Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 10 Creative Billboards

It has been a while that I did not post and rate the top 10 topic. By searching the history of this blog, we have the most famous top 5 and top 10 Chinese wedding door games, follow by top 10 idiotic inventions, and top 10 habits of millionaire

So what have for today post? We have top 10 creative billboards! I must say it's not always easy to be creative, but it's always enjoyable to see people's creativity.

Top #10 - Silberman's Fitness Center

Top #9 - Denver Water

Top #8 - Eskom

Top #7 - Mars Chocolate Bar

Top #6 - Formula Toothpaste

Top #5 - Cingular Telco

Top #4 - Apple iPod and Rona Paint

Top #3 - Mini-Cooper

Top #2 - Pond's Cleanser

Top #1 - Mexico Unido

That's about the Top 10 creative billboards. I hope you enjoy it.
Have a nice weekend, folks!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honest People Make This World Brighter?

An honest trash collector in Taiwan returned NT1.1mil (RM115,659) which she picked up from the street to the owner.

Yang Huang Mu-dan, 67, also refused to take the three-per cent reward she was entitled to. However, after much persuasion, she agreed to take a NT$3,000 (RM315) ang pow. "I have not seen so much money before. If I take it, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. "The person who lost it must be very anxious," said Yang.

Her honesty has been highly praised by the police and her neighbors, most of whom said that Yang had made them proud.

Yang, who only received primary education, has been takings care of her six children alone after her husband died 25 years ago. On Saturday morning, after collecting some recyclable items from the market, she found the bag containing the cash.

In an attempt to return the money, she rushed to the nearest police station, where she met the anxious accountant identified as Lin.

Lin said she was to have banked in the takings of her workplace. But as she walked to the car, her phone rang, so she placed the bag on the boot. After answering the call, she drove away, completely forgetting about the bag. The 37-year-old woman drove for about 1km before she realized what she had done.

What if you pick the same amount of money from the street? What will you do? For me, I will think really hard before forcing myself to go to police station nearby. Hey, I'm also an honest person. Haha!

The true story above told us that there are still a lot of honest and helpful people around. We don't really have to upset with the increasing number of bad people out there. If everyone of us are trying to be part of the good people, the world will be still bright and robust.

Let's make this world brighter and our life more colorful.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gary Ng, Another Sex Scandal Prince?

Do you know there is a Singaporean Casanova who posted on a blog 507 recordings of him having sex with several women?  
His blog nick name, Gary Ng, age unknown, dubbed Singapore’s Edison Chen. I believe many of the Malaysian and Singaporean knew him via the Internet, especially male. Perhaps most of them are his blog die-hard supporters. But unfortunately, it has put a full-stop and the blog is locked with user credentials after he being arrested.

From the news today, I only aware that he has been jailed 50 months and fined SGD20,000, while looked composed when the sentence was passed. 
So far we have Edison Chen from Hong Kong and Indonesia's Edison Chen. Now we have another Singapore's Edison Chen. So where is Malaysia's one?
In the case of Gary Ng, whose real name is Chen Guilin, police seized 507 self-recorded sex videos from his home in June last year. Some of the women were aware that they were being filmed while others were oblivious to it. 
According to the interview with Gary, these women faced are censored, because he said he is 'ethical' and he doesn't want to destroy their futures since he posted the videos in his blog. GARY becomes his nick because it stands for "Girls Always Remember You" for him. Holy Cow! 
Another interesting thing is he started this blog after he recorded 10 videos. He created a name based on the sex partner's occupation. It managed to drag huge crowd to come to his blog and gave good responds to him. That's makes him proud of himself and dubbed as Singapore's Edison Chen.

Gary Ng had boasted about his “achievements” on his blog, claiming that the women he slept with were real estate agents, bank executives, undergraduates and pub waitresses. He wanted to do this because he wants to take revenge on female after being betrayed by his ex-girlfriends.
If you are interested to know in details about this talented guy and his story, you may want to watch 17 minutes interview with Gary Ng here
What a stunning story from this Singaporean!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Smart People Need Passion?

I spent my last Christmas in my hometown and I managed to meet a few of old friends who are around my age. I noticed some of them are extra ordinary smart and rich. They know a lot of things far better than me and they talked like a professional on certain topics. They are just like born leaders, where others willing to listen to and follow them. 

I feel like they are some kind of people who can contribute a lot to the society, if this is true good to be true. 

Unfortunately, they are spoiled men who rely on parent's wealth for daily living. Their daily routine is just to wake up and sleep late, get some entertainments, having meals outside and gym. But still, their minds are still functioning very well after years of such activities. 

When I asked other friends why these smart people are not working, they told me that their parents are rich and they have no interest to work for others. The reasons sound ridiculous but I guess I've no point to ask them in details about it. I also get to know that they are interested to be an entrepreneur by starting some businesses. So far they only know how to talk but no action. 

I'm suspecting that the parents are trust and love their children too much until they let them do what they want. Or the parents have no idea of what to advice them, as they are already busy enough with their businesses. 

In fact, it's none of our business. I don't want to complain or criticize others. They may get offended if I advice them, adding that I'm a very poor in communication and persuasion. I just curious why they allow their talents to be wasted. 

If they can find their passion at the right time, I believe they can become a very hardworking and successful person. 

Anyway, this is what I observed over myself and others. If you found a matter that you have great passion with, hardworking will come automatically. You won't care how many effort and time you spend to do it, but you enjoy doing it. It's just like the way that youngsters playing online game. You will be totally addicted.

On the other hand, if you are fade up with your current career and works, that's mean they unable to bring any passion to you anymore, but only the monthly salary for you to continue to survive. 

Passion would not appear automatically, we need time and some effort to discover it, just like you are looking for your partner. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year New Resolution? Not Necessary.

Time flew like rocket, it's 2011 and I'm going to be 31 this year. I don't really like it.

What I mean is, I'm not afraid of my age increment, but the achievement and contribution from me so far. When I was young, I always dream to be a successful businessman and charitarian. I wish I able to contribute something to my family and the country. Well, in fact it's just a dream for me, I just did not try to work them out at all.

When I look at what I am now, I'm basically achieve and contribute nothing especially to my family and the society. I don't want to feel sorry for myself when I'm retired after 20 to 30 years from now. I hope 31 is still not too late for me to continue to work my ultimate goals out.

The local always say, new year new resolution. Yes, I do have new resolutions this year. Unfortunately, I haven't achieved most of my resolutions last year!  I've set 4 major and 3 minor resolutions last years, but I only achieve 1 major and 1 minor resolutions. The rests are consider unfinished or failure. 

Well, in fact, some of them are just not that difficult, but I just didn't work them out hard. Anyway, as long as I don't give up, there is no such thing called failure. As a result, I've to continue what have yet to achieve on last year, before I can pursue new one. 

I'm sorry that I unable to share with you my last year resolutions here, due to some reasons. I hope this can be over soon. Nonetheless, I can assure you that they just cannot resolve with money. Most of my resolutions definitely need effort, time, passion, thinking and diligent as a whole to achieve.

Anyway, for those who have achieved your last year resolutions, congratulations to you! It's time for you to work out for your new year resolutions. For those who are like me, we have to work harder this year. Remember, we have yet to fail. For those who don't have new year resolution, perhaps you want to try it out this year. It's interesting. 

The moment you achieve your resolution, the more challenging it is, the more you will have the joy and satisfaction you can't express by word. Of course, don't set them neither too easy nor unrealistic, but make them more challenging.

All the best to you in year 2011, folks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Taipei Trip

Today, I would like to share with you regarding my Taipei trip on last week. 

Lack of  Skyscrapers?

It's been an excited trip, because this is my first time to visit Taipei city. Well, thanks to Air Asia that it let us save a lot of money from the air ticket. In contrast to my expectation, it is nothing much difference from other Chinese cities in Asia. Apart from Taipei 101 building, you hardly can find other skyscrapers in Taipei city, due to the possible natural disaster for this big island. Unlike Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, skyscrapers are filled in the central of the city. 

Edge for Taipei?

On the other hand, Taipei is having an edge over other cities, especially over cities in Malaysia. Overall their places are clean, no matter you are in the night market or public toilet. Unlike in Malaysia, the infrastructures built are also proper. So far I couldn't find any hole on their roads. Another thing is I used to get stomach ache once in a while in my workplace country and hometown. But I felt very good in Taipei, even I simply eat a lot of foods in the night market.

One of the important edges Taipei has is the human resources, especially their servicing. Perhaps some of us already knew that many Taiwanese are trained to be creative. They create and innovate a lot of things, especially in IT, agriculture, foods and drinks industry. Generally, the competition for these industries over there are very high. Thus, they are required to be creative and innovation all the time. That's supporting the growth for the country.

As for the people there, most of them are very friendly and polite. If you visit the retails and restaurants, you would feel respected as the promoters and waitress are really good in sales and marketing, not forget to mention they are generally pretty and fair as well. That's really impress me. Unlike in Malaysia, you have to pay but also suffer from the promoters or waiter bad attitude as well. I would say Malaysian has a lot to learn from them in terms of serving customer attitude. 

For tourist hot spot, I did not go out from the city but scrolling around the city hot spots like shopping lots and night markets. Overall, it's quite boring for me. I've no choice but to follow the team. So I've nothing much to share about this. Anyway, I did visit the 2011 new year countdown place. There was 820,000 people gathered over there when it is close to 12am. I don't think I used to see so many people live in a place.

Where my money spent?

Apart from transportation and hotel, most of my money spent in books, foods and clothes for coming Chinese New Year. The books over there are more variety and dirt cheap, compared to Malaysia and Singapore. That's why you can see more people hanging in the bookstores in Taipei. More people prefer reading over there, which is good for themselves and the country.

Overall, the cost living in Taipei consider lower than Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore city. So if you have limited budget but wish to visit one of the nice and clean cities in Asia, you may consider Taipei to be your first choice.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Air Asia Web Check-In

If you are Air Asia customer, you should know or use Web Check-In in the airport. The purpose is to reduce the long queue for check-in. 

Well, the previous date I used Air Asia to travel is on yesterday. December last year alone I've used it to travel for 7 times. Overall, I'm an Air Asia frequent traveler in 2010, average travel via it twice a month,. Therefore, I use Web Check-In frequently and I understand it a lot, until I can write a post about it. 

To do so, you just simply need to log on to Air Asia web site and key in your booking number within 4 to 48 hours before departure. There is even a video to teach you how to do so step-by-step. Pretty simple.

Initially, whoever uses web check-in service is consider quite satisfy. This is because you don't have to queue when you reach airport and it fasten your process to check-in at Web Check-In counter, same goes to Check-In Kiosk. 

Another good thing is that you can go to airport a bit late to endorse your web checked-in ticket, which save 1 of my last minute trips before (I reached airport 15 mins before the plane departs, without luggage, thanks to web check-in).

With the popularity of web check-in, more and more people are started to use this service. It's convenient, efficient and easy to use. Unfortunately, many people are using it nowadays but the web check-in counter remain the same. The queue is getting longer and longer weekly, especially peak month like December. Web check-in is no longer fast lane nowadays. It's slower than normal check-in lane most of the times. 

Nevertheless, there are still some benefits of using Web Check-In. If you have done Web Check-In, basically you can go to the traditional counter or web check-in counter to endorse, not necessary go to web check-in counter. What if you are late to airport? You still have a slice of hope to check-in via any counter because you have basically already checked-in.

Another thing is, if you lose your web check-in paper, you can request the Web Check-In counter ground staff to print it for you. 

Anyway, I forced to swift to another expensive airline (pay for extra 100%-200% compare to Air Asia) starting from tomorrow, because Air Asia has stopped flying from my hometown to my workplace country. Due to the expensive ticket, I forced to do less traveling from now. 

I hope it can revives the flight soonest, where I don't mind Air Asia  push up the ticket price by 20-30% to cover the meal losses. 

Happy traveling via Air Asia, folks!

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