Friday, August 29, 2008

Smart Vehicle

Do you like smart? Yes everyone likes it.

Vehicle also has Smart nowadays. So if you want to be smart, just buy it. But when you see it, you don't think it is 'Smart' anymore.

Basically this so called SMART is a 1.0cc mini car, comes with maximum speed of 145km/h and accelerate in 16.7 seconds. It's a fuel injection car that can slot in a 15" rim and tires. It sells like a hot cake in the market nowadays.

What so special about it? It has lower fuel consumption, because of its weight and using fuel injection engine. And you only can have maximum 1 passenger sitting next to you. It's small body size also allow you to find parking easily every where.

For the cons, it's not a cheap car, but still cheaper compare to many middle range cars. I'm not sure about the maintenance cost, it could be costing more due to proprietary and rare units on road. The worst thing is, you're in danger! Because it's so small, you could be vulnerable on the road, I mean car accident.

However, you can modify your SMART car become magnificent, just like this...

I confirmed you are safe on the road!

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