Friday, October 31, 2008

I Paid for My Greedy Lesson

Have you invested in Forex before? If not yet, don't you repeat the same story below again.

Let me just share my fresh & real story here. One and half months ago, I handled a sum of money to a so called 'trusted' friend, named 'RL' and RL asked his so called 'trusted' broker to play for us. No question and after 1 week, we got some profits from the account. All are happy with it. But the broker keep asking us to look for people, in order for us to continue to earn profits from the account. Fine, we look around and found out no one willing to join such high sum of investment & extremely high risk game.

Looking for Very High Risk Investment? Here you are, FOREX.

No doubt, we continue to invest without new member. After about a month, the broker sent us a e-statement, stated we have earn almost 100% from the account. That sounds nice isn't it? 1 month with 100% interests return.

When I think inside my heart that I would like to close the account and invest the money somewhere else, I saw there are 2 floating orders below the e-statements, which is lossing 100% of our current balance. Then I only realized the broker start to play our account without 'Stop Loss'. Stop Loss is a figure where you limit your loss in Forex. Wtf, every risk-aware player should have know playing Forex without Stop Loss is defintely lead to extremely high risk (suffer loss for almost sure), and yet the broker still dare to do so. I'm not sure what's wrong with him, and I'm not sure why RL allow him to do so (RL is the one help to monitor it for me). Perhaps he needs us to invest more badly, in order to get more commissions.

In fact, it's good to play Forex yourself using free tools instead of rely on those idiot brokers.

Another very stupid thing the broker did is, he long and short for the same pair, GBP/USD, and both lossing 3k+ and 1k+ respectively. How did he do that? Is he an professional trader? Idiot only can do that I believe.

After I seen the e-statement, I started to question RL why let the broker doing so, and remind RL of the maximum risk. RL seems cool enough and explained to me that the orders will close when it gets profit initially. But after we thought further and we realized something is defintely not right. But we have no choice and no return, we only can cross our finger and hope the orders bounce to profit.

After about 1 week, our nightmare came. The broker released a margin call letter to us. Meaning our money inside the account are all floating on the pair currency, and we need to top up almost 90% of initial investment immediately. Wtf, we've know this is a trap. I was having very bad mood on that day and I couldn't sleep well, when I imagine my hard-earn money was gone in 1.5 months time. I should have use it to buy 40" LCD TV for my parents, or pay my existing debts off?

Forex & the stupid broker has taken my 40" LCD TV.

I seek advise from a few financial experts, they said I should not have blame anyone. That's my money and I should take care myself when I do investment. Discipline is always come into the place. Others won't take care for you defintely. That's the rule of thumb for investment. As I'm always a careful person when talks about money, I've to admit this time that I loss all these money just because I'm greedy.

Fine, reverse wordings are always hard to listen, at least for me. So RL & I paid a huge price for our greedy lesson. I'm sharing it here seriously because I don't wish to hear/see another idiot repeat the case again.

Nothing wrong to dream/invest your money, as long as you don't loss it.

And not to forget, I hereby listing the Forex investment company here, so you won't invest with the same broker anymore. I wish that bastard broker jobless soon.

I will be back, Forex!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Defrag Tool

It's time to introduce good software to my reader again.

Today, I would like to introduce a better software to de-frag your hard disk. Like what I always emphasized, I hate using Microsoft windows default software, such as Personal Firewall, Internet Explorer and de-fragmentation tool. You can simply get a better alternative software from the Internet for FREE, why not!

Okay. I would like to recommend you Smart Defrag, issued by Iobit. Obviously, it's the best defrag tool I ever used. It's totally FREE and able to give you a complete diagnosis of your hard drive, de-fragment and speed up disk performance. It's a lot faster and better than using your default Disk Defragmenter, trust me.

To further convince you, let's look at the software price and features comparison in details as below.

It's also rated by CNet as Top Rated 5 Stars since September 2008.

Just make sure you download, install and schedule to run it every week, to ensure your hard disk performance is optimized and de-fragmented. Please try now!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Idiot But Funny Game

Are you boring and looking for special & interesting entertainment game to play with a group of friends?

Yea, I don't know what's the game name, but I know it's damn funny and idiot game. Please allow me to introduce this game to you.

Basically this game requiring minimum 2 people in a team, get a few teams if you can. And you'll need some wooden chairs and balloons filled with waters. 1 of the team members will sit down on the wooden chair and hold the balloon on top of his/her legs, and the other member will have to run from 3-5 meters away and jump on top of the member who is sitting on the chair. The purpose is just to bust the balloon, as many as possible within 1 minute. The team busted the most balloon is the winner.

The pair should be team up by male(sit) & male, male(sit) & female and female(sit) &female only. If you are lucky, get a pretty chick to play with you and let her bust your 'ball'.

Let's watch how these people play the game. Enjoy. ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Phone Call

No doubt, we can send SMS via the internet for free, such as It'll allows you send 20 sms for free once you register as a member. And you will entitle to send more, if you introduce new members to join. Hey, I did it 7 years ago, I'm not sure about now. The other free sms web sites are,, etc. The mobile ISP I'm using, Digi also giving 3 sms for free daily. It's wonderful right.

But, is there any free phone call in this world?

I doubt, even it's VoIP. If there is a free phone call tool or web site, who else able to make profit in this industry? This is very true. There are thousands of VoIP web sites and software out there are under challenge and facing great competition from each others.

Have you ever think of replacing your landline with VoIP?

Unfortunately, I found out from the Internet that there is one VoIP company is giving FREE phone call! It sounds to be too good. I immediately try it out and confirm it is true! Check out this phone call web site immediately!

Well, as what we normally agree, there is no free lunch in this world. Evaphone only limit certain time for you to call per destination, per day. You can refer the destination list and time limit here. But you can miss call people unlimitedly. Better than none right.

If you think it is not cool enough, don't worry about it. You can make unlimited call to any landline and certain mobile numbers in the world within a month, and you just need to spend EUR$3.95. Yes, Skype is offering this subscription to it's members.

Let's just enjoy talking while you still can!

Hey, don't use it for this kind of House Call please!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Molest A Girl?

Hey, have you being molested, or you molested someone before?

I was not happy on Friday, because one of my female friends was being molested by a guy on the street, while she is waiting for someone. A guy suddenly came from behind and touched her ass from behind and run away immediately after he did that. Wtf.

Again, I was unhappy about it not because I'm admiring her. But as a friend, I feel pissed off about it and the guy is not respecting woman at all.

Oh man, this guy dared to molest the girl boobs in the crowd.

In fact, I would like to molest my dream girls also sometimes, but I guess it's not right to do so. So I always think that what can I do in order to allow me to molest 'legally'. Haha, that can be a dream if I think about it myself, as I'm born as a conservative Asian and living in a Muslim country.

Would it be happy from both side, if we molest in a kidding way?

Surprisingly, I discovered a local pretty blogger is sharing some tips on how to molest girl. I read on and realized some of them might works, especially for Asian girl! Of course, with term and condition apply. ;)

Let me just share them what she wrote here.
  1. It's easier to molest a friend than a stranger. Walk up to her from behind, then hang your arms around her shoulder, like how you would to a buddy. Take the chance to whisper in her ears and sniff her hair. Make use of your hanging arm, attempt to 'accidentally' touch her boobs without her noticing. For example, both of you are walking and moving, accidents will occur, just pretend you didn't notice your hand touching her. Nice.

  2. Try to talk with hand gestures. The more the better. Create 'accident' to bump your hand into her boobs, then say sorry. She won't mine. You can try it when a bunch of you are hanging out, she won't suspect a thing.

  3. When you guys are sitting down, try to drop stuffs onto the floor. Then while bending down to pick it up, act if you're having problem bending over and place your hand on her leg/lap for support. She won't mind, but not too long of course. try your luck by caressing her leg too while at it, pretend that you can't reach the object on the floor.

  4. The simplest trick in the old book is, when you guys are walking together. When there will be a sudden change of direction as where you guys are heading, put your hand at her back and guide her to the right direction. Aim properly and place your hand at the clasp of her bra, that might turn you on. Brilliant. xD

  5. When crossing low traffic roads, put your arms around her waist and cross together. While crossing, take the chance to move your hands more around her waist, or even tighten your hand around her waist. She would even think you're a gentleman.

  6. The best trick to is to tickle your friend. When tickling her, she will obviously struggle and move a lot. Take this chance and touch every part of her that you want to. Just make sure not to be too obvious and constant tickling must be kept in order for her to keep laughing and not pay attention to your dirty little trick. Totally agree?

Is dancing with friend/stranger also the best chance to molest? Definitely.

To be honest I haven't try any of them yet, except #2 and #6 in rare cases. But they were done unintentionally. So I have to train and practice to do all of them 'unintentionally' from now on. Hehe, I'm just kidding, do try me next time. ;)

So come back to my question now. Do we or girl will still feel bad, if we molest in an 'appropriate' (purposely unintentional) way?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Superman Found Dead

I'm not sure about you. I used to read online newspaper every morning and evening.

As usual, when I open the local e-newspaper web site on yesterdat morning, I found out Superman is dead! Wtf. And it was display on the 'top hit' news column.

Will He dies? I would say it depends on the Director of the movie.

Without hesitate much, I clicked on the link immediately. And the article is written as below:

KLANG: A 24-year-old man was found dead with two slash wounds on his chest in front of a house in Taman Chi Leung here.

The victim identified as Super-man Awang, believed to be a Sabahan, was found by the owner of the house at 10.30pm on Mon-day.

District police chief ACP Mohammad Mat Yusop said police were still checking his identity.

“He was released from Taiping prison after serving time for robbery and was found dead on the same day of his release,” ACP Mohammad said.

It's obvious, the mentioned dead man was having the same name as Superman. But I wonder why people making it big. I was like, wtf... =.=

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to Driving Blog Traffic

Having headache on how to improve or drive more traffics to your blog?

Well, this should not be a hard thing, if you write some interesting posts and invite your friends/relatives/colleagues to have a visit. Or you ask your friend's blog link to you.

Perhaps idiot also knows about the ideas just now. Well, sometimes the thing just doesn't work in what we want most of the time. So what, we can always look for more idea to try on, right?

Traffics jam is easy on the road, but how bout blogs?

I take a pity on my own blog, and I tried search around the Internet. I came to a blog that draw my attention. She is sharing a web site which can help you to drive traffics to your blog. She claimed that she is getting top traffic source from this web site, Blog Explosion. Eh, God know.

Perhaps some of you have tried it before. But please allow me to explain how it works.
1. First register your blog and wait for it to be approved.
2. When approved, you must surf other members’ blogs in BlogExplosion.
3. When you surf, for every blog that you visit, you earn points.
4. Sometimes you get bonus points.
5. Then, you use or assign those points to your blog(s).
6. For each point assigned/used, system will make your blog appear once to other members (1 visitor).

And BlogExplosion offering this service for FREE.

Simple and clear enough?
Just want you to take note that there is no free lunch in this world. So we got to do something in order to obtain good return. Well, I'm trying to be hardworking from now on.

My blog traffic is close to 1.4millions hit on Jan 08. Yes, I was just lied to you. xp

Hey, there is one thing I would like to apology to you. I'm just registered it and start to use it 30 minutes ago. So I'm not sure how good it is at this moment. Please kindly let me know if you have any experience on it!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interesting Building View

I guess we are all sick of the economy crisis and downturn. I personally also losing quite a big sum of money into the stock market and unit trusts. Fine, forget about it at this moment and let's talk something interesting. Do you like to see building view?

Some people like to shoot building picture, because it is interesting according to them. I don't understand why initially. But now, I got the point, exactly! Do you know why?

Let me just share with you some interesting building pictures I got from this blogger.

Picture 1

Nothing wrong with this picture I suggest? Let's zoom further.

Picture 2 (Zoom x 3)

Something is ON from this picture? Let's zoom further.

Picture 3 (Zoom x 5)

Wtf. Got what I mean?

Picture 4 (Zoom x 7)

Damn, the chick is so hot! What a lucky guy there!

Interesting? Definitely yes for me.
Apart from the hot chick having sex, what impressed me is that this digital camera can zoom into that detail. Hi-tech camera rocks!

Morale of the story: Always tag a good camera with you.
Eh, what I meant is, just share with me if you have similar pictures!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something is Wrong

Sorry to inform you that I have been very busy for working these few days until no time to update my blog, and I bet I have to enjoy this life for another year at least.

Anyway, I still have little time to scan through other people's blog quickly. And unfortunately, I discovered some pictures which I think it's something wrong. Let me just share these 2 pictures with you.

The first picture is...

A little primary school girl flipped off an old begging woman.

What's wrong with her? Why she did this? I don't understand. She can just forget about the donation and leave the beggar in peace. If I saw her did it to the beggar in front of me, I will just stop her and ask her for apology. And another one is...

A secondary school girl showed off that she is smoking.

What's wrong with her? Why she smile, smoke and let other take picture with school uniform & logo? Again, I don't understand. She can just walk away when someone want to take her picture.

This is just not healthy in such a Muslim country.

What do you think?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Favorite Music Video

I found a nice music video in YouTube which is published 7-8 years back. I guess it should be the best MV of the century, would like to share it with you here.

I believe most of us have heard about this song or watched this MV before, and many people have dubbed this song into their own language versions. It's a romantic and upset Korean MV with nice music rhythm and last for 8 minutes long, casting by a very mature-look guy (*almost look like me) and a sweet little lady.

In summary, the story line is touching and memorable, which you hardly can forget. The MV name is 'Because I'm a girl' from Kiss.

Love this MV? You can get more details here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Will You Watch Space Porn?

I believe we do watch porn, perhaps rarely, occasionally or frequently. For me, I watch porn occasionally. Haha! Come on, that's not a big deal okay.

How about real porn in the space? Have you watch it before? I guess so far there is no such film available in the market yet.

Well, if I have the chance to watch 'sex in space' movie, I would like to. We almost have a chance to do so, but Virgin Galactic rejected it, too bad!

Wait a minute, how do you make love in the space huh?

Perhaps the offer too low, hey porn party can you increase your offer to Virgin Galactic to $2 millions?
I'm waiting your good news yea. ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eagle Eye Review

Excuse me, it's time for movie review again. And unfortunately, this time will goes to Eagle Eye.

Since these 2 days are public holidays, I went to national park for vacation during day time and I watched Eagle Eye on last night. So I'm having a good time to enjoy my holiday. And now I'm using my free time to make a post here. ;)

This poster is nothing to do with the Eagle Eye movie synopsis I suppose?

In summary, I have to comment this movie is out of my expectation, copycat and not as creative as I thought. The elements are more or less the same as I-Robot. So I would say I'm having hard to enjoy this movie. However, if you yet to watch I-Robot, it might be a good movie for you.

I'm not very impress with the casts in Eagle Eye.

Here's my ratings for Eagle Eye for your reference.
Cast: 4/10
Plot: 7/10
Effect: 7.5
Cinematography: 8/10
Action: 7/10
Humor: 0.5/10 (no funny scene for me though)

Story line: 5.5/10
Chick: 1/10 (no impressive chick found)
Overall: 5.5/10

Quote of the movie: "You have been activated."

My advise is, you can watch it if you are free.
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