Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to Driving Blog Traffic

Having headache on how to improve or drive more traffics to your blog?

Well, this should not be a hard thing, if you write some interesting posts and invite your friends/relatives/colleagues to have a visit. Or you ask your friend's blog link to you.

Perhaps idiot also knows about the ideas just now. Well, sometimes the thing just doesn't work in what we want most of the time. So what, we can always look for more idea to try on, right?

Traffics jam is easy on the road, but how bout blogs?

I take a pity on my own blog, and I tried search around the Internet. I came to a blog that draw my attention. She is sharing a web site which can help you to drive traffics to your blog. She claimed that she is getting top traffic source from this web site, Blog Explosion. Eh, God know.

Perhaps some of you have tried it before. But please allow me to explain how it works.
1. First register your blog and wait for it to be approved.
2. When approved, you must surf other members’ blogs in BlogExplosion.
3. When you surf, for every blog that you visit, you earn points.
4. Sometimes you get bonus points.
5. Then, you use or assign those points to your blog(s).
6. For each point assigned/used, system will make your blog appear once to other members (1 visitor).

And BlogExplosion offering this service for FREE.

Simple and clear enough?
Just want you to take note that there is no free lunch in this world. So we got to do something in order to obtain good return. Well, I'm trying to be hardworking from now on.

My blog traffic is close to 1.4millions hit on Jan 08. Yes, I was just lied to you. xp

Hey, there is one thing I would like to apology to you. I'm just registered it and start to use it 30 minutes ago. So I'm not sure how good it is at this moment. Please kindly let me know if you have any experience on it!



Anonymous said...

I have been testing new ways to drive traffic to my blog - trying to understand what works and what doesn't. The particular tests have been around how search compares to social networking to offline PR to blog involvement. I have done some analysis in a recent post that you might be interested in:

It shows that the main search drivers to my blog are keywords around my name (ie the conscious thought). There are only a few unconscious keywords (ie unrelated) that have been driving traffic. Social networks is a great way for driving traffic - particularly when you reference your URL in your profile and then in your status. I read today that another way to drive traffic to your blog is via updating your profile image to include the URL of your blog - another way to drive traffic.

Great post and I would be interested in your thoughts.

Suzette said...

Thanks for linking in. :)
I have used it for a long time. I think for a short term boost of traffic, it is very good, but ultimately you need search engine traffic (organi traffic) for a real growth. Relying on BE is only a way to get your blog explosed to more publics.

What I like to do with BE is that, I accummulated points, used all of them to get a peak, then rest a while continue to accummulate.

This way, I can monitor my traffic with and without BE, for good comparison, as well as to see if I can live without it. :)

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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