Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interesting Building View

I guess we are all sick of the economy crisis and downturn. I personally also losing quite a big sum of money into the stock market and unit trusts. Fine, forget about it at this moment and let's talk something interesting. Do you like to see building view?

Some people like to shoot building picture, because it is interesting according to them. I don't understand why initially. But now, I got the point, exactly! Do you know why?

Let me just share with you some interesting building pictures I got from this blogger.

Picture 1

Nothing wrong with this picture I suggest? Let's zoom further.

Picture 2 (Zoom x 3)

Something is ON from this picture? Let's zoom further.

Picture 3 (Zoom x 5)

Wtf. Got what I mean?

Picture 4 (Zoom x 7)

Damn, the chick is so hot! What a lucky guy there!

Interesting? Definitely yes for me.
Apart from the hot chick having sex, what impressed me is that this digital camera can zoom into that detail. Hi-tech camera rocks!

Morale of the story: Always tag a good camera with you.
Eh, what I meant is, just share with me if you have similar pictures!

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