Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Personal Firewall

Are you using any firewall for your desktop PC/notebook? You need to have one, because normal Anti-Virus just unable to fully protect your computer nowadays. And don't tell me you are using Windows Default Firewall. I would say it's a 'lame' product.

Well, I know we should have not complain about it, because it's FREE and pre-installed with Windows XP and Vista. But why we want to bother about it when we have other better choice? Not only that, I want to brag it bigger here. Why we even bother to pay for a product, when there is a FREE product offering sufficient features to the user.
Well, that should not be a brag, it's related to our computer security!

Once upon a time, I was using Zone Alarm free version as my computer personal firewall, which is good. So what's now? Have you hear or try
Comodo Firewall Pro before? I want to introduce this free product to you today!

Have you watched this movie? Arg, it's nothing special for me. -.-

Let's look at what it can offers us here.
1. Protection from hackers, spyware, trojans and identity theft.
2. Host Intrusion Prevention System deters malware from being installed.

3. Clean PC Mode registers your current applications then will allow only applications that you approve to be installed on your computer. Cool!

And this is what we like to see, it's FREE! Free download, free to use (easy to use as well) and free update without any charges or license fees. Great!

An alert will pop-up to let you know what going on in your computer.

Let's look at what award and review for Comodo Firewall Pro.

1) Received near perfect rating from PC Magazine - Jan 2008
2) Awarded highest 5-Star rating from CNET's - Jan 2008
3) Top 3 of Best Firewall
Software 2009 from (What made it proud that it is reviewed together with the paid version of firewall.)
Best Firewall (out of 29 products) from I'm one of the Comodo Firewall Pro users, I would say it's the best so far. It never eat up my resources, simply block my applications or crash my notebook. It's close to perfect!

Since it's so good and the quality is better than some of the commercial ones, why it's free?
It's simple. Comodo's main revenue comes from authenticating web business with SSL certificates. The more consumers are comfortable being online and shopping online, the more businesses that will be created that will need our services. For more info, you can read
why Comodo's CEO gives it for FREE.

Download it here and experiencing the great protection today!

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