Friday, January 9, 2009

Idiotic Inventions

There are just too many invention in this world, some of them are very useful, some of them are just idiotic. I believe you have seen a lot of them. Well, some times the invention is there just because there is a problem or need. As simple as that.

So what invention can you think of? I have came across some idiotic one and would like to share them with you.

#1 - Slipper with Hanger
The extra purpose is to hit cockroach? Why don't we directly step on the cockroach with the slipper?

#2 - Head Massage Device
Do we really need to massage our head? I doubt it increases our burden.

#3 - Solar bra
What? If the female put her shirt on, will it still functions? Anyway, if my girl friend only wear this at home, I really need to stick with her around the house in order to charge my notebook battery. -.-

#4 - Slipper with Sweeper
Hmmm, if we are to expert on this, do we have to train on leg's kungfu first?

#5 - To Do Note Tattoo
Might as well we just write it on a piece of paper or type it into our PDA?

#6 - Hand phone "Leg" Pouch
Are you kidding me? Will it brings more convenient? How would I know if the hand phone is ringing? Well, I did see some people put the hand phone on his "arm" pouch.

#7 - Eye Care Spec
Why don't we just drop the liquid into our eyes without the spec?

#8 - Protection Mask
Is it to prevent the sauce or soup fall on other place? I can't catch it totally.

#9 - Tissue Head Hanger
Wow, this is fantastic. Are you dare to bring it out? I would say you are, bravo!

#10 - Man's Dick Locker
This is my favorite one. Man's dick locker! With this, man unable to go out 'naughty' with other female anymore. Is this a good news? But wait, seems like this size hardly can fit mine huh?

Congratulations the 10 invention products above, as they are elected by Ekimkee as most idiotic invention of the century! Well, I believe there are a lot more out there.

Anyway, I've no offend and just to have some fun here.


Anonymous said...

ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?? THESE ARE JOKE INVENTIONS...but you just didn't get it...and then decided to demonstrate on your blog how stupid you are... Congratulations.

MC-117 said...

Actually, they are all for sale and were sold commercial for sometime until they flopped. Btw, you can't just troll in other people's blog like that. Personal opinions goes into blogs, not yours. And show some maturity will you kid.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous user before me is an idiot. He probably bought half these items and then realised how much of an idiot he was.

Can I just say the dick locker - what happens if you get excited? PAIN!?

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