Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Lesson of Making Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, including the most successful person.

There are 2 types of persons. One type is they admit they made mistake. The other type is they deny their mistake, including successful person. However, this is not important in our discussion today.

From what I experiencing, a person tends to make more mistakes when they are weak, continuously fails and in bad luck. When I continuously made few mistakes, I started to panic and needless to say, the following decisions are screwed.

I used to hear a lot of successful people shared with me, DO NOT afraid to make mistake. It is a simple advice, but that's not a complete story. From what I experienced, I would advice, DO NOT afraid to make mistake, ONLY AFTER you have access your possible risk / loss.

To be honest, nobody afraid to make mistake, or more mistakes, but there's a price to pay, including financially and resources loss. Let's take stock investment as an example. If we can accept we loss the money, then we have no problem to invest our money in stock market and make mistakes. However, when you have invested 10 times and you failed all of them, how do you feel? Where's your confidence level? Will you try again or so call DO NOT afraid to make mistake?

Well, may be still have minority never give up. But it's our hard earn money, we do not need to sacrifice them just like that. So try not to listen others by telling a comfortable story then ended with DO NOT afraid to make mistake. Mistake needs to be paid, not your parents, not your family, but you! We have to take responsibility of the decision we made.

Yes, there's no doubt that the lesser commitment and younger we are, the more dynamic that we can get up from our mistake. Because we have time to wake up and earn back the money and resources again. But in fact, how many chances do we actually have to try for most of us here?

Donald Trump used to say "Go big, or go home!", which may be true. If allows, we should take a big risk to do 1 big mistake for a huge price to pay, but the reward is infinite, rather than do small mistakes that make us sick. Anyhow, we came to this world with empty handed, and when we leave, we will do the same.

Yes, I'm trying to go big now, but I'm currently in a very deep shit situation, where the challenges are 10 times harder than what I expected. When I see others enjoying their life and relaxing, I'm 200% envy them. But somehow I chose to make this mistake with huge price to pay, I have to stay focus and continue trying. And not sure for how long before I give up....

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Whatever It Is, Be Steady

Are you a steady person? What is steady in our Asian culture means?

From what I understand, steady means claim, not being emotional, look smart and experience. I have to admit I'm not a steady person. Whenever I encounter something need to fork out money, I'm panic. No doubt I'm still a very stingy and calculative person.

2 days ago, I bumped into a minor car accident. The guy is obviously wrong by banging behind. Due to some documents I'm missing and the guy feel that I'm frightening, he tried to threaten me by calling the police.

I did call a colleague I think he may able to help, but end up he is worse when he dropped by. We tried to settle without calling the police. End up I almost have to bear all the accident cost, which is a pain lesson for me.

I'm trying to be a gentleman, but in another word, I'm just a fool, paying unnecessary cost which is supposed to be paid by the other party. I tried to complain to few friends, no doubt I'm recognized as a fool.

What I learned from this lesson? Be steady. No matter what happen, we need to be steady and claim. We are all human, we are frighten when we are weak or having weak point. Do not expect someone can always help us, we have to learn to help ourselves by remain steady. Please bear in mind the other person does not know we have weak point, and they may have weak point too. Hence, we have to be steady even we are weak.

Do not show on our face that we are weak. We do not need to be afraid just because others threatening us. Perhaps we should make it bigger and let them scare us. If they hit us, then even better, they will have to responsible of what they did to us.

Of course, to remain steady, it needs time to learn and grow. Practice it in your daily life, go out and face more strangers, do something that you are uncomfortable but remain claim. These may help us grow our steadiness within us.

Hope this 2 cents this helps.
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