Friday, May 30, 2008

Popular Bookstore Member

Are you a Popular bookstore card member already? Do you know becoming a Popular card member can get discount for books and other items? And the books/magazines are actually cheaper than other bookstores? And you also can reserve your favorite book and magazine and wait them to call you once they are arrived?

What's benefits about this card?

Of course, there is charges to apply the member card. For an adult to apply a Popular card, you need to pay RM10 fee for only 1 year. You will need RM25 for 3 years membership. And as a student you can apply 2 years with only RM10. So what's the benefits of having the card? You can enjoy 10% discount on best value and normal price items, applicable to Popular and CD-RAMA in Singapore and Hong Kong, with no minimum purchase required. And at most 20% on Popular picked items. That's it.

If you buy a lots of books and stationaries every month, it is worth to apply. Okay, for me I usually only buy magazines and newspapers, such as PC Office, HWM, FHM and Personal Money. They costs around RM100 per month. I discovered the magazines selling in Popular is a lot cheaper than bookstores outside. For example, HWM is selling RM16.50 outside. In Popular, you can get it at RM15 only. It's about 10% cheaper. Nice one. And they are big and have more magazine options to hunt for. If you living nearby City Mall, it's a good choice to go Popular at City Mall, because the parking is free!

You know what, it reminded me of an incident when I saw Popular advertising it's member card in Daily Express newspaper this morning. I made a stupid mistake in the end of last month, where I applied Popular membership with RM25 for 3 years! Why I did that?! I rarely buy books, and there is no discount on magazines! And the worst is, I only found out no discount on magazine after I applied the membership! I asked for refund but being rejected, may be I'm not handsome enough! This is bad. Next time, I must follow the normal practice, ask in details before take action. Damn!


Anonymous said...

If you don't want your card, you can give it to me. Mine is going to expire very soon. hehe. Thanks in advance.

Vincent said...

No problem. Can I sell it to you cash with 40% discount?

Anonymous said...

hey, don't be like that. I think i'm the one who introduced you abt the Popular Membership card. You should return the favour to me. hehe.

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