Sunday, September 7, 2008

Japanese-look Girl In the House

I was accidentally went to clubbing with 3 of my clubbing friends last night, yes all of them are male friends. Perhaps I just wanted to have some relax moment. I don't usually go clubbing nowadays, because I think it's kind of wasting money and harming health activity.

To keep it short, one of my friends' friend joined our table after we went there for about 15 minutes of 'stick war' (male only). And he bought 4 chicks, one of them is his girl friend. They were very young, I think at their 20's only. One of them managed to attract my attention immediately her appearance. She is a petite girl who quite look like one of the Japanese actress, Mai Satou 佐藤麻衣. Mai was formerly under Sunday Girls in Taiwan, and of course, she is the prettiest among the all four Sunday Girls.

I quote the young girl name here as 'Cutie'. She looks very cute, but when she smile or laugh, she looks even cuter. Wth, this is rare species you know! One of my friends is an expert in approaching girl, without wasting his time, he immediately talk to them, and came up with a group game to play so we can get familiar with each other. The game is so call 'group Chai-Mui', whoever lost has to drink. She kept losing the game and drink a lot, but it seems like don't bother her at all. I bet she must be training a lot before this huh.

Anyway, since she is so cute, I think all my friends want to stick with her tightly, that's bad, no room for me to slot in. Actually the rests of the chicks are not bad also, and they are plenty of rooms to slot in. Well, after considering I'm having a conservative and shy personality, adding I still haven't conquer my soft voice talking in a noisy environment, I'm TOTALLY don't bother about it, even the table left only Cutie and I. Shit, how IDIOT am I! Please slap me for the sake of idiot!

But my idiotic is not what i want to share here. After all, I bet you are interested to see who is she and wonder is she really that cute and look like Mai Satou. No worry, I found her pictures from my friend's Friendster account. Let me just share it with you here.

Here's Mai Satou Pictures.

Here's Cutie (middle one) pictures.

My personal evaluation:

Mai Satou Look-alike Level = 60%
Cute Level = 85%
Friendly Level = unknown
Open Level = unknown
Status = In a relationship (doink~)

I want to assure you that her real face is nicer and a lot more impress than the one in the pictures above!

What do you think?


jaimieliew said...

aiya, y u x grab the opportunity o??

liang moi lagi2..haiz~

RiccLee said...

He's SHY bah.. Read his comment properly leh.. :D

cLaRiCe said...

VINCENT!!!!! Don't be SHY lah...haiyaaa....

Mell said...

gosh... if i'm in ur position...

wait... what position? <- (another clueless guy here...)

Vincent Lee said...

Haha, soli for being shy, guys. I'll try to improve k. xp


Anonymous said...

hi.. why address attractive females as chicks? Respect them

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