Sunday, August 31, 2008

Death Race Review

Yes, it's movie review time again. I love to comment on movie, because I want to give credits and improvements on it.

I watched Death Race in new shopping complex's cinema in neighbor country this morning, it's free parking and the ticket only cost me $3.80! That's cheap! ;) It's a 1 hour and 45 minutes movie. I'm not sure why, perhaps lack of audiences, the air-con of the cinemas nowadays are cold. To be safe, I think we better bring jacket or wear extra clothes from now on.

Death Race - Bunch of slow cars

What I can say is, Death Race is a cool movie! The cast, plot and chick are all cool! It reflects a totally different and special car racing, which can cause the participants to death. Don't get it wrong by the name, it's different plot with Death Race 2000 you watched in 34 years back. The casts are my favorites, muscular and mature man Jason Statham, at his 36 and the pretty, sexy and fit chick Natalie Martinez (she is only 24 by the way). Well, the only thing I envy is, Statham keeps showing his body (muscle) in the movie, which I wish to have one. :(

Starring by my favorite casts, Stathem and Natalie.

The plot is fresh, at least for me, it talks about Ex-con (Ames) is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to a car race competition in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory, then where the chicks come in.

However, there were 10 points/scenes I don't understand from the movie, do comment and support me. Read the below arguments only if you've watched the movie.
1) Since Ames is only 1 person is being sent to jail, why you need a big bus? Can't just a small van/truck will do?
2) Pachenko killed Ames's wife, but why he still want to disturb Ames and declare Ames killed his wife in the canteen?
3) The canteen displayed a signboard "Shooting zone without warning". I should expect some people being shoot after that. But none, the wardens are still polite to the people involved in the fight.
4) I couldn't understand why the truck drove by Machine Gun Joe is fall behind for quite some times, but he still able to pick up the cars from the behind. Seems like whoever fall behind, they will able to pick up the inmates in the end. What a race!
5) The head of one of the immates was bursed, once the truck's door pass by and hit him. Is that possible?
6) Since the lorry so heavy and equipped with so many weapons and people, it can still able to follow-up and race with those racers. Doesn't make sense to me.
7) There should be 7 chicks involved in the race altogether, but from beginning to the end, I only noticed 2, which is Case and another at K14's car before she died. Why can't you show the rests of the chicks to me? Haha. (I saw Machine Gun Joe slap the black chick's ass, but why the black chick did not appear in his truck?)
8) Amens curiously jumped out from the car without the wardens' notice. And the car's door can closed up itself. Fantastic huh!
9) How come Case got another set of Frank's uniform when she came out from the car before she got arrested? Is that in the plan?
10) They said they want to go Miami for living, but they ended up in Mexico.

Natalie in the house.

Enough of bull shits from me. Here's my review for Death Race.
Cast: 7.5/10
Plot: 7.5/10
Effect: -/10 (Not in the judgement, because the cinema sound system is poor.)
Cinematography: 8.5/10
Action: 7.5/10
Uniform: 7/10 (I like Frank's uniform, and the score was from the chicks)
Humor: 3/10 (It's not a comedy movie ;) )

Story line: 8/10
Chick: 7.5/10 (newly added)
Overall: 7.5/10

I would recommend you to go for a watch for Death Race, even you are not a fans of car race. Don't worry, you won't get sleepy for this movie, as the action goes on from the beginning till the end.

Since the movie is so excited, you also don't have chance to go for a pee. xp

Friday, August 29, 2008

Smart Vehicle

Do you like smart? Yes everyone likes it.

Vehicle also has Smart nowadays. So if you want to be smart, just buy it. But when you see it, you don't think it is 'Smart' anymore.

Basically this so called SMART is a 1.0cc mini car, comes with maximum speed of 145km/h and accelerate in 16.7 seconds. It's a fuel injection car that can slot in a 15" rim and tires. It sells like a hot cake in the market nowadays.

What so special about it? It has lower fuel consumption, because of its weight and using fuel injection engine. And you only can have maximum 1 passenger sitting next to you. It's small body size also allow you to find parking easily every where.

For the cons, it's not a cheap car, but still cheaper compare to many middle range cars. I'm not sure about the maintenance cost, it could be costing more due to proprietary and rare units on road. The worst thing is, you're in danger! Because it's so small, you could be vulnerable on the road, I mean car accident.

However, you can modify your SMART car become magnificent, just like this...

I confirmed you are safe on the road!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Malaysian government is always funny.

Basically Datukship is for those who contribute to the country, based on the weight of contribution, such as Prime Minister, Chief Minister, successful businessman who contribute a lot of tax money, etc. Refer here for more information on Malay titles.

Government will award you with a Datukship if you....
1) won a silver medal in Olympic, like Lee Chong Wei.
2) are a national badminton coach and you made an Olympic silver medal player, like Misbun Sidek.
3) are good in sports and won many trophies and tournaments, like Nicole David.
4) elected as entry level astronaut to go to space for visitation, like Sheikh Mustapha.
5) are a politician for quite some time.
6) buy it.
7) able to affect election results.
8) just wait, more to come...

So when I can award with Tan Sri, my dear government?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Understand DNS Vulnerability

I believe you might heard about DNS vulnerability or cache poisoning from Domain Name Service (DNS) recently. In fact, do you understand your situation, and are you worry about it?

DNS is to make your life easier by resolving your requested host or domain name to IP address when you browse via web browser, such as IE7 or Firefox. For example, you browse, it will bring you to local google web page. You don't need to remember or key in the long and hard to remember IP address, in this case, web site IP addresses are, and If you key in either of them into your web browser, it serves the same purpose. And these service is normally provided by your local ISP, such as TM Net, Singtel and AOL.

Process of one of the DNS vulnerability cases.

Since DNS is almost used by every Internet users, here's why the attackers came in for this. DNS Cache poison is the worst case among DNS vulnerabilities, although it is not a new concept. An attacker with the ability to conduct a successful cache poisoning attack can possibily lead you to contact the incorrect or malicious hosts for particular services. For example, you access certain web sites under cache poisoning DNS. Consequently, web traffic, email, and other important network data can be redirected to systems under the attacker's control. is a very good and informative web site, but no longer free now.

So basically your online financial, game or any important account credentials can be easily obtain or reveal by attackers anytime. I believe it happened frequently.

So are you interested to know whether your country ISP Domain Name Service (DNS) is safe to use? Fine, just visit Dnsstuff and check it immediately.

If you are scare, just setup your own DNS so you can take control of it.

If it is safe, it should see all four tests are stated GOOD or GREAT in green color. Otherwise, stop accessing any web site which need to supply login credential, and skrew up your local ISP to fix it immediately!

Good luck to you first!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jacky Wu vs Chu Mei Feng

I did a search in YouTube and found this short clip. It was actually extracted from an entertainment show between the local king (famous host) of Taiwan, Jacky Wu and the local sex video scandal politician, Chu Mei-Feng.

It's damn funny. To bad it's in mandarin and the subtitle is also in chinese. But I won't let you down.

Let me explain in summary. Jacky advised Chu not to become an 'old pussy' and try to be strong, with his serious expression and gesture. What surprised Jacky is that, Chu immediately replied seriously that she will not become an 'old pussy'. Jacky immediately covered his face and laugh like shit.

That's enough to make me laugh for a couple of times.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Which Car to Choose?

My colleagues and I plan to purchase a company car to use for a project in neighbor country. Yes, it's for 9-10 staffs used!

We are looking for a budgeted and manual car, with better quality. My colleague has short listed a list of cars, as below:

1. Toyota VIOS 1.5J
2. Kia Rio
3. Hyundai Accent
4. Chery 5A

This is Chery A5 outlook, it looks so sucks.

The price is around the same, except Chery 5A is really cheap. But I totally have no idea about the quality of this China made car. It looks very lousy and old style. Actually I don't understand why Chery car is in the list. What do you think?

I would definitely prefer Toyota VIOS, but we concern about the back seat's space for 4-5 people, in view that all my colleagues sizes are not small.

If you were me, which car in the list will you choose?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 2008 Birthday Celebration

I wonder how you celebrate your birthday every year. Yes, if we are not born in 29th of February, then we have a birthday every year. Some people might not bother about it.

But do we really need to celebrate it every year? Or what should be the advisable way to celebrate it? For me, I don't bother much, as long as the birthday boy/girl happy, right?

I hope I'll not getting this muscular 'man' as my birthday present.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday with my close friends at Japanese restaurant and karaoke room. We have dinner, drink, sing, photo session, come with birthday cake and song. The bill was on them to represent my birthday gift. That was a wonderful moment of celebration.

My birthday celebration @ Karaoke room on last year.

This year, I celebrated it with my boss and few of my colleagues in a western food restaurant in neighbor country. It was celebrated in a totally different way, no cake, no singing, no photo session. I know, that's mean no celebration. I ordered a Ribeye steak serve with baked potato and some veges, which cost about RM89, the most expensive steak I ever had in my life. Of course, the bill was on my boss.

I enjoyed the most expensive steak I ever have in my life, thanks to my generous boss.

My best birthday present this year was an unknown idiot crashed my car and run away last weekend, and it cost me RM300 to repair it. In fact, I plan to use the RM300 budget to spend my close friends for a drink session.

That's ended my 2008 birthday. Oh yes, I should be inviting all my close friends and pretty chicks to my luxury speed boat to celebrate my coming birthday next year. Nah, just kidding. ;)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tips Scammed At Restaurant

Sorry to share you that I'm being scammed by restaurant waitress on last night.

The whole story is like this. Currently I'm outstation in a neighbor country, for a few days trip. 4 of my colleagues and I went to a 'low class' north-Indian restaurant for dinner on last night, and all the waitress are Filipinos. That's fine.

We ordered our cuisine, enjoy it and we asked for a bill. When the bill came, the items were written in messy way in a small bill. Initially I wanted to have a look at it to see how much I need to pay. However, my superior just said we wanted to pay the bill separately. The waitress quickly took the bill off my hand before I can have a glance of it.

I found North Indian cuisines are delicious since 2 years back.

The waitress quickly tell everyone how much each of us need to pay. And here's the problem came. The waitress collected our money and gone. After that, 2 of my colleagues told me they have changes to be return, which are 10 cents and 30 cents respectively. But they don't bother to wait and just left.

When we back to staff house, I just realized my meal set is $5.30, but the waitress collected $6 from me. She managed to cheated my 60 cents. I don't know why, I realized it late. Perhaps I'm getting older and smartness is reducing. Now I realized why the scammers can cheat their victim easily, at least I'm one of the victims. A good lesson for me. -.-

I never know waitress can gain extra income in this way.

Even though she scammed us $1 was just a small amount, it can roll bigger in the future, if she scammed every table $1, may be one day she can obtain about $20, or even more. And after 1 month she can have $600 extra income.

This is not the 1st case. KCLau was encountered the same case before. But he is a lot smart better than me. He insisted and asked for a receipt from the restaurant cashier.

Another similar case where a local colleague of mine told me that a glossary shop cashier will purposely key in extra amount such as 50 cents or $1 when you buy a lot of things. In fact, she does not key in the figure to the cashier machine, or she does not give you the receipt. The cashier get caught when a kid discovered the total amount is incorrect and tell her mum about it. After that, the cashier admitted that she has done it for over 2 years! Cow!

Luckily, this sort of scam does not happen in my country, perhaps the waitresses are not as smart as the waitresses in this neighbor country, yet.

So I've done my part by sharing it to you.
Do take precaution when you're outside, friend!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sex Blackmailing

Have you deal with any Sex Blackmail before?

I just saw a top news regarding this issue this morning. This is bad, not only to the victim, but also her family and the society.

In Malaysia, sex blackmail issues always happen, where we can notice them in the news corner. I don't know why. I just like the SMS scam issue, it keep re-occur again and again. Sex blackmail is still a very efficient and straight forward strategy for man (bad), because it is targeting Asian women's weaknesses, especially in a conservative country.

Sex blackmail always started with Buddhist temple leader, Internet chatting, SMS, make new friends... mostly by stranger.

We always complaint why the victim did not report to the parents or police while they were blackmailed of having sex. I think the victim requiring a lot of courageous and support, compare to just have a 'force' sex with the blackmailer/s. Imagine if their nude picture or sex scandal video really being spread around, they might think of a lot of negative affects to them in the future. Yes, it should be though.

I totally take sympathy on their situation of not reporting the case earlier. But this is definitely not a long term solution, while the 'force' sex mostly spoil the whole life of the victim, such as pregnant or affected with STD or AIDS, which are even worse than the prior.

Even Carina Lau can do it, while you can't?

So for those are encountering sex blackmail, do stand out, share and report, before it get worse. Your family, friends, relatives and kind person like me definitely will take sympathy, instead of laughing or insult you. If every victim does that, I think sex blackmailer will not have advantage anymore. Prevention especially education and awareness about this are always important. Please do something, society!

Anyway, if you are sex blackmailer, can you teach me in detail how you did that?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

China vs USA

Have you watch Olympic live basketball on last Sunday start from 10.15pm between China and USA dream team VIII? Basketball is my favorite sport among all Olympic games. I watched it from beginning till end, because I like USA team, while supporting China team.

Yes, needless to say, USA won it big. China team loss 31 points to USA, we all expected that. I was very surprised when China basketball team bragged it big to the media that they aiming GOLD medal for this sport, before the Olympic.

Anyway, China team played well in 1st and 2nd quarter, just 3rd and 4th are too many mistakes and very obvious that they were lack of velocity and stamina.
It's simple to determine why China team loss it big in this game, with 3 main reasons. Home game and with 3-4 NBA players advantages won't help at all. Of course, the other main reason is, USA is formed by all NBA stars.

Security Guard: "I just realize I don't like basketball, I like to watch chicks!"

1) Physical

If we look on physical body, both team height are almost the same, or I can say China team on advantage because of Yao and the tall guards. Sadly to say, China's team men are just too skinny and soft. I noticed none of them are muscular or solid. USA players jump a lot higher than China's, they keep on dunking while China watching them and borrow the opportunity to take rests. If China team can train like either Angola or Iran physical body, i think can they can loss the game with closer gap.

Kobe: "Drop the ball before my finger insert into your ass!"

2) Stamina
Due to physical difference, China team need to use a lot more stamina to offend and defense with USA team. And definitely USA team stamina is a lot better, they are playing NBA for long, experience and under professional stamina training. And most of them are black guys, means born to have stamina. The coach used the right strategy, USA played whole court defense for the 1st and 2nd quarter and make China team exhausted for the rests of the quarters. You can noticed China shooting accuracy dropping seriously from 1st and 2nd quarters to 3rd and 4th quarters. This is bad and they need to work harder.

Wade: "Watch me dunking while you guys are resting at the back, ok?"

3) Skill

USA definitely has a lot better skills in overall, except shooting. In terms of shooting, China team is better, but stamina issue has eliminated their winning tool. If you look at the statistics, USA took the high lead on rebound, steal, block shot, field goal, assist etc, except 3 point shooting. Hehe.

Kobe: "I can dunk in front of you easily, can you?"

It's good to think big, but sometimes we still have to weight our ability whether it is possible or not in terms of every aspect. It's a good match, even though it's an easy game. I'm looking good that USA will be the gold medalist team this time. China team please keep it up and I'll continue to support you.

If you want to know schedule/result/anything about Olympic Beijing 2008, just visit here.
Happy watching Olympic, everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Bad Day

Yesterday was a very bad day for me.

I believe you have heard enough of car scratching using coin/stick, stealing steel rim caps, stealing audio. But my case was a little bit weird here.

I took my mum to her friend house in the morning, and when back home after that. And I already felt like something not right when I was on my way home. Then I noticed my left back tire punctured, with a big screw slotted in the tire. Fine, I changed it with spare tire and settled the case, in hope I still can retrieve the punctured tire on Monday.

Stupid screw stucked inside my tire.

In the evening, after attended a friend's wedding dinner, a few of my buddies and I went for a long drink session at Upperstar KK. And I parked at the back of a malay restaurant at Segama, the roll in between of KFC and Burger King. When we adjourned and back to my car, I noticed the passenger seat's door is something wrong. When I took a closer look, IT WAS DAMAGED and SCRATCHED.

The idiot helped my car created TWO narrow valleys now.

Adding some scratches on top of the valley, cool.

WTF, I wonder how the car next to me managed to make it like this, it was not suppose to happen. Allow me explain in a little bit detail, as below.

I parked at X and the idiot parked at Y, both of us park in proper placement. The idiot can just came out easy but pull out the car and turn right. It shouldn't able to touch my car at all, even you'are drunk or blind. But it just amazingly happened and I was the victim. The red circle spot is where my car's door being hit.

If you are that driver, it's relatively okay if you hit and run, I might do the same if I don't know that guy. But I really want to fck you up and I don't mind you are a guy or lady, because your idiot driving skill cost me a few hundred dollars gone, and causing me inconvenient due to I need to send it to workshop on Monday.

If I talk about my case was not suppose to happen, I think I was totally wrong.

I remembered the last car parked next to me was a black color Myvi, but I couldn't remember the car plat number clearly, something like SAA****K or what. So start from now, I will start notice black Myvi start with SAA with the right side of the body/head scratched/damaged. If I managed to notice it and match my logical sense of how you crash my car, I will reimburse him/her with 201% of my car damage. Don't worry, it's your gift, just take it for FREE.

I really learned a lesson on last night. If you don't want to have the same case as mine, I have 5 advises for you.
1) Jot down the car plat number of your left and right cars, in case those idiots hit and run.
2) Park at parking which need to pay, where the security guard is around, especially around the clubbing areas and where many idiots are gathered. Or you just try not to go that area.
3) Drive a very lousy car out and you don't bother about it's damage/scratch, while you can damage/scratch other people's car.
Note: Please don't do so if you are taking pretties.

4) Park the car within your viewable area.
5) Get some CCTVs for your car surveillance.
6) Employ a part time guard just to take care of your car while you're away. I'm just kidding.

Hope we don't meet such stupid case again in the future.
What a pissed off day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair Aug 2008

Time flew so fast and tomorrow will be PIKOM PC Fair again!

PIKOM PC Fair will be held from tomorrow 7th to 9th Aug in the following venues:

Penang International Sports Arena, Penang
Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Relau

Mahkota Parade Melaka, Melaka
Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir

Sabah Trade Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Jalan Istiadat, Teluk Likas, 88400 Kota Kinabalu

Dewan Tun Hj Mustapha, Lahad Datu, Sabah
91100 Lahad Datu

PIKOM PC Fair, many times in a year, Zzz.

I'll definitely visit the nearest fair to me, which is Sabah Trade Centre, KK. So if you see me, don't greet me because I'll simply ignore you. Nah, just kidding. You are always welcome if you are a pretty. It will be pretty jam (people and car) during pc fair, especially when there is pretty girl spot, so do take care for your car, wallet and hand phone. Do grab the opportunity to talk to pretty promoters as much as you can, so you don't feel sorry for yourself.

The best part of the PIKOM PC Fair, for me.

In PIKOM PC Fair, normally you can get cheaper IT PC stuffs than usual price, especially hot promotion items. This is because the vendors bought them in big volume with better discount from suppliers, in hope to gain big money during the fair. So it's 100% worth to buy during PIKOM PC Fair.

Hot promotion items are normally limited and finished very fast. Because normally vendors will sell them below cost just to attract the crowd visit their booths, and generate some cash flow while try to clear the stocks. So if you want to pick hot promotion items, visit the fair in the first day during the 1st few hours. Not only that, if you are free, you can look for last minute offer as well. You can go on the last day in the last hour to see any jump building price item you want to buy.

I hope there is an improvement for the fair's 'quality'.

During selecting your item, don't listen to the promoter talking craps, because they are just inexperience like you, especially part time promoter. You can just get the advise from expert and go for the cheapest one. IT stuff won't last long, as they expire and malfunction quickly. So as long as it's cheap and the warranty period is there, just grab!

Ask for free gift and info as many as you can. Don't be shy and rude please.

If they don't give you, smash their table and shout for free gift.

I've bull shit shared my part. So do have fun and wish you good luck!
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