Tuesday, August 12, 2008

China vs USA

Have you watch Olympic live basketball on last Sunday start from 10.15pm between China and USA dream team VIII? Basketball is my favorite sport among all Olympic games. I watched it from beginning till end, because I like USA team, while supporting China team.

Yes, needless to say, USA won it big. China team loss 31 points to USA, we all expected that. I was very surprised when China basketball team bragged it big to the media that they aiming GOLD medal for this sport, before the Olympic.

Anyway, China team played well in 1st and 2nd quarter, just 3rd and 4th are too many mistakes and very obvious that they were lack of velocity and stamina.
It's simple to determine why China team loss it big in this game, with 3 main reasons. Home game and with 3-4 NBA players advantages won't help at all. Of course, the other main reason is, USA is formed by all NBA stars.

Security Guard: "I just realize I don't like basketball, I like to watch chicks!"

1) Physical

If we look on physical body, both team height are almost the same, or I can say China team on advantage because of Yao and the tall guards. Sadly to say, China's team men are just too skinny and soft. I noticed none of them are muscular or solid. USA players jump a lot higher than China's, they keep on dunking while China watching them and borrow the opportunity to take rests. If China team can train like either Angola or Iran physical body, i think can they can loss the game with closer gap.

Kobe: "Drop the ball before my finger insert into your ass!"

2) Stamina
Due to physical difference, China team need to use a lot more stamina to offend and defense with USA team. And definitely USA team stamina is a lot better, they are playing NBA for long, experience and under professional stamina training. And most of them are black guys, means born to have stamina. The coach used the right strategy, USA played whole court defense for the 1st and 2nd quarter and make China team exhausted for the rests of the quarters. You can noticed China shooting accuracy dropping seriously from 1st and 2nd quarters to 3rd and 4th quarters. This is bad and they need to work harder.

Wade: "Watch me dunking while you guys are resting at the back, ok?"

3) Skill

USA definitely has a lot better skills in overall, except shooting. In terms of shooting, China team is better, but stamina issue has eliminated their winning tool. If you look at the statistics, USA took the high lead on rebound, steal, block shot, field goal, assist etc, except 3 point shooting. Hehe.

Kobe: "I can dunk in front of you easily, can you?"

It's good to think big, but sometimes we still have to weight our ability whether it is possible or not in terms of every aspect. It's a good match, even though it's an easy game. I'm looking good that USA will be the gold medalist team this time. China team please keep it up and I'll continue to support you.

If you want to know schedule/result/anything about Olympic Beijing 2008, just visit here.
Happy watching Olympic, everyone!


kuai said...

hehe.. at least China's team qualified to Olympic.. :)

Vincent Lee said...

Hehe, but they qualified every time. -.-

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