Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top 10 Chinese Wedding Door Games

No idea and bore of nothing to play on your/friends/relatives wedding ceremony?

Don't worry, I have listed top 10 Chinese wedding door games here for you to abuse the groom to the maximum. Hey, it's once in a lifetime man, we just want to have fun, yeah?

For Chinese, normally groom needs to play games (being played) before he can meets the bride.

Top 10 - Listed FIVE reasons why you love Her / She needs to marry you.
This looks like simple, but not really. All 5 reasons must be truth and from groom's heart. Let all people envy about it.

Top 9 - Feed the groom and groomsmen with food.
Feed them with plenty of fruits like bananas and watermelon. To play more excited games, we should let them recharge energies first.

Top 8 - Dirty dance.
Play a hot music and let groom has dirty dance with one/few of the groomsmen for 1 minute. The level of dance must be dirty.

Top 7 - Push up and singing.
All groom and groomsmen must do 20 times push up, and sing a loud love song to the bride.

Top 6 - Head point to the chair and make 10 turns around the chair, and walk a straight line.
Groom does it first, then follow by another groomsmen.

Top 5 - Wear bra and underwear.
Let the groom wear a big size bra and underwear, and take a picture for memory.
If groom wants to wear the bra on his head, also acceptable la.

Top 4 - Brush teeth with Wasabi / chili source.
Get a toothbrush and spread Wasabi or chili source on it, and ask the groom to brush his teeth. Please also get ready a cup of extraordinary cold water for him.

Top 3 - Pass seaweed using mouth
All groomsmen and groom stand in a line and pass seaweed along using mouths only. Please cut the seedweed as short/small as possible. I found a sample video for your reference.

Top 2 - Stick plaster on groom's leg and tear it off in one go.
You are recommend to use Chinese medicine plaster, it is more sticky. Anyway this game sounds a bit too much, but it should be exciting. Use Hansaplast only if the groom/groomsmen really refuses to do so.

Top 1 - Stick a white plaster on groom's mouth and every groomsmen line up to kiss the groom's mouth. You can ask groomsmen to apply lipstick before kiss the groom.
Here's the sample video for your reference.

Hope the ideas able to cheer you up.

Anyway, grooms are getting smarter nowadays. They reach to the bride's house at last minute and cause the games cannot on, due to time limitation. If the bride's parents allow, just go ahead continue with the games. Your insist and patient will make the groom join your games.

Dear grooms, remember to pack your 'valuable' Angpow and distribute to everyone especially kids, so everyone will be enjoy and happy.

Kids would have fun the most as they can watch 'show' while getting AngPow.

Happy Wedding to my friends, Caleb and Perng Fwu. You will be the man on that day. Haha!

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