Friday, May 30, 2008

Unique Wedding Dinner

When our friends or relatives pass us a 'red boom' or wedding invitation card, it gonna be either Putra, Shangri-La, Promenade or Sutera Habour. That's okay because KK is small. And it is even normal if it is just a wedding dinner, right? I mean without much surprise, it gonna be some usual programme like dancing, singing, testimony or video clip or photo from groom or bride, and yam seng. After so many of them, I rarely can have an unforgettable wedding dinner, except I met a pretty chick special person that night. Do you?

A creative wedding card

However, I was very surprise when I received a wedding invitation e-card from my colleague a couple of days back, who is having a wedding dinner at Sutera Habour (Special thanks to CY? to point out ;p) STAR soon.

Impressive wedding e-card

If you look at the e-card, it stated it is encouraged to have beach wear. What?! BEACH WEAR? It must be kidding when I 1st noticed the BOLD Beach Wear wording. When i look thoroughly, phew, it's shorts/slippers/hawaiian shirt involved, not swimsuit/bikini/swimming trunk/naked. If ask me to wear swimming trunk, I'm okay with it. But if let me dry without pool and having dinner with the swimming trunk only, it will be very weird. Anyway, I feel like quite excited about this because I never attended such wedding dinner in such casual wear. Interesting and anticipating.

Don't worry, I will update the wedding dinner outcome here, perhaps with some 'on-site' pictures.

Again, congratulations to my smartz colleague couple, K.C.Y. and I.C.!


Vincent said...

After a friend of mine seen this post, she shared with me that this kind of wedding dinner is common, and it should be a normal wedding dinner, except that it is at the beach side and no air-con. The only thing can be consider is the programme the couple had arranged.

melissasy said...

oh dear,
this is such a cool wedding dinner.. i love wedding occasion at the beach.. further more this is a casual beach wear... or perhaps... the bride will be with bikini and wedding veil. .. cool

Tradewind said...

dude, its at STAR lah, not Sutera Harbour lah. nanti u kacau the wrong amoi.. susah ^_^
there is no program, just come, makan makan

Vincent said...

LOLz, Melisa so when is ur turn?
Tradewine, pai sey, LOLz, u r such a smartass huh. xp

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