Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whats up with Scrapbook?

Do you like scrapbook? I think many people would like to have some collections, especially female. Am I right?

To be shame to tell you, I know what is a book, but I don't even know how's a 'scrapbook' like, until a pretty ex-schoolmate of mine showed me her scrapbook web site this morning. Poor me. But I felt great because I learned a new thing today!

I think it's great to have such collections. We always wanted our photos, journals and diaries look cute, ops, I mean at least looks good right. But then, I think I'm just lazy to make one, I prefer to let someone make it for me. Haha!

By the way, her web site is offering variety of choices, albums, kits, colorings, frames, graphics and many more. They are almost completed. And the most entertain is, she put her own pictures in her products, quite a couple of them. So while we looking at the products, we can enjoy to see her pretty face.

Among her collections, I think this one is my favorite! I never thought of having a birthday picture for my dog.

I have no idea about the price, but it should be looks good, you can try to compare other scrapbooks web sites and see. Since her scrapbook business was just launched in March this year, I just want to give my junior a support here. Wish you all the best, Joey!

So please pay a visit to bearybox.com and it's spyware free!


kuai said...

haha.. I have one.. but not active anymore..:)

RiccLee said...

I tot scrap book = book to be scrapped.. :D

Vincent said...

LOLz, Kuai can show it to me? xp

Ricc, you are definitely my bro. LOLz. We are having the same thought. -.-

Beary Box said...

Hi Vincent!

Thanks for the lovely post! But the photo of my lovely puppy looks stretched....haha!

Well,now you know that scrapbook is not a book to be scrapped!

Thanks alot again! xoxo~

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