Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Malaysian government is always funny.

Basically Datukship is for those who contribute to the country, based on the weight of contribution, such as Prime Minister, Chief Minister, successful businessman who contribute a lot of tax money, etc. Refer here for more information on Malay titles.

Government will award you with a Datukship if you....
1) won a silver medal in Olympic, like Lee Chong Wei.
2) are a national badminton coach and you made an Olympic silver medal player, like Misbun Sidek.
3) are good in sports and won many trophies and tournaments, like Nicole David.
4) elected as entry level astronaut to go to space for visitation, like Sheikh Mustapha.
5) are a politician for quite some time.
6) buy it.
7) able to affect election results.
8) just wait, more to come...

So when I can award with Tan Sri, my dear government?


RiccLee said...

Wait till u got sodomized.. U'll get 1.. for FREE...

So, when u gonna shows ur a$$ to the world? :p

Vincent Lee said...

Are you serious, my friend?
No problem, but can you demo 1st? xp

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