Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Budget to Help Reduce Burden

Still talking about fuel price issue?

Our Prime Minister keep mentioned that Malaysia government is trying to find ways to reduce our burden by introducing various of budgets lately, such as cash rebate for vehicles, reducing taxes, subsidize on fuel to various sectors etc. Hey, do you think they are doing something very wrong?

Yes! I managed to make a history of hiking the highest fuel price in Malaysia!

I mean like what Dr. Tun Mahathir mentioned in his blog, the idea to minimize the fuel subsidy is to relieve government financial situation. However, the subsidy money giving back to us in one form or another will not serve the purpose. If it is really substantial, is it better if the government just increase the fuel price of 50 cents, instead of 78 cents? Or they did this because they have something behind that we don't know?

Sorry, I'm not involved in any of them, I unable to provide useful comment here.

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