Monday, July 7, 2008

Hardworking People for 2008

If you think you are hardworking enough, you may be wrong.

According to 2008 Report, South Korean is the hardest-working people in this world. They working of average 2357 hours yearly, which mean about in average of 6.5 hours per day. They only have 11 public holidays and 10 annual leaves per year.

S.Koreans also hardworking in participate of anti-US beefs import demonstration.

I was shocked when I see South Korean government staffs also hardworking. No wonder their economy can grow and picking up fast and success. Needless to say, we all recognize the success of South Korean's vehicle and electronic (especially LCD) industry, none other than Hyundai and Samsung/LG. They are just doing very well. Now they are coming behind of other industries, such as IT and mobile phones. I just salute them.

Is it hardworking? No, this is look more like an abuse case.

Then it's followed by Greece (2052 hours), Czech Rep., Hungary and Poland. United Stated positioned at #9. I'm sorry as I don't know about Malaysia hardworking status, it's not in the hardworking list.

Hardworking can nurture when they are young.

It's okay to be dumb/picking up slow/fail or whatever bad things happen, I do believe 'hardworking' can replace 'smart' people, just the matter of time only. The more hardworking you are, the more luck you gain. Of course, combination of them can built up the shortest path to success.

Okay, I really need such motivation to keep my hard work running.

Good luck for your success.

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