Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something is Wrong

Sorry to inform you that I have been very busy for working these few days until no time to update my blog, and I bet I have to enjoy this life for another year at least.

Anyway, I still have little time to scan through other people's blog quickly. And unfortunately, I discovered some pictures which I think it's something wrong. Let me just share these 2 pictures with you.

The first picture is...

A little primary school girl flipped off an old begging woman.

What's wrong with her? Why she did this? I don't understand. She can just forget about the donation and leave the beggar in peace. If I saw her did it to the beggar in front of me, I will just stop her and ask her for apology. And another one is...

A secondary school girl showed off that she is smoking.

What's wrong with her? Why she smile, smoke and let other take picture with school uniform & logo? Again, I don't understand. She can just walk away when someone want to take her picture.

This is just not healthy in such a Muslim country.

What do you think?

1 comment:

spiritofeast said...

Shame on them, doing something that really unacceptable.

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