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Death Race Review

Yes, it's movie review time again. I love to comment on movie, because I want to give credits and improvements on it.

I watched Death Race in new shopping complex's cinema in neighbor country this morning, it's free parking and the ticket only cost me $3.80! That's cheap! ;) It's a 1 hour and 45 minutes movie. I'm not sure why, perhaps lack of audiences, the air-con of the cinemas nowadays are cold. To be safe, I think we better bring jacket or wear extra clothes from now on.

Death Race - Bunch of slow cars

What I can say is, Death Race is a cool movie! The cast, plot and chick are all cool! It reflects a totally different and special car racing, which can cause the participants to death. Don't get it wrong by the name, it's different plot with Death Race 2000 you watched in 34 years back. The casts are my favorites, muscular and mature man Jason Statham, at his 36 and the pretty, sexy and fit chick Natalie Martinez (she is only 24 by the way). Well, the only thing I envy is, Statham keeps showing his body (muscle) in the movie, which I wish to have one. :(

Starring by my favorite casts, Stathem and Natalie.

The plot is fresh, at least for me, it talks about Ex-con (Ames) is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to a car race competition in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory, then where the chicks come in.

However, there were 10 points/scenes I don't understand from the movie, do comment and support me. Read the below arguments only if you've watched the movie.
1) Since Ames is only 1 person is being sent to jail, why you need a big bus? Can't just a small van/truck will do?
2) Pachenko killed Ames's wife, but why he still want to disturb Ames and declare Ames killed his wife in the canteen?
3) The canteen displayed a signboard "Shooting zone without warning". I should expect some people being shoot after that. But none, the wardens are still polite to the people involved in the fight.
4) I couldn't understand why the truck drove by Machine Gun Joe is fall behind for quite some times, but he still able to pick up the cars from the behind. Seems like whoever fall behind, they will able to pick up the inmates in the end. What a race!
5) The head of one of the immates was bursed, once the truck's door pass by and hit him. Is that possible?
6) Since the lorry so heavy and equipped with so many weapons and people, it can still able to follow-up and race with those racers. Doesn't make sense to me.
7) There should be 7 chicks involved in the race altogether, but from beginning to the end, I only noticed 2, which is Case and another at K14's car before she died. Why can't you show the rests of the chicks to me? Haha. (I saw Machine Gun Joe slap the black chick's ass, but why the black chick did not appear in his truck?)
8) Amens curiously jumped out from the car without the wardens' notice. And the car's door can closed up itself. Fantastic huh!
9) How come Case got another set of Frank's uniform when she came out from the car before she got arrested? Is that in the plan?
10) They said they want to go Miami for living, but they ended up in Mexico.

Natalie in the house.

Enough of bull shits from me. Here's my review for Death Race.
Cast: 7.5/10
Plot: 7.5/10
Effect: -/10 (Not in the judgement, because the cinema sound system is poor.)
Cinematography: 8.5/10
Action: 7.5/10
Uniform: 7/10 (I like Frank's uniform, and the score was from the chicks)
Humor: 3/10 (It's not a comedy movie ;) )

Story line: 8/10
Chick: 7.5/10 (newly added)
Overall: 7.5/10

I would recommend you to go for a watch for Death Race, even you are not a fans of car race. Don't worry, you won't get sleepy for this movie, as the action goes on from the beginning till the end.

Since the movie is so excited, you also don't have chance to go for a pee. xp

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