Monday, September 29, 2008

What if you have $20 Millions?

What if you have $20 millions, what will you do immediately? Have you thought about it before?

Imagine if you have $20mils, you can to go oversea for vacation every week, eat what you like, go for any gentleman/chick you like, do, enjoy and play the things you like. You even can get your dream house/s and car/s immediately. And you can make everyone look special to you, praise you and make you happy every day.

$20 Millions in the house, are you ready??!!

You also can retire from your work immediately, without think or invest anything else. The simplest rule, you can just dump all the money into bank Fixed Deposit with yearly interests 3.15% (Malaysia CIMB Bank FD rate), and you are entitle to withdraw about $52,500 per month, or even more than that anytime!

Wow! It sounds too good to be true! Is that your ultimate dream? Or should I say it should be everyone's dream? I can affirm you that, it is one of my dreams! Haha.

Okay, look, I've a good news for you who having the same dream as me. You can make it true from now on, as I have a very quick and simple solution for you. Most probably you can get the $20mils in just a few days or more. It's legal and you just need minimum investment. 100% no lie to you!

Go for this.

Sports TOTO offering $20millions jackpot for it's Mega TOTO!

1 chance will cost you about $1.15, inclusive of government tax.
Anyway, before you go to buy it, do you know your chances if you only buy one ticket?
It's 1 out of 19,770,609,664.

Who care? It's $20 millions! Just try your luck and spend me to go clubbing if you hit it!
Good luck. ;)


Margaret said...

i have a better idea vincent, just think that you living in that lifestyle and it will appear because you wanted it

Vincent said...

Haha! Seems like I think of that everyday and night. But so far nothing happen. T.T

Margaret said...

keep trying, never give up, surely your dreams are nearby

Vincent Lee said...

All right, let's work our dream come true together. ;)

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