Friday, June 25, 2010

Edison Chen Replacement

Do you know or still remember Edison Chen? Well, if you still don't know, he is a 30 years old Chinese Canadian film actor, rapper, Cantopop singer, model, record producer, fashion designer, boss, etc. Wow, he looks like a talented guy. Indeed, he is. But that already became his past, where he ruined his career just because of his non-IT literate and the expose of his rich sex scandal with a lot of female celebrities videos & photos in year 2008.

One of Edison's sex scandal female starring, Bobo Chan.

Edison Chen is my idol because he made a history in celebrity sex scandal history. I love to copycat his achievement if I given the opportunity. Well, no matter how good he is, record is always breakable. Our new starring today has shift to a Indonesian celebrity, Nazril Ariel. 

Nazril has successfully made himself well known in Asian, just because his sex scandal videos exposed around the Internet. According to the local news, he managed to accumulated sex videos with more than 32 celebrities and artists. Two of the identified artists are Luna Maya and Cut Tari. The funny thing is, Nazril also coincidentally lost his notebook, where all his sex videos are in it. The lucky bastards picked it up and spread part of it through the Internet. Can you believe it? What a coincident!

One of Nazril's sex scandal female starring, Luna Maya.

Now, even porn star, Vickt Vette is interested to invite Nazril to record an adult video with her. So if he compared to Edison Chen, his number is a lot better, doesn't he? Okay, I think it's time to change my idol to an Indonesian. 

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