Friday, June 25, 2010

Edison Chen Replacement

Do you know or still remember Edison Chen? Well, if you still don't know, he is a 30 years old Chinese Canadian film actor, rapper, Cantopop singer, model, record producer, fashion designer, boss, etc. Wow, he looks like a talented guy. Indeed, he is. But that already became his past, where he ruined his career just because of his non-IT literate and the expose of his rich sex scandal with a lot of female celebrities videos & photos in year 2008.

One of Edison's sex scandal female starring, Bobo Chan.

Edison Chen is my idol because he made a history in celebrity sex scandal history. I love to copycat his achievement if I given the opportunity. Well, no matter how good he is, record is always breakable. Our new starring today has shift to a Indonesian celebrity, Nazril Ariel. 

Nazril has successfully made himself well known in Asian, just because his sex scandal videos exposed around the Internet. According to the local news, he managed to accumulated sex videos with more than 32 celebrities and artists. Two of the identified artists are Luna Maya and Cut Tari. The funny thing is, Nazril also coincidentally lost his notebook, where all his sex videos are in it. The lucky bastards picked it up and spread part of it through the Internet. Can you believe it? What a coincident!

One of Nazril's sex scandal female starring, Luna Maya.

Now, even porn star, Vickt Vette is interested to invite Nazril to record an adult video with her. So if he compared to Edison Chen, his number is a lot better, doesn't he? Okay, I think it's time to change my idol to an Indonesian. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup 2010 Betting - Part II

Apparently, the traffics after 7.15pm are greatly reduced since last weekend. I feel great when I went out to buy things, because it really save me a lot of time without queuing in the jam!

It looks like not much surprise in the first round, most of the matches were predictable. Perhaps a lot of people winning? Of course, there were some glitches occurred, like Brazil only managed to take down North Korea with 2-1, which sounds like playing cheat, where Swiss took down Spain by 1-0. What a surprise!

Apart from some little surprises, there were also some fools messed up their team's future in the World Cup, like Robert Green, the Nigerian flying kick to Greece player and made him has the chance to display his world-class acting quality, as well as South Korean and Denmark creative own goals.

Whatever it is, 2nd round matches are ongoing since yesterday. It will be more excited as the team needs to be work harder to get qualify. Argentina managed to insult South Korea with 4-1 on last night, which put them back to the position where they were. Tonight matches are very though, will England stunt Algeria? Let's see, it is very interesting.

How's my online competition betting result and ranking so far? It's sad to say my result was not that satisfying. This is because of the tumbling of South Korea and France on last night, my ranking was dropped quite badly. Perhaps I will work harder today to push myself into 100. 

My updated ranking as of 19th June, 2010.

Happy World Cup month, folks!

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Betting

After a long waiting for 4 years, it's time for World Cup this month, folks. I'm too excited about it, even though my country is not part of the participants. Anyway, I just worry and wonder about the physical security of the matches held in South Africa. Hope everything will be fine.

When we talk about World Cup, a lot of people, especially men are betting money on it. I don't know why, some of them said that they can make money while enjoying the match, some of them are just betting to increase the excitement of the match watching. To me, I refrain from betting World Cup. This is because I'm too lazy to do homework and I just have no luck. I suffered huge loss from the previous World Cup games. I guess I need to put a stop on it this time.

I believe it is boring if I just watch it for nothing. Okay, if you are the same like me, perhaps we can do something about it. We can try to join some online competition, and we still can bet the matches to win some prizes for ourselves., as usual, is offering it's World Cup competition through it's web site, by allowing us to bet all the matches, with handicap and over/under bet. The winner will gets USD300 from Ladbrokes, following by the other 24 winners with some consolation USDs. You may check out the prize yourself. 

If you really want to bet online, perhaps you can try, it is giving away bonus up to USD200 for new customer who deposit USD25 and above. Please take note that did not pay me to advertise this, but I was customer before and I'm very satisfied with their services.

I have joined and playing this game since 2002, but as I said, I've no luck to be the winner yet. Let's see what's my luck this year. I've placed my bet for today's 2 matches, as follows:

So what you waiting for? Have fun betting and good luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Raping In The House, By Taxi Driver

If a man managed to have sex with many pretty women like Edison Chan, perhaps you will recognized his outstanding 'communication' skills. But, if a man managed to rape many girls and continue to threaten them for continuous sex supply, we would definitely look down on him. He just utilized his wisdom to commit crimes and threaten the rest of others' life.
Yes, this crown is belong to a 54 year old taxi driver. 6 secondary school students became his sex slaves for almost a year after he raped them, filmed the act and threatened to make the videos public if they told anyone about it. The victims are just aged between 15 and 17, were passengers of him took to his house instead of their destination and raped. 

He would later call the girls whenever he wanted sexual favours and use the recording to threaten them. Three students who were unable to bear the torment mustered enough courage to report the matter to the police. Police are still looking for the other three victims. The first victim, who revealed her ordeal to a close friend who had asked her why she took the same taxi every time, lodged the first report.
Based on the video recordings on the cabbie’s phone, police believe there were six victims in total. According to police, the recordings showed the victims screaming, crying and pleading with the taxi driver to release them. This monster is still single and living alone, he has been remanded for 7 days by police now.
From the look at this lesson, we really have to educate and train our children on how to handle this kind of incident when they are alone, to prevent such tragedy happen. I don't think we want them to meet such incident. But somehow, this is out of our control most of the time. Our children might really need to take cab one day?
So how to educate? Good question, but I don't know yet. Perhaps you can try to post this question in your Facebook and seek for opinions. Have a nice weekend, folks!
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