Friday, August 15, 2008

Tips Scammed At Restaurant

Sorry to share you that I'm being scammed by restaurant waitress on last night.

The whole story is like this. Currently I'm outstation in a neighbor country, for a few days trip. 4 of my colleagues and I went to a 'low class' north-Indian restaurant for dinner on last night, and all the waitress are Filipinos. That's fine.

We ordered our cuisine, enjoy it and we asked for a bill. When the bill came, the items were written in messy way in a small bill. Initially I wanted to have a look at it to see how much I need to pay. However, my superior just said we wanted to pay the bill separately. The waitress quickly took the bill off my hand before I can have a glance of it.

I found North Indian cuisines are delicious since 2 years back.

The waitress quickly tell everyone how much each of us need to pay. And here's the problem came. The waitress collected our money and gone. After that, 2 of my colleagues told me they have changes to be return, which are 10 cents and 30 cents respectively. But they don't bother to wait and just left.

When we back to staff house, I just realized my meal set is $5.30, but the waitress collected $6 from me. She managed to cheated my 60 cents. I don't know why, I realized it late. Perhaps I'm getting older and smartness is reducing. Now I realized why the scammers can cheat their victim easily, at least I'm one of the victims. A good lesson for me. -.-

I never know waitress can gain extra income in this way.

Even though she scammed us $1 was just a small amount, it can roll bigger in the future, if she scammed every table $1, may be one day she can obtain about $20, or even more. And after 1 month she can have $600 extra income.

This is not the 1st case. KCLau was encountered the same case before. But he is a lot smart better than me. He insisted and asked for a receipt from the restaurant cashier.

Another similar case where a local colleague of mine told me that a glossary shop cashier will purposely key in extra amount such as 50 cents or $1 when you buy a lot of things. In fact, she does not key in the figure to the cashier machine, or she does not give you the receipt. The cashier get caught when a kid discovered the total amount is incorrect and tell her mum about it. After that, the cashier admitted that she has done it for over 2 years! Cow!

Luckily, this sort of scam does not happen in my country, perhaps the waitresses are not as smart as the waitresses in this neighbor country, yet.

So I've done my part by sharing it to you.
Do take precaution when you're outside, friend!


RiccLee said...

Fren.. I think u really ARE getting old.. She scamed u for 70 cents, not 60 cents.

Vincent Lee said...

lolz. It was just a mistake.

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