Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 2008 Birthday Celebration

I wonder how you celebrate your birthday every year. Yes, if we are not born in 29th of February, then we have a birthday every year. Some people might not bother about it.

But do we really need to celebrate it every year? Or what should be the advisable way to celebrate it? For me, I don't bother much, as long as the birthday boy/girl happy, right?

I hope I'll not getting this muscular 'man' as my birthday present.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday with my close friends at Japanese restaurant and karaoke room. We have dinner, drink, sing, photo session, come with birthday cake and song. The bill was on them to represent my birthday gift. That was a wonderful moment of celebration.

My birthday celebration @ Karaoke room on last year.

This year, I celebrated it with my boss and few of my colleagues in a western food restaurant in neighbor country. It was celebrated in a totally different way, no cake, no singing, no photo session. I know, that's mean no celebration. I ordered a Ribeye steak serve with baked potato and some veges, which cost about RM89, the most expensive steak I ever had in my life. Of course, the bill was on my boss.

I enjoyed the most expensive steak I ever have in my life, thanks to my generous boss.

My best birthday present this year was an unknown idiot crashed my car and run away last weekend, and it cost me RM300 to repair it. In fact, I plan to use the RM300 budget to spend my close friends for a drink session.

That's ended my 2008 birthday. Oh yes, I should be inviting all my close friends and pretty chicks to my luxury speed boat to celebrate my coming birthday next year. Nah, just kidding. ;)


kuai said...

wah, why made the group's picture so blurr one? I want to see u bah.. *hehehehe*

bah, dear friend.. a very Happy Birthday to you ya! wish all the best for you and hope all your dreams come true (including your luxury speed boat - dont forget to me to be one of ur cruise team nanti!)... hehehe..

God Bless!

maslight said...

when i was young, i celebrate with my family, as i get older, i celebrate with my frens.

Vincent Lee said...

Kuai, I purposely made that, coz I don't want you to miss me. LOLz.

If u really want to see me, date me out pls. xD

Vincent Lee said...

Maslight, ur bday sounds like ordinary huh? Mind to explain in details for those sweets one? LOLz.

kuai said...

miss u?! lol..

no no.. i know u r afraid tu kan..:P~~

we always date in YM mah.. inda cukup ka..:D

Vincent Lee said...

LOLz, i afraid of what?
Where got always? I doubt, abt once a month?

kuai said...

hahaha.. must be afraid to something la..:P~

nah once a month is better then nothing bah...:D

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