So what other blogs can really make money at this moment? I don't know yet, it's depend on your creativity, effort, network and content. Anyway, just to share with you that my blog is not making good money so far. I typed craps? No, look at the prove below.

My Nuffnang Ad earning RM1.65 up to today.

It doesn't bother me, as my blog has just started for 2 months time.
Good luck, money making blogger!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Buying a LCD TV

Since it's final 2 days promotion advertised on newspapers, I went to Karamunsing shopping complex to look for an LCD TV today. I think it's time to change my house 13 year old 32" TV already, by surprising my dad and mum.

After visited 2 booths, I found it is tough to make a decision to buy one, it's just too many choices with good price. I noticed apart from variety of brand, model and functionality, they also have display unit for sell, extended warranty and old/new stock. It's just a matter of price.

In fact, I just want to look for a 42" Philip display unit that my colleague has bought one 2 days ago. It's only costs RM3,099. Worth to gamble as it claimed that it has used for display for about 8 months only. According to expert, it has nothing to worry about, as normal LCD TV can last for 60,000 hours. If we calculate 1 year x 10 hours a day, it's only about 3650 hours used. You still have 94% usable hours. Further more, the warranty date will run on the day you buy it, and you even entitle to extend up to 4 years by adding RM409. No problem bah.

With Philip 42" LCD, confirm my parents able to enjoy the large screen view.

Unfortunately, they are sold. T.T

The showroom representative showed me other models with different brands. Another Philip 42" LCD seems quite attractive, it comes with Full HD & 10,000 dynamic contrast. But the price is a lot more expensive, costs about RM3,799. Another Samsung 40" outlook looks pretty at RM3,899. And the representative showed me Haier brand as well. It's cheap and look low cost. After some thoughts, I think I should look around first.

When I proceed to another booth, a very cute showroom girl welcome me friendly and warmthly. I like it and it should be a good start here. She showed me LG 32" Scarlet LCD, latest version from LG. The outlook and features look very good and met all my requirements, I was totally impressed with it. It's only costs for RM2,499, where 37" costs RM3,899.

LG Scarlet 37" LCD and cute girl, they are on my list, LOLz.

That's a great deal. The cute girl is so friendly to me and I decided to buy one from her. When I was almost want to buy a 37", I was told 32" & 37" has no stock left. They asked me to take 42" costs me RM4,999. If i insist 32" and 37", I need to put RM100 deposit and wait for minimum of 2 weeks time. I felt a little bit piss off, because I need to wait long and it only can gives maximum 2 years warranty. Without hestitate much, I left the booth and went home, because I need to think about it properly.

LCD & Plasma nowadays offering variety of choices with affordable prices.

Actually I'm just looking for a reasonable price and good quality LCD TV, I don't need fancy outlook and high-tech features at this moment (will consider when I get rich). I don't mind to buy a display unit also as warranty is still run. Perhaps I'll consider showroom unit of Haier 42" or new unit of Samsung 32".

I'm just inexperience about this. Do you have any suggestion for me?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

14 Units of Mercedez E200 Scammed

Sorry, it just has too many stupid issues around in Malaysia lately, and I must talk about it.

I believed Malaysian has know about it, Terengganu government bought 14 units of Mercedes E200 to replace the existing Proton Perdana (bought on Aug 2004) for MP use, which costs government for RM3.43 millions.

It's kinda pissed off when I see this news. I'm getting more frustrated when i heard Terengganu Menteri Besar explanation. Surprisingly, he said they wanted to drive Mercedes because Mercedes has lower maintenance in long run and blamed on Proton Perdana maintenance overshot. Hey, to be honest, I think this is the most stupid reason I ever heard in my life.

You see this statistics, it's far more cheaper than buy 14 units of E200.

What make me laughed more was, he commented that there is nothing wrong, as Najib also owned 3 units of Mercedes at home. Hey, wtf, what's the relation of his Mercedes with you? Are you Assist. PM?......Not!

Why must you buy Benz E200? Not BMW, Camry or Accord?

Here's my queries against the stupid reason he gave.
If he can answer all the queries below with my satisfaction, then fine, I'll love him and shut my mouth off.

1. Improper Service/Maintenance
The 16 units of Proton Perdana were bought on Aug 2004, they are 4 year old cars only, how come it required so expensive maintenance? Did the gov servants take care the cars properly? Service on-time? Are you sure Proton Perdana is really that lousy? All of the cars really got big problems? Or you purpose make the parts malfunction to exchange for claim money from mechanic? If Mercedes are being treated the same way, will it be even more expensive?

It just brought too many queries about this.

2. Warranty Claim
Proton comes with 3 years of warranty or 100,000km whichever come first. If there is anything wrong, they should take the cars back to Proton. Unfortunately, Proton claimed that these cars are never take back for warranty claim.

It's free to service/maintain in Proton, why they need to service/maintain outside? Corruption involves is it? He didn't explain about this.

3. Logical Trade
With RM1.15millions, you can just sell the existing car and buy a new one. Why bother to fix it again?

4. Bills Evidence
Apart from the service/part list he showed to journalists, he didn't show the exact bills on car maintenance. Is he afraid us to query the mechanic about the truth?

Good news, the state's Anti Corruption Agency is doing it's works now.

5. Bought Them without Permission
They bought the Mercedes without PM permission. They only explain after people reported about this issue. If PM said yes, then nothing to argue about. Can you see something wrong here?

6. Comparison with Others
Try to compare the rests (other states MP, salesmen or marketing people) who are also driving Proton Perdana, they didn't complain about this. It's only you guys.

I think this fellow needs more training in talking using brain.

In conclusion, if they just want to drive Mercedes, just tell la.
Don't gave craps and make our people vomit and disgusted with it.

So can I have one unit of E200 also please?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What You can Buy with $10 Billions?

With $10 billions in hand, what you can really buy?

In Malaysia, perhaps I can buy 10 unit of big bungalow around KL city that come with swimming pool costs $7 millions and 10 unit of Ferrari Enzo costs $3 millions. The inflation rate in Malaysia is about 7-10% this year. Fair enough due to the serious hike of the fuel price, but I think Malaysians always can fight it better.

Salary is getting virtually smaller and smaller nowadays, thanks to inflation.

For normal residents like us, owning $10 billions are just a dream, until our grand's grandson can benefit from the amount.

It is 360 degrees different when you are living in Zimbabwe. I was quite upset when I heard bread costs $10 millions in Zimbabwe. Yes, $19 millions just for a bread, due to skyrocket inflation of happening in this country. Their inflation rate is about 2,200,000% up to now, which is really frightening. Sorry to tell you that Zimbabwe was once the wealthiest country in Africa.

A Zimbabwean posted this pic in his blog describing the life in Zimbabwe.

Compare to Zimbabwe residents, we are luckier and wealthier.
Do pray for them and the country.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Budget to Help Reduce Burden

Still talking about fuel price issue?

Our Prime Minister keep mentioned that Malaysia government is trying to find ways to reduce our burden by introducing various of budgets lately, such as cash rebate for vehicles, reducing taxes, subsidize on fuel to various sectors etc. Hey, do you think they are doing something very wrong?

Yes! I managed to make a history of hiking the highest fuel price in Malaysia!

I mean like what Dr. Tun Mahathir mentioned in his blog, the idea to minimize the fuel subsidy is to relieve government financial situation. However, the subsidy money giving back to us in one form or another will not serve the purpose. If it is really substantial, is it better if the government just increase the fuel price of 50 cents, instead of 78 cents? Or they did this because they have something behind that we don't know?

Sorry, I'm not involved in any of them, I unable to provide useful comment here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Frustated Streamyx Broadband Service

Streamyx users, anyone?

Apparently Streamyx users encountering serious problem recently and cause the poor browsing/online gaming/MSN experience to the consumers like me.

It's kinda frustrated and like cheating our money by providing poor quality of services of us, while still doing big promotion on great packages.

Attractive packages offering from Streamyx with lousiest quality given.

While we keep complaining and it never improve, I saw Streamyx has another advertisement on the main page from a local chinese newspaper - "
2008 Broadband Service Provider of the Year". What???!!! I searched around Internet and found it is true.

Eh, it might be true, because it has no competitor yet.

I even got proved from Jeff Ooi brother, see!

Are Proton and Streamyx are the same gang offering lousiest quality of services to their consumers? Please ask them to 'collect skin' (in Cantonese).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Red Cliff Part 1 Review

Hey, have you watch Red Cliff at your nearest cinema?

This movie spent with a budget of USD80 millions, the most expensive film made in Asia for the first time. It is filmed based on historical records of 'The Chronicles of Three Kingdom' rather than 'Romance of Three Kingdom' (got 2 versions ba). And the movie is only describe on one of the famous war between combination of Wu and Liu with Cao Cao in Red Cliff. Cao Cao leads 80 millions army trying to conquer Wu and Liu with only 200,000 men.

Red Cliff Part 1 is on show on Malaysia Cinema now.

It casted with handsome actors like Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung and Chang Chen. Of course, the special person to introduce in this movie is Chi-Ling, Lin. She is a very famous Taiwan supermodel. But I think she is just a wasted character in part I.

An extra character with unnecessary acting in Red Cliff Part 1.

I watched it on last night, the movie lasted for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Perhaps too high expectation I set for this film and after long day work, I was not so impressed with it. I only can say it's so so only.

The most unsatisfied me was the casting introduction of characters are in a mess, the uniform for the men are quite sucks, and not much graphic effects are used in this film. Other than that, it is still good as I love Three Kingdom story so much.

Here's my review for Red Cliff Part I:

Cast: 5.5/10

Plot: 8/10

Effect: 4.5/10

Cinematography: 7/10

Fighting skills: 7/10

Uniform: 5/10

Humor: 7.5/10

Story line: 9.5/10

Overall: 7/10

Anyway, I want to see part II, either show in the end of this year or early of next year.

Let's anticipate.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sedan Car Fuel Consumption

Fuel is so expensive nowadays, I have touched on some common saving tips and tire maintenance in my blog earlier.

People are tend to look for and drive fuel-efficient vehicles. I think it's time to explore and compare the fuel-efficient sedan cars based on the latest version listed below:

Toyota VIOS 1.5J (A) = 14.07km/l
Toyota VIOS 1.5E (A) = 14.42km/l
Toyota Altis 1.6A = 8.19km/l
Honda City 1.5A = 17.14km/l

Honda Civic 1.6A = 11.67km/l
Nissan Latio 1.6A = 14.11km/l

Perodua Myvi 1.3A = 12.59km/l

Perodua Kelisa 1.0A = 15.61km/l

(Source:, highway 50% & urban 50%)

Perodua Myvi 1.3M = 17.1km/l
Perodua Kancil 650cc M = 13.5km/l

Perodua Kancil 850cc M = 14.9km/l

Perodua Viva 1.0M = 17.5km/l

Perodua Viva 650cc M = 18.7km/l
Naza Suria 1.1A = 10km/l

Naza Sutera 1.1M = 15.2km/l

(Source:, test method was unknown...)

Proton Satria Neo 1.3A = 14.49km/l
Proton Satria Neo 1.3M = 16.67km/l
Proton Persona 1.6A = 15.15km/l
Proton Persona 1.6M = 15.87km/l
Proton Savvi 1.2A = 18.87km/l
Proton Waja CPS 1.6M = 17.24km/l
Proton Waja CPS 1.6M = 14.49km/l
Proton Perdana 2.0A v6 = 13.33km/l
(Source:, 100% highway @ 90km/h)

Perodua Kenari 16.88km/l
(Source: forum)

I heard Honda City will be releasing a new version on coming August, is it this one?

Obviously, Honda City is the champion so far.
Among Proton cars, unfortunately the ugly Savvy snatches the title, while Viva took the lead on Perodua series.

Congrats them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking for Parking Lot in the City.

Are you tired and sick of looking for parking lot in the city area?

Yes, I'm really sick of it. Every time I need to spend about 10-30 minutes just to look for a parking before i can settle my thing in city area. Parking lot will never sufficient provided for the increasing motorists. Hey, it's all matter of luck when it comes to this issue.

For those who living in US, you are lucky, someone already invented a wireless device to automatically sense the parking space and send the signal to your mobile phone or GPS. The device will need to install at every corner of the parking space. The device will detect whether the parking space is fill with object, or empty. Cool?

Wireless sensor stick to each parking space, to detect whether the parking is free.

Of course, subscribers need to pay for the service. But we can save some time and fuel via this solution. There is always pros and cons with the advent of new technology.

However, I think it is unlikely to be have it in Malaysia, due to weather, driver behavior and sabotage issues.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Looking for Part Time Job?

In this reality world, everyone need money to survive, it is getting harder and harder to gain extra money. But I would say the opportunities to earn money are always there for you.

If you are good in coursework/dissertation and fresh graduate from University, you can earn fast money by doing part time coursework for student.

Student's coursework are getting more and more nowadays, due to too many subjects they need to learn.

Yes, according to the article, UK students willing to pay the lowest bidder for their coursework, and the bidder can earn from $5 to $100 pounds, depends on the difficulty level of the coursework or dissertation.

I felt bad for these student's parents who sacrificed and sent their children to school/college. On the other hand, I think it is good for those who are short of money like me, as we able to earn some income from the students.

Money really can resolve all things? Almost but not happiness only.

So any student here interested to do so?

Just look for me, I will make your life easier & comfortable. ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

How to Maintain your Car Tyre.

We all know that not only fuel is expensive now, but also other glossaries and needy items. Rubber tyre is also unavoidable and hiked for about 5 to 30%.

From what I experienced, fuel consumption is related closely to your tyre. If you taking good care of your tyre, you will not only save your fuel consumption in long term, but also last longer for your tyre.

There are 5 particular matters that you should take note for your car tyre.

Understanding your tyre reference is the first rule for maintenance.

1. Tyre Inflation Pressure
Check your tyre pressure regularly, including the spare. Pressures should be checked when cold, as there is an increase when the tyre has warmed up after being driven. Having a stable tyre pressure for sure giving your vehicle a better grip, increased fuel economy and tyre life.

So how do we know the tyre pressure we should pump for our vehicle? It is essential that you read yout Tyre Placard, which can be found in the driver's glove compartment door. If you are still not sure, you can refer to the tyre shop or petrol station for assistance. Most importantly this service is Free ;) so just do it regularly depends on your usage.

2. Tyre Rotation

If your car is running front-wheel drive cars, you should have regularly perform tyre rotation. To maintain the direction of rotation, move the tyres from front to rear. Depending on tyre wear, perhaps you can consider rotating your tyre every 5,000 to 10,000 km.

For just about RM12 per service (RM3 per tyre), regular rotation brings your vehicle many benefits, such as maximize overall tread life, even-out front and rear wear patterns, quieten tyre noise and lessen vibration. Cool.

3. Wheel Alignment
Proper wheel alignment should be check to ensure proper tyre wear. It is recommended for you to check it every 4 months or 10,000km. In fact, it also depends on the some other important factors, such as road condition and the driver behavior. I think I've discussed this in my previous post on savings your fuel.

My friend said he can do wheel alignment himself without this thing. HOW?

Anyway, I only can say that Malaysia's road is sucks and benefits the tyre shop for this service. It costs about RM25-RM50 per service. The larger your vehicle, the more you pay.

4. Tyre Balancing

A balanced set of tyre able to make your driving safer and more comfortable. Improper tyre balancing may harm other parts of your car, such as absorbers, wheel bearing and engine mounting. If you driving 80km/h
above and your steering wheel is vibrating, then you really need to send your car for tyre balancing immediately. It is not expensive anyway.

5. Tyre Lifespan

The tyre lifespan normally is about 3 to 4 years from its manufacturing date, depends on the tyre quality and grade. Due to different road conditions and driving patterns, especially in Malaysia, tyre may be worn out faster than expected. No doubt that proper maintenance by following 4 points above definitely gain your tyre longer lifespan.

My worst experience of shortest lifespan was 11 months, by using a Indonesia imported D*nlop brand tyre! Ops, it was because my mum continuously used it without inflate tyre pressure, while I was outstation for a few months. Luckily I'm using 175/R13 tyre size, it's cheaper.

It's good also to understand the layers of a tyre.

If your tyre's tread is worn to Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) level, you need to change your tyre immediately. However, TWI level only can be determine at tyre shop, so whenever you see your car tyre is flat or a staight line in white, you are advise to change it as soon as possible.

Tyre shop business really that good? Why I don't see such promotion on newspapers?

So where you service your tyre normally?
I found out that many tyre shops are cheating people's money. They might sell you the tyre reasonably, but they mark up a lot on alignment, balancing or other items/services you don't know/need, end up you pay them more than what you suppose to pay/service. This is very true. Just google 'tyre shop' and you'll see a lot of 'cheated by tyre shop' keywords.

So....Good luck to you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Optimize your Firefox Automatically

Have you start using Firefox after my post?

Feel it is slower and not optimized? Normally you will need to tune your Firefox manually to optimize the your browsing experience. I can say it is difficult to do so, and time consuming.

With FireTune v1.2 available now, you can optimized your Firefox automatically, easily and with Free! It is compatible with Firefox version 1, 2 and 3. It is now more than 2.5 millions downloads and users claimed by Totalidea.

According to your specific computer speed and internet connection speed, FireTune will optimize Firefox internal settings for better performance. FireTune doesn't modify any executable and binary file. It is safe to be used.

User friendly & simple interface, you just need to click ONE option here.

Anyway, after I've tuned mine with FireTune, I've noticed a speed improvement of 1.98 seconds. Cool!

But how we know the speed has been improved?
There is an easy way to tell whether browsing speed is improved is to follow these instructions (specially thanks to
Raymond for contribution the steps).

1. Clear the Cache of Firefox and close Firefox.
2. Open Firefox, go to and do a speed test on Note down the time taken to completely load the website.
3. Clear the cache and close Firefox.
Note: Please go through step 1-3 a few times to get an average of load time before optimization.
4. Tune your Firefox with FireTune.
5. Start Firefox again, and repeat the speed test on
6. Compare the displayed result with the result from the test before the optimization.

Enjoy and we deserve to browse faster.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bandwidth Speed Test

Do you know where to test your bandwidth speed?

If you yet to know, I would recommend Facebook bandwidth Speed Test. It's an Oklaa net metrics application, it is free, simple, consistent and accurate. It even allows you to categorize your result into home, work and others, you can try and see.

Apart from that, you also can use your highest bandwidth test result to challenge your friends by invite them to do a test.

So far my highest result at work is 8,650kbps and no one able to break it yet, so do come and challenge me at Facebook if you are confident with your bandwidth. ;)

If you don't have a facebook and don't wish to have one, just visit for a free Oklaa net metrics test. Have fun.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top 10 Chinese Wedding Door Games

No idea and bore of nothing to play on your/friends/relatives wedding ceremony?

Don't worry, I have listed top 10 Chinese wedding door games here for you to abuse the groom to the maximum. Hey, it's once in a lifetime man, we just want to have fun, yeah?

For Chinese, normally groom needs to play games (being played) before he can meets the bride.

Top 10 - Listed FIVE reasons why you love Her / She needs to marry you.
This looks like simple, but not really. All 5 reasons must be truth and from groom's heart. Let all people envy about it.

Top 9 - Feed the groom and groomsmen with food.
Feed them with plenty of fruits like bananas and watermelon. To play more excited games, we should let them recharge energies first.

Top 8 - Dirty dance.
Play a hot music and let groom has dirty dance with one/few of the groomsmen for 1 minute. The level of dance must be dirty.

Top 7 - Push up and singing.
All groom and groomsmen must do 20 times push up, and sing a loud love song to the bride.

Top 6 - Head point to the chair and make 10 turns around the chair, and walk a straight line.
Groom does it first, then follow by another groomsmen.

Top 5 - Wear bra and underwear.
Let the groom wear a big size bra and underwear, and take a picture for memory.
If groom wants to wear the bra on his head, also acceptable la.

Top 4 - Brush teeth with Wasabi / chili source.
Get a toothbrush and spread Wasabi or chili source on it, and ask the groom to brush his teeth. Please also get ready a cup of extraordinary cold water for him.

Top 3 - Pass seaweed using mouth
All groomsmen and groom stand in a line and pass seaweed along using mouths only. Please cut the seedweed as short/small as possible. I found a sample video for your reference.

Top 2 - Stick plaster on groom's leg and tear it off in one go.
You are recommend to use Chinese medicine plaster, it is more sticky. Anyway this game sounds a bit too much, but it should be exciting. Use Hansaplast only if the groom/groomsmen really refuses to do so.

Top 1 - Stick a white plaster on groom's mouth and every groomsmen line up to kiss the groom's mouth. You can ask groomsmen to apply lipstick before kiss the groom.
Here's the sample video for your reference.

Hope the ideas able to cheer you up.

Anyway, grooms are getting smarter nowadays. They reach to the bride's house at last minute and cause the games cannot on, due to time limitation. If the bride's parents allow, just go ahead continue with the games. Your insist and patient will make the groom join your games.

Dear grooms, remember to pack your 'valuable' Angpow and distribute to everyone especially kids, so everyone will be enjoy and happy.

Kids would have fun the most as they can watch 'show' while getting AngPow.

Happy Wedding to my friends, Caleb and Perng Fwu. You will be the man on that day. Haha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Legend of Mini Notebook

I used to impress with mini notebook, because they are light, small and convenient to carry around. It's just perfect for traveler, lady, child and business people. However, small notebooks are expensive, especially branded one such as Sony VAIO and Fujitsu.

I never thought of mini notebook will become a budget notebook. I think the one who created this is just brilliant, none other than Asus Eee PC. Although the name and specifications are quite sucks in the beginning stage, now it has made a lot improvements. Let's forget about Eee PC 700 selling with RM1,299, the latest Eee PC 1000 series has the followings:
1) 10" LCD screen,
2) Able to accommodate SSD 40GB storage capacity,
3) 1GB DDR2 memory,
4) only weight 1.33kg,
5) Bundled with 1.3MP webcam,vbluetooth and wireless,
6) 6 cells battery last up to 8 hours long,
7) The notebook come with many colors for you to choose,
8) It is cheap and we can afford it than other normal notebook.

When MacBook and Asus Eee PC stick together.

Look, it's just best fit for everyone of us who like to bring notebook around. That's why Eee PC is so success and well-known.

Well, good idea and profitable item is always copy and compete by competitors. Top sell notebook leaders, HP and Dell are not lame and they follow up Asus success promptly by introducing their own mini notebooks. I just recalled Kenny Sia bought a HP Mini notebook on last month and he is happy with it, even he paid the price at RM2,399 (he is a rich ass by the way). Seems like Dell is going to release it's mini notebook series very soon. I've collected 2 samples as below.

DELL promoting it's new series of mini notebook with a pencil, a used Yellow pencil!

So which model is actually better?
I would say it depends on your budget and preference. If you are looking for a basic notebook for traveling and you want it cheaps, Eee PC is just good enough.

I feel like it is similar to a slogan from AirAsia, 'Now Everyone can Fly'.
With budget mini notebook released, 'Now Every Traveler can own a Notebook'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hardworking People for 2008

If you think you are hardworking enough, you may be wrong.

According to 2008 Report, South Korean is the hardest-working people in this world. They working of average 2357 hours yearly, which mean about in average of 6.5 hours per day. They only have 11 public holidays and 10 annual leaves per year.

S.Koreans also hardworking in participate of anti-US beefs import demonstration.

I was shocked when I see South Korean government staffs also hardworking. No wonder their economy can grow and picking up fast and success. Needless to say, we all recognize the success of South Korean's vehicle and electronic (especially LCD) industry, none other than Hyundai and Samsung/LG. They are just doing very well. Now they are coming behind of other industries, such as IT and mobile phones. I just salute them.

Is it hardworking? No, this is look more like an abuse case.

Then it's followed by Greece (2052 hours), Czech Rep., Hungary and Poland. United Stated positioned at #9. I'm sorry as I don't know about Malaysia hardworking status, it's not in the hardworking list.

Hardworking can nurture when they are young.

It's okay to be dumb/picking up slow/fail or whatever bad things happen, I do believe 'hardworking' can replace 'smart' people, just the matter of time only. The more hardworking you are, the more luck you gain. Of course, combination of them can built up the shortest path to success.

Okay, I really need such motivation to keep my hard work running.

Good luck for your success.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is AirAsia Services Improved?

Are you AirAsia supporter? I think most of the South-East Asians are, because AirAsia is really offering cheaper ticket for us to travel around Asia and within Malaysia, if compare to other airlines. However we just get frustrated of its services sometimes, among the top hits are scheduled and serious on-board delay.

In order to gain significant competitive edge, apparently AirAsia is trying to improve its services all the while. If you browse through AirAsia web site, you will able to see a notice where AirAsia willing to provide you a guarantee that you'll receive compensation for flight delayed of more than 3 hours from the scheduled time of flight departure. Hmm...

It stated you will get a RM200 E-Gift voucher if you are unfortunately fall into the >3 hours delay group. You may use the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher to purchase your next AirAsia flight. Bear in mind that it is eligible to claim for those have already checked-in and proceeded with their journey. If you received SMS about the delay of more than 3 hours, you are not entertained.

Eh, the ONE REASON is the stewardess or RM0.99?

Seems like they are making effort to make your flight not to delay more than 3 hours.
And they claimed that they achieved 89% of on time performance in May.

Why AirAsia need to promote RM9.99 air ticket in this way huh?

Anyway, another good news is, AirAsia is trying its best to retain the fuel surcharge price to its customers, even the fuel price spikes dramatically. Tony said they will try to utilize other sources to generate income to cover the fuel surcharge. such as imposing charges per luggage, launch of new food and drink menu, introducing pre-order meal, express borading charges, work with bank for credit card offer, offering transportation service, promotion offer to attract more customers etc.

AirAsia not only improving quality of services, but also improving chicks quality.

Even though competition is getting tougher, especially MAS airline is adopting AirAsia to have budget fare concept now, I still believe AirAsia will continue to do well, because AirAsia fare is still cheaper, and most importantly, the leader. He is the man who solving the real need and problem. Yes, he is none other than Tony Fernandes.

I just love this 'kind' of service, can I also have one or two pls?

I salute you,
F1 drivers Tony bro.

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