Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smart vs Dumb

I always ask my male friends, 'do you prefer smart but not so pretty, OR pretty but not so smart woman as your girl friend/wife?'

You know what, most of them answered me, they prefer smart than pretty. Why? Is that dumb women do something which is below our expectation, or speak something without using common sense? Or smart women know how to take men's heart, talk something make sense, and do something that is impress to the men? I'm not sure, you have your own answer I believe.

A survey conducted by Australia's Household, Income and Labour Dynamics panel has the answer. According to the survey, men are generally happier when they marry smart women. In fact, each extra year of education merits an 8% increase in a married man’s happiness. So it seems like true, men prefer smart than dumb women, and most importantly, men are happier!

Perhaps I prefer smart women because she able to make more money while I can shake my leg at home? Haha, what a good idea!

So does women like smart or dumb men? I think needless to say, right? Is that most women have the same idea with me, smart men can make more money? Or smart men look more handsome and sexy virtually?

I used to have such body when I'm in my 21, do you believe?

What do you think?


Gromit said...

Actually women are very smart...
dont count down them...

pretty and smart?
i believe it is seldom appear do a same girl/women

you keep searching...haha
i found her...:)

Vincent Lee said...

Haha, congrats!

Well, there is pretty and smart, how about beauty pageant?

All right, my craps are over quota by now. Haha!

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