Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking for Parking Lot in the City.

Are you tired and sick of looking for parking lot in the city area?

Yes, I'm really sick of it. Every time I need to spend about 10-30 minutes just to look for a parking before i can settle my thing in city area. Parking lot will never sufficient provided for the increasing motorists. Hey, it's all matter of luck when it comes to this issue.

For those who living in US, you are lucky, someone already invented a wireless device to automatically sense the parking space and send the signal to your mobile phone or GPS. The device will need to install at every corner of the parking space. The device will detect whether the parking space is fill with object, or empty. Cool?

Wireless sensor stick to each parking space, to detect whether the parking is free.

Of course, subscribers need to pay for the service. But we can save some time and fuel via this solution. There is always pros and cons with the advent of new technology.

However, I think it is unlikely to be have it in Malaysia, due to weather, driver behavior and sabotage issues.

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