Monday, September 29, 2008

What if you have $20 Millions?

What if you have $20 millions, what will you do immediately? Have you thought about it before?

Imagine if you have $20mils, you can to go oversea for vacation every week, eat what you like, go for any gentleman/chick you like, do, enjoy and play the things you like. You even can get your dream house/s and car/s immediately. And you can make everyone look special to you, praise you and make you happy every day.

$20 Millions in the house, are you ready??!!

You also can retire from your work immediately, without think or invest anything else. The simplest rule, you can just dump all the money into bank Fixed Deposit with yearly interests 3.15% (Malaysia CIMB Bank FD rate), and you are entitle to withdraw about $52,500 per month, or even more than that anytime!

Wow! It sounds too good to be true! Is that your ultimate dream? Or should I say it should be everyone's dream? I can affirm you that, it is one of my dreams! Haha.

Okay, look, I've a good news for you who having the same dream as me. You can make it true from now on, as I have a very quick and simple solution for you. Most probably you can get the $20mils in just a few days or more. It's legal and you just need minimum investment. 100% no lie to you!

Go for this.

Sports TOTO offering $20millions jackpot for it's Mega TOTO!

1 chance will cost you about $1.15, inclusive of government tax.
Anyway, before you go to buy it, do you know your chances if you only buy one ticket?
It's 1 out of 19,770,609,664.

Who care? It's $20 millions! Just try your luck and spend me to go clubbing if you hit it!
Good luck. ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Personal Firewall

Are you using any firewall for your desktop PC/notebook? You need to have one, because normal Anti-Virus just unable to fully protect your computer nowadays. And don't tell me you are using Windows Default Firewall. I would say it's a 'lame' product.

Well, I know we should have not complain about it, because it's FREE and pre-installed with Windows XP and Vista. But why we want to bother about it when we have other better choice? Not only that, I want to brag it bigger here. Why we even bother to pay for a product, when there is a FREE product offering sufficient features to the user.
Well, that should not be a brag, it's related to our computer security!

Once upon a time, I was using Zone Alarm free version as my computer personal firewall, which is good. So what's now? Have you hear or try
Comodo Firewall Pro before? I want to introduce this free product to you today!

Have you watched this movie? Arg, it's nothing special for me. -.-

Let's look at what it can offers us here.
1. Protection from hackers, spyware, trojans and identity theft.
2. Host Intrusion Prevention System deters malware from being installed.

3. Clean PC Mode registers your current applications then will allow only applications that you approve to be installed on your computer. Cool!

And this is what we like to see, it's FREE! Free download, free to use (easy to use as well) and free update without any charges or license fees. Great!

An alert will pop-up to let you know what going on in your computer.

Let's look at what award and review for Comodo Firewall Pro.

1) Received near perfect rating from PC Magazine - Jan 2008
2) Awarded highest 5-Star rating from CNET's - Jan 2008
3) Top 3 of Best Firewall
Software 2009 from (What made it proud that it is reviewed together with the paid version of firewall.)
Best Firewall (out of 29 products) from I'm one of the Comodo Firewall Pro users, I would say it's the best so far. It never eat up my resources, simply block my applications or crash my notebook. It's close to perfect!

Since it's so good and the quality is better than some of the commercial ones, why it's free?
It's simple. Comodo's main revenue comes from authenticating web business with SSL certificates. The more consumers are comfortable being online and shopping online, the more businesses that will be created that will need our services. For more info, you can read
why Comodo's CEO gives it for FREE.

Download it here and experiencing the great protection today!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whats up with Scrapbook?

Do you like scrapbook? I think many people would like to have some collections, especially female. Am I right?

To be shame to tell you, I know what is a book, but I don't even know how's a 'scrapbook' like, until a pretty ex-schoolmate of mine showed me her scrapbook web site this morning. Poor me. But I felt great because I learned a new thing today!

I think it's great to have such collections. We always wanted our photos, journals and diaries look cute, ops, I mean at least looks good right. But then, I think I'm just lazy to make one, I prefer to let someone make it for me. Haha!

By the way, her web site is offering variety of choices, albums, kits, colorings, frames, graphics and many more. They are almost completed. And the most entertain is, she put her own pictures in her products, quite a couple of them. So while we looking at the products, we can enjoy to see her pretty face.

Among her collections, I think this one is my favorite! I never thought of having a birthday picture for my dog.

I have no idea about the price, but it should be looks good, you can try to compare other scrapbooks web sites and see. Since her scrapbook business was just launched in March this year, I just want to give my junior a support here. Wish you all the best, Joey!

So please pay a visit to and it's spyware free!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Toyota Innova vs Avanza

Are you driving Toyota MPV, Innova or Avanza? Or perhaps you interested to know how good they are comparing each other?

Actually I don't like MPV, perhaps I'm still single and I prefer 1.8cc auto sedan car, like Honda Civic or Toyota Altis. Due to amount of passanger and long run benefits taking into the consideration, my colleagues and I would like to get a budgeted MPV as the company car.

I had a test drive on both Toyota Avanza and Innova on past Friday morning. Unfortunately, the car available for test drive are the most basic version, Avanza 1.3 manual and Innova 2.5 manual. Compared the both models, apparently Innova
has the following advantages over Avanza:
1) Better fuel consumption diesel, 12km/l

2) Better experience on cornering, braking and fuel acceleration

3) More powerful, c/w 2.5cc
4) More comfortable & spacious
5) More solid body

7 seaters Toyota Innova 2.0/2.5cc, vvt-i diesel engine.

For Avanza, it's more like a family car. It also has its advantages as follows:
1) C/w centralized air-con
2) Not as bulky as Innova

3) C/w air-bags
4) Cheaper

6 seaters Toyota Avanza, 1.3/1.5cc MPV, c/w long stroke.

In summary, my colleagues and I are agreed that Toyota Innova should be the one which is more suitable for company car and us in the long run.

What say you?

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Minor Mistake on Dining.

As usual, my colleagues and I went out for dinner on last Sunday.

We are having hard time to make such simple decision of where to eat, because we are almost eating outside every lunch and dinner. In the end of the decision, my colleague suggested to visit a restaurant that we have not been visit for almost a year time. That's good. I remember the restaurant offering one of my favorite dishes.

When we entering into the restaurant, we felt weird, the restaurant is no longer pack with people, it's quiet. So we hesitate for a while and we sat down. When we look at the menu, it's totally different from what we used to look at previously. I tried to order my favorite dish, 'Special Source Spare Rib Rice', but the waitress told me it's not available.

I was having hard time of what to order, because the dish pictures inside the menu are not attractive at all, I'm still wonder why. After for about 10 minutes, I finally placed my order, while my colleagues placed it in the 1st minute.

Well, sometimes it's good to have a pure vege meal is good for health I suppose?

After we just placed the order, I noticed there's a big sticker sticking on the glass right outside the main entrance, and it's a...'Chinese Vegetarian' logo. I was like, wth. We never knew that we've entered to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant! Perhaps the former restaurant is closed and now it's running a vege restaurant. The waitress uniforms, decoration and the environment are all the same. No wonder we unable to notice what is wrong.

Of course, for what we've ordered, like spicy chicken with rice, they are made by vegetable and fla. Since it's by accidental, we just accepted it and make it as the joke of the day. ;)

Most of the Vegetarian claimed themselves are healthy, is that true?

I guess it's my fault, by not looking at the big sign from the main entrance before we entered, as the rests of my colleagues are none-Chinese literated. A simple lesson learned by me, "Do not blindly do something that you used to do without using your brain."

Eh, I wonder is that related? Haha.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking Ways to Make A Difference

'Looking ways to make a difference' used to be my blog theme, and today, I finally have the chance to use it to write a post here. ;)

So, do you want to make some changes to yourself? At least you are giving yourself a chance to stand out, perhaps be different from others, or be memorable by others?

That shouldn't be a very hard thing. Most of the people will tell you that you just need to walk out your comfortable zone. Yes, this is very true.

You see the 'difference' btw FIT & FAT? Sometimes you need a lot of efforts to make it works.

For those who is interested, offers THREE simple strategies for you to break people's pattern. It's just simple, with examples given for you to practice!

I just read about this short article today and I decided to give myself and you a chance. I'm going to try the one of strategies on tomorrow to see whether it is effective! Haha!

Anyway, good luck to you too. ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Disaster for US Economy

What an economy crisis for US!

An 158 years old investment bank,
Lehman Brothers announced it's filing for bankruptcy, after it's shares declined 94% this year. I was extremely shock when I heard about this, it's very hard to believe. It really proved US economy level has turned to red light. I basically know nothing much about US economy, other than economy downturn, property demand is dropping, natural disaster, etc. I've not enough information to comment much here.

Hey, you help people to make money by investment, but you go bankrupt yourself?!

Of course, this news has significantly impacted a few economy players. Our beloved oil prices fall more than $5 today, pricing at $95.93 per barrel. I mean, it's more or less related because the next chapter in Wall Street's tale of woes adds fuel the economic slowdown that has been crippling demand for the oil market. Perhaps we should able to enjoy cheaper fuel now?

I was shocked when I opened up my Foreign Exchange trading just now, where all US currency are dropped like hell. Supposedly USDCHF is soaring and in a very good position, but it was just a disaster for me, and anyone going 'put' on this. For those stay 'long' during the weekend, they are really have big disaster. Fortunately it's climbing back bit by bit after few hours. For those who went for the opposite, congratulations! You've just earn a pile of easy money, if you managed to cut loss before it soars back. -.-

USDCHF dropped as many as 217 pips, before it soars up to 150 pips!

USDJPY also dropped up to as many as 250 pips!

Look, Forex is just too excited! I mean, it just fluctuates too fast!

Since it's oversold for USDCHF and USDJPY at the first place, and Elliot Wave has came to the end of Wave 5 in both graphs, perhaps you've already opt for 'long' to get some consolation by now?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smart vs Dumb

I always ask my male friends, 'do you prefer smart but not so pretty, OR pretty but not so smart woman as your girl friend/wife?'

You know what, most of them answered me, they prefer smart than pretty. Why? Is that dumb women do something which is below our expectation, or speak something without using common sense? Or smart women know how to take men's heart, talk something make sense, and do something that is impress to the men? I'm not sure, you have your own answer I believe.

A survey conducted by Australia's Household, Income and Labour Dynamics panel has the answer. According to the survey, men are generally happier when they marry smart women. In fact, each extra year of education merits an 8% increase in a married man’s happiness. So it seems like true, men prefer smart than dumb women, and most importantly, men are happier!

Perhaps I prefer smart women because she able to make more money while I can shake my leg at home? Haha, what a good idea!

So does women like smart or dumb men? I think needless to say, right? Is that most women have the same idea with me, smart men can make more money? Or smart men look more handsome and sexy virtually?

I used to have such body when I'm in my 21, do you believe?

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scammed Email, SMS and Call

You don't have to be the lucky one, because you are having the high chance to hit them anyway.

I have some real samples as follows. The sequence is based on the popularity and victims, in ascending order.

Top 4 - Yea, I won close to $1 Million pound!

Idiotic Point:
You don't even have my personal details, even basic email address, and you mentioned I won the money. It would be a better idea if you ask me to donate some money.

Top 3 - Wow, someone willing to share US$13 millions with me!

Idiotic Point:
This guy forwarded the email to and it's not my email in the first place. Will you share US$13 millions with someone you don't know from the Internet? I will, only if I'm having US$13 trillions.

Top 2 - Got a SMS from Shell that I won $17k!.

Maklumat! dari SHELL Mlys. Anda
tlh berjaya Memenangi Caj tunai RM
17, 000, Sila dial No'telipon Office: 0062
8161108672 Penghantar: Shell Malaysia.

English Translated:
Info from SHELL Malaysia. You
had Won RM17,000. Pls call our office no. 0062
8161108672 From: Shell Malaysia

Idiotic Point:
Shell won't SMS their winners. They will communicate through a more official channel such as letters as well as call. And it sent from Indonesia. The number is sms'ed from +62. And it is asking you to call an Indonesian number for Shell Malaysia? WTH!

Top 1 - Call from Unknown Number that I won HK$200k from Lucky Draw!

Since it's quite long to describe about this story, let me just borrow Kenny Sia story and experience on this scam. He is having fun of it!

Idiotic Point:
1. The lady and guys declared themselves from Hong Kong, but they don't know how to speak Cantonese, but only mandarin (heavy Chinese accent), so it's very obvious they are from China, but calling location is unknown.
2. You never attend the lucky draw, but you hit the grant prize of HK$200k. And it's just confirmed by phone, without letter or newspaper annoucement.
3. You unable to take the money and you have to pay instead, while you've won the grant prize.
4. Too many suspicious points.

Over the scammed method, lucky draw scam is the most effective one so far, even it is full of idiotic points. This method managed to cheat a lot of people and millions of dollars scammed. I would say, this is a very good one, some people are just too greedy and they want to get a big free lunch. Always remember, there is NO FREE LUNCH in this world! (P/S: My friend asked me, One Night Stand consider free lunch or not? No, that should be a supper right? Haha!)

I'm not sure why, after for so long, I still receiving this kind of scammed stuffs quite frequently. Perhaps they hope there is still a niche market? Nah!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Japanese-look Girl In the House

I was accidentally went to clubbing with 3 of my clubbing friends last night, yes all of them are male friends. Perhaps I just wanted to have some relax moment. I don't usually go clubbing nowadays, because I think it's kind of wasting money and harming health activity.

To keep it short, one of my friends' friend joined our table after we went there for about 15 minutes of 'stick war' (male only). And he bought 4 chicks, one of them is his girl friend. They were very young, I think at their 20's only. One of them managed to attract my attention immediately her appearance. She is a petite girl who quite look like one of the Japanese actress, Mai Satou 佐藤麻衣. Mai was formerly under Sunday Girls in Taiwan, and of course, she is the prettiest among the all four Sunday Girls.

I quote the young girl name here as 'Cutie'. She looks very cute, but when she smile or laugh, she looks even cuter. Wth, this is rare species you know! One of my friends is an expert in approaching girl, without wasting his time, he immediately talk to them, and came up with a group game to play so we can get familiar with each other. The game is so call 'group Chai-Mui', whoever lost has to drink. She kept losing the game and drink a lot, but it seems like don't bother her at all. I bet she must be training a lot before this huh.

Anyway, since she is so cute, I think all my friends want to stick with her tightly, that's bad, no room for me to slot in. Actually the rests of the chicks are not bad also, and they are plenty of rooms to slot in. Well, after considering I'm having a conservative and shy personality, adding I still haven't conquer my soft voice talking in a noisy environment, I'm TOTALLY don't bother about it, even the table left only Cutie and I. Shit, how IDIOT am I! Please slap me for the sake of idiot!

But my idiotic is not what i want to share here. After all, I bet you are interested to see who is she and wonder is she really that cute and look like Mai Satou. No worry, I found her pictures from my friend's Friendster account. Let me just share it with you here.

Here's Mai Satou Pictures.

Here's Cutie (middle one) pictures.

My personal evaluation:

Mai Satou Look-alike Level = 60%
Cute Level = 85%
Friendly Level = unknown
Open Level = unknown
Status = In a relationship (doink~)

I want to assure you that her real face is nicer and a lot more impress than the one in the pictures above!

What do you think?

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Nightmare Day

Are you using Windows XP or Vista? Which one is better for you?

For the past 13 months, I'm using Windows Vista Business Edition for my notebook. I feel Windows Vista is a more stable version and 'bug-less' of Windows operation system if compare to Windows XP. I did not get any 'blue screen' error and those annoying errors I got in Windows XP. And the graphics in Vista is a lot improve and better user experience.

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, slashing it's big price now.

However, I understand why there is so many people complaint about Windows Vista, because it also has many other problems. For me with Vista running, I unable to install or run certain non-compatible applications, such as Any Password, Maple Story, especially older version of software, such as Trend Micro OfficeScan. Apart from that, the most users concern is speed. Basically Vista also eating up a lot of memory, even after tuning and tweaking. I've 2 GB of RAM for my notebook. Once booted up without running any application, it has already taken about 50% of the RAM. That's quite bad. Imagine it could be even worse for those non-IT literate.

Anyway, I prefer to have a faster operating system to perform tonnes of daily works, while leaving my MSN, YM, Skype, Winamp, Thunderbird, Microsoft Office Words, Excels and Firefox with 10 tabs open. So I've finally formatted my notebook hard disk on yesterday, for the 1st time after 13 months. It's proud to say that, as normally people would format the hard disk within 13 months, right?

Before format, I backup all my important personal and working data into a external USB hard drive. During format, I partitioned my hard disk into 30GB for C drive and 50GB for D drive, by selecting C as the primary partition for system files. After formatted, I plug-in the external USB hard drive trying to restore my important data in the first place. However, when I open up C drive, it was empty! I'm not sure why, the system files have been installed to D drive instead. I guess I'm just lazy to re-partition them using a paid software (as I don't have one, and have to find crack), I re-formatted my notebook again.

Sample of formatting hard disk to Windows XP Professional

Here's the unfortunate decision for me. When it came to the screen where allow me to repartition my hard disk tables, I thought I'm so expert and I just closed my eyes and removed all partitions within a second. Yes, I stupidly did it. Congratulate me. What's wrong with it? I guess you've knew about it, I forgot to remove my USB hard disk, and I accidentally deleted it's partition as well. That's a good news! I lost all my backup important data. So how I'm going to restore my backup data later?

I was having a little bit panic, while grabbing a hope that the USB hard disk partition can be restore using 3rd party software, be it paid or free. I spent about 2 hours to look for an solution, while asking my colleagues around for any experience on it. Unfortunately, most of them still virgins, who did not do such stupid thing before, like me. And another unfortunately, I unable to find a free software that helps, all the paid software sucks, as they able to find my data, but it unable to extract my data out. Hehe, because I'm using a demo version of paid software.

That doesn't bother me much, I still keep looking around and around with another helpful colleague, Ng. To be in details, I'm looking keywords such as "recover lost partition", "recover deleted partition" in Google. Suddenly I saw a IT brilliant colleague, Arthur pass by. Then I asked him what is his opinion. He immediately asked me a few technical questions, and find out the exact keyword that actually I need to key in. The actual keyword he gave me was, "
recover deleted partition table". Immediately he gave me the software name and ask me to try it.

Within half an hour, the USB hard disk partition table is restored, 100% of the backup data is recovered as well. What a brilliant software! Thanks

Recovering lost partitions using TestDisk, be it accidently or purposely.

I guess I learned some great lessons from this incident.
(1) Never do something without 'NOT' using the brain, even it is familiarize.
(2) Try to understand in depth the root of issue/problem well, step by step. You have to ask yourself many questions in order to expertise on this. I think many books written about this, they are just damn right.
(3)When you want to search Google and look for solution, please use the right keyword to look for the right URL or answer you want, just like my case.

From the lessons I learned, I would say Arthur is a smart guy. Yes, he is really smart, unfortunately he hasn't utilize his smart brain to make big money. This is bad, at least for me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Highlight of Malaysia's National Day

Happy national day to Malaysian!

Since it's national day, instead of trying to dig our head deeply to figure out what our country leader and government had done for us, I have recalled a list of 'Top 10 funny issues the government did".

Top 10
June 08 - They announced to raise the fuel price, and announced to give rebate after the next few days, and then they drop the price slightly again on last month. What's the point of raised it at first?

Top 9
Out of rice, sugar, cements and diesel can happen frequently within the country. That can be happen, but the funny thing is, they never learn from the past lesson.

Top 8
Mar 08 - The government leading party, Barisan National (BN) lost 1/3 of their parliament seats to their oppositions after election. Funny thing is, they lost all their seats in major cities, because city people are well-educated and they know well what the government has done.

Top 7
07-08 - Ex-Prime Minister keep criticizing the existing government throughout all the year, and ask the existing Prime Minister to step down ASAP. He told the media that he made a mistake of elected a wrong PM.

Top 6
Aug 08 - They try to play a lot tactics just to win people's heart, such as drop fuel price, and distributed $300k to our Olympic Silver medalist on the election spot. But that didn't work, as opposition leader won the seat easily, who is being charged for a sodomy case with his assistant. Perhaps you realizing they like to do thing last minute huh.

Top 5
Aug 08 - The leading party UMNO members have suspected/caught to be involved in a corruption cases. Corruption among politicians is just a normal case for every country. But somehow they are just not professional at all in this case.

Top 4
Aug 05 - Proton Holdings Limited sold the sister company, Augusta in Europe for only Euro $1, where they bought it for Euro$70 millions in the beginning.

Top 3
Feb 08 - When they complaint they are going to be broke because of fuel subsidization, but they still afford to spent multi-billions dollars just to send a Malaysian model to the space just to let a Malaysian to experience as an astronaut.

Top 2
Feb 08 - When the multi-millions invested governmental buildings are suffering from water leakage, and our work minister claimed that they were none of his business. When the middle ring road (MRR-2) is cracking like hell, he blamed on the weather.

MRR2 closed down for investigation of cracks

Top 1
Jul 08 - One of the state governments has the ability spent up to 1.2 millions just to do maintenance on 16 units of new local-made executive vehicles. And this is just the beginning, they even spent another 2.5millions just to purchase 14 units of tax-free Mercedez E200. The state leader claimed that they bought Mercedez because it has lower maintenance cost and our Deputy Prime Minister is also has 3 units at home.

Anyway, I'm still please to be a Malaysian, because we are in a better position if we compare to other South-East Asia countries. I hope you feel it too! ;)

Happy National Day to all Malaysian once again!
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