Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Phone Call

No doubt, we can send SMS via the internet for free, such as sms.ac. It'll allows you send 20 sms for free once you register as a member. And you will entitle to send more, if you introduce new members to join. Hey, I did it 7 years ago, I'm not sure about now. The other free sms web sites are text4free.net, gizmosms.com, freesms.net etc. The mobile ISP I'm using, Digi also giving 3 sms for free daily. It's wonderful right.

But, is there any free phone call in this world?

I doubt, even it's VoIP. If there is a free phone call tool or web site, who else able to make profit in this industry? This is very true. There are thousands of VoIP web sites and software out there are under challenge and facing great competition from each others.

Have you ever think of replacing your landline with VoIP?

Unfortunately, I found out from the Internet that there is one VoIP company is giving FREE phone call! It sounds to be too good. I immediately try it out and confirm it is true! Check out this phone call web site immediately!

Well, as what we normally agree, there is no free lunch in this world. Evaphone only limit certain time for you to call per destination, per day. You can refer the destination list and time limit here. But you can miss call people unlimitedly. Better than none right.

If you think it is not cool enough, don't worry about it. You can make unlimited call to any landline and certain mobile numbers in the world within a month, and you just need to spend EUR$3.95. Yes, Skype is offering this subscription to it's members.

Let's just enjoy talking while you still can!

Hey, don't use it for this kind of House Call please!

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