Saturday, May 31, 2008

Clubbing Getting Hotter

Are you clubbing? If yes, you must noticed there are major changes for the local clubs. I'm not talking about the renovation, it's about the transitions from traditional live band to funky DJs. I noticed it's a trend in Malaysia clubs, and it has been started in KL since few years back, and it has been rolled to KK lately. It proved that this can attract more crowds especially youngsters. Due to DJ experience related issue in KK, most of the funky DJs are foreigners or from KL.

Zouk dance floor which can accommodate about 2,000 ppl.

I think the first local club to make this move was Blue Note. It used to invite DJs from KL every Friday and Saturday night. For DJs night, it's something special and fresh to the local clubbers, and we all know that most of the live bands in the clubs are sucks, in terms of singing and song selection, don't talk about the speaker surround system 1st. With the power of networking, Blue Note filled up with crowd every Friday and Saturday night, compare to just a few ants few years back. I go clubbing occasionally and I'm relatively okay with DJ's night, especially Trance music. So I did go to Blue Note a couple of times, before it's renovation. It's pretty good, because place inside is dark enough, width, smooth breathing and the alcohol is cheaper.

Blue Note, before renovation into white club.

After it started for a couple of months and good feedback from the crowd, Blue Note went full swing, renovate the whole place to white colour, put nice white color sofa and partition the place with glasses (I think it sucks for me, too bright!) and all night DJs from Monday to Saturday (I felt quite sad because there is a pretty girl in the live band before they dismissed). There is guarantee certain crowd for them every Friday and especially Saturday night.

Not only that, other local clubs, who having red eyes are also following the 'good business' trend, like Shenanigans gets a Venezuela DJ to attract the crowds, and so do B.E.D.. They able to see their businesses seem growing better.

So if you have time do pay a visit to the club to have some fun. Below are the clubs that I recommend. And if you are a pretty and don't have a clubbing companion yet, just call me up.
DJ: Blue Note (STAR Hotel), Shenanigans (Hyatt Hotel)
Live Band: Rumba (Le Meridien Hotel), Cocoon (Segama)
Have fun.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Unique Wedding Dinner

When our friends or relatives pass us a 'red boom' or wedding invitation card, it gonna be either Putra, Shangri-La, Promenade or Sutera Habour. That's okay because KK is small. And it is even normal if it is just a wedding dinner, right? I mean without much surprise, it gonna be some usual programme like dancing, singing, testimony or video clip or photo from groom or bride, and yam seng. After so many of them, I rarely can have an unforgettable wedding dinner, except I met a pretty chick special person that night. Do you?

A creative wedding card

However, I was very surprise when I received a wedding invitation e-card from my colleague a couple of days back, who is having a wedding dinner at Sutera Habour (Special thanks to CY? to point out ;p) STAR soon.

Impressive wedding e-card

If you look at the e-card, it stated it is encouraged to have beach wear. What?! BEACH WEAR? It must be kidding when I 1st noticed the BOLD Beach Wear wording. When i look thoroughly, phew, it's shorts/slippers/hawaiian shirt involved, not swimsuit/bikini/swimming trunk/naked. If ask me to wear swimming trunk, I'm okay with it. But if let me dry without pool and having dinner with the swimming trunk only, it will be very weird. Anyway, I feel like quite excited about this because I never attended such wedding dinner in such casual wear. Interesting and anticipating.

Don't worry, I will update the wedding dinner outcome here, perhaps with some 'on-site' pictures.

Again, congratulations to my smartz colleague couple, K.C.Y. and I.C.!

Popular Bookstore Member

Are you a Popular bookstore card member already? Do you know becoming a Popular card member can get discount for books and other items? And the books/magazines are actually cheaper than other bookstores? And you also can reserve your favorite book and magazine and wait them to call you once they are arrived?

What's benefits about this card?

Of course, there is charges to apply the member card. For an adult to apply a Popular card, you need to pay RM10 fee for only 1 year. You will need RM25 for 3 years membership. And as a student you can apply 2 years with only RM10. So what's the benefits of having the card? You can enjoy 10% discount on best value and normal price items, applicable to Popular and CD-RAMA in Singapore and Hong Kong, with no minimum purchase required. And at most 20% on Popular picked items. That's it.

If you buy a lots of books and stationaries every month, it is worth to apply. Okay, for me I usually only buy magazines and newspapers, such as PC Office, HWM, FHM and Personal Money. They costs around RM100 per month. I discovered the magazines selling in Popular is a lot cheaper than bookstores outside. For example, HWM is selling RM16.50 outside. In Popular, you can get it at RM15 only. It's about 10% cheaper. Nice one. And they are big and have more magazine options to hunt for. If you living nearby City Mall, it's a good choice to go Popular at City Mall, because the parking is free!

You know what, it reminded me of an incident when I saw Popular advertising it's member card in Daily Express newspaper this morning. I made a stupid mistake in the end of last month, where I applied Popular membership with RM25 for 3 years! Why I did that?! I rarely buy books, and there is no discount on magazines! And the worst is, I only found out no discount on magazine after I applied the membership! I asked for refund but being rejected, may be I'm not handsome enough! This is bad. Next time, I must follow the normal practice, ask in details before take action. Damn!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looking for Best Credit Card?

Recently I'm trying to evaluate which bank offers the best credit card benefits, because I want to switch my existing credit card, due to poor service and rewards. Basically credit cards policies offered by banks in Malaysia are almost the same, as it is controlled by Bank Negara, such as payment grace period, interests of late payment and advanced cash. However, for them to attract more card customers, each bank has their own marketing strategy to attract the customers, and these strategies are cash rebate, reward point, annual fees waiver, balance transfer, free gifts, discount on items and so on. So, I still don't understand why the bank I'm consuming is so lousy and disappointed ( I used it since I'm working until today).

I'm not sure about you, my priority is based on:
1) Rebate/Reward
2) Easy to make payment
3) Security
4) Annual fees waiver
My 1st priority is based on rebate/reward, because I want focus on my savings, as I did spend quite some money on credit card monthly. Easy to make payment also indirectly leads to petrol and time savings, especially those offer online payment and bank which nearby my office/house. Security is the major concern of credit card users nowadays, I believe you have heard many cases of credit card fraud, which is unavoidable. Your credit card limit might be abused easily if the bank operator does not contact you on time. And lastly, annual fees waiver also one of the favorite of most credit card users nowadays.

I have did some online research over some major banks in KK listed below.
HSBC, Standard Chartered, Hong Leong, Citibank, Maybank, Eon Bank, Public Bank, United Overseas, Ambank, CIMB

After the research, it seems like Shell Citibank credit card sound most attractive for me. Hey it's about 5% rebate on Shell fuels and 1.5% rebate on retails spending! You cannot find such a good rebate rate in any other bank in Malaysia. I was so excited. We have always heard, 'there is no free lunch in this world'. So I decided to make it clear and check about this benefits further. Yes, no free lunch, people. To obtain the rebate, you must have a carry forward balance, that you have to pay Citibank 18% interest per annum. And the so called rebate is based on your current month spending. This means, if you have a carry forward of RM5,000 but you did not use the card at all for the current month, you enjoy 0% rebate. You can refer the details in the table below:

Tier Carried Forward balance Shell Fuel Shell Non-Fuel/
Purchases Elsewhere
1 RM 0 - RM 4,000
2 > RM 4,000 5.0%

Tier Carried Forward balance Shell Fuel Shell Non-Fuel/
Purchases Elsewhere
1 RM 0 - RM 2,000
2 > RM 2,000 3.0%

This is not a big deal, this is only one of the marketing strategies, it's relatively okay. We just need to make sure we are smart consumers and don't make immediate decision when see this kind of 'free lunch'.

Okay, I found out few more banks offering cash rebates here, we are no longer looking for carried forward balance thingy. They are UOB, Public & CIMB Bank. UOB seems a lot more interested because it is an international bank with better card security offer. They willing to call you whenever your card is used elsewhere or online! Yes there is a testimony here. For local bank, sorry la, you call yourself okay.

Nice Card Design

Apart from that, UOB One Card offers retail rebate from 0.5% up to 15%! However, the rebates offered by UOB seems not so suitable for East Malaysians, as we don't have Carrefour hypermarket here, BHP petrol station sorry, HSL electronics sorry. You can refer the list of machants who rebate here. What a waste, it is good but not our turn yet.

A ugly card design

For Public Bank, it did offer some rebates based on how much you spend annually, which is better than none. PBB rebate offers play as below:

*Used up to RM3,001 & above annually, you can enjoy annual fee waiver.

Meaning, if you spent RM10,000 over the last 12 months, you will entitled for RM50 cash rebate. It looks like not a big deal, but better than none right, you also gain your reward point at the same time. There is another good thing, you are entitled to apply GOLD card by only gaining annual income of RM25,000, no kidding, please refer to the card requirement. Happy or not?

For CIMB Bank, a new card was introduce early of this year, CIMB Petronas MasterCard. It's a lot more interesting than PBB, because it offering the following 'real' benefits:
1) Free for Life, without any term and condition!
2) 2% rebate on Petronas Service Station
3) 0.5% rebate on other retail transaction
Besides, it requires only RM30,000 income per annum to apply for a gold card.

Sounds good? Saves you some bucks? It's cool & I couldn't resist to apply it already. Special thanks to Pennyzai for sharing. He is the existing card user who introduce this to me after he seen this blog. The only drawback are, it's only for MasterCard and the card design is still lousy.

Petronas Card launched by CIMB together with Maybank

Lately, I also discovered from The Star advertisement that Alliance bank is offering cash rebate up to 1.2-1.5% too, for spending at any outlet, I guess including petrol station.

I would go for this, as I'm not Petronas petrol station supporter, and I can get more rebate on other outlet spending. :)

Most of the time, you can just wait until there is special promotion or good offer from the bank like free gift and free for life etc. Or you can just apply one for temporary first, and cancel it later on, re-apply the one you like, no cost involves since it is totally free, except your precious time.

Credit card did bring convenient and benefits, but please always remember to use and repay your credit card wisely.

Chinese's Karma or you are having mental problem, Stone?

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has suggested that the Chinese earthquake which claimed tens of thousands of lives may be "karma". I think she was too emotional and totally lame of saying this in front of the public, and she should respect the victims and other people's country. She is wrong definitely this time, I hope she apologize to chinese ASAP, otherwise she shall be blacklisted by chinese and affecting her income, no joke.

Below was her conversation with the journalist, how arrogant is she.

"I'm not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans. I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else … and I'm wondering how should we deal with the Olympics because of they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who's a good friend of mine," Stone said in the video. "And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened and I thought, 'Is that karma? When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?'"

Stone added, she changed her mode of thought when she got a letter from the Tibetan Foundation, which said that people from the country were venturing into China to help those in need after the disaster."That made me cry," "They asked me if I'd like to write a quote about that and I said that I would, that it was a big lesson to me, that sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service, even to people who aren't nice to you."

Here's the Youtube version.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008










老 者笑说:“你看,你现在至少已经拥有了一亿了,只是暂时还不想要这笔钱罢了。年轻人,一个有手,有脚,有眼睛的人还怕没有钱吗?实际上,凭你所有的一切, 你已经就是一位亿万富翁了。所以一定要看重这些无价的宝物,让它产生有利于自己,家人,社会,国家甚至人类有益的事。为自己造就浩大的人生价值和意义。不 要因为任何的挫折,打击,消极或暂时的不顺心,而把这一切给看轻和随意伤害自己的身体。这是愚蠢的,必吃大亏的,终会后悔的。”


A young man from Philadelphia sighs all day, with a worried look, complained “I’m too unfortunate! My parents left nothing for me. I don’t have a villa or a car! I can’t even afford a short vacation”. An old man said to the young man, “I have the means to make you very much richer, but you must exchange it with your current possession.”

The young man excitedly said, “Really? I would give you anything I have, so long as you can make me a wealthy man.”

“I will spend $500,000 to buy your hand”

“A hand? NO WAY” the young man rejected without hesitation.
“Then, how about a million dollars for your leg?” The young man firmly shook his head.

“Two eyes for 10 million dollars?” the young man declined again.

“Ok, I’ll purchase your eyes, both hands and both legs with a billion dollars” the young man refused without any thought.

The old man smiled, “Now you know that you possess at least a billion dollar. You just don’t want it at this moment!”

Monday, May 26, 2008

Is MyFM 至尊流行榜 fair or fake?

Do you listen to MyFM 至尊流行榜 hit on very Saturday morning 10am to 12pm? Supposedly it is vote by the public and rated by the magazines etc. I think it is just fake for me with the result almost every week. Few years back, whoever come to Malaysia, then he/she definitely will get #1, because they scared the singer won't come back here anymore.

But now, what I even get more frustrated, is like they are taking turn to enjoy #1, regardless who, except chicken head la. And for those #1, they CONFIRMED will be relegated from the chart in the following week. And then also CONFIRMED #2 will goes up to #1, and #3 to #2. And they are almost the same as other positions. So you already know the result on the following week, of who will getting #1 or #2 already. Let's have a look at the latest chart result (17 May) as below:

According to the latest result chart, Fish Leong is #1, Sit Hoi Kei #2 and Lee Sheng Jie #3. So it's almost to be confirmed Fish Leong next week wont be in the chart anymore. #1 should be Sit Hoi Kei, and Lee Sheng Jie #3 (I posted these predictions in my blog on 22 May before I post the following portion.)

Dont believe me? Let's see the following week result (24 May, 08). Check out yourself below.

Well, it is really not a big deal, but please try to be fair. Stay cool okay.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Perodua launched Nautica.

Perodua just launched it's latest 4WD model after Kembara, namedly Nautica. Overall the interior and exterior design and quality looks quite elegant and nice. If you are interested, I guessed you have already look at it's price, it's extremely expensive, RM92,000 for Sabah citizens. Why so damn expensive? In fact it is a Complete Built Unit (CBU) from Japan, in terms of quality and materials used, it is durable and reliable. So it definitely worths this value, even though it is chopped with Perodua logo.

Apart from price, you must be also wonder it is similar to Daihatsu Terrios and Toyota Rush. Yes, they are almost the same, because they are using the same design, the only difference is Toyoto Rush is made from Thailand factory, Terrios and Nautica are made from Japan factory. So there is price difference, Rush is slightly cheaper in this case. For Terrios, you cannot get it in Malaysia due to Daihatsu already signed contract with Perodua.

So if you are fans of Terrios, which model will you go for?
My opinion is, if you opt for Toyota Rush, the resell value might be better, might be.
but if you dont plan for resell, or prefer a reliable and durable vehicle, go for Nautica, it's definitely worth it. If you don't believe me, you can feel the difference between Rush and Nautica during your test drive, pay attention to the dashboard and overall assembly of the car. Nautica is the one who is more solid, worth it, I mean worth it only if you have money to buy.

Anyway, for myself, if I have the money to buy the same value car, I would go for Nissan Latio (solid & powerful vehicle) or Honda City (save petrol).
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