Friday, September 19, 2008

A Minor Mistake on Dining.

As usual, my colleagues and I went out for dinner on last Sunday.

We are having hard time to make such simple decision of where to eat, because we are almost eating outside every lunch and dinner. In the end of the decision, my colleague suggested to visit a restaurant that we have not been visit for almost a year time. That's good. I remember the restaurant offering one of my favorite dishes.

When we entering into the restaurant, we felt weird, the restaurant is no longer pack with people, it's quiet. So we hesitate for a while and we sat down. When we look at the menu, it's totally different from what we used to look at previously. I tried to order my favorite dish, 'Special Source Spare Rib Rice', but the waitress told me it's not available.

I was having hard time of what to order, because the dish pictures inside the menu are not attractive at all, I'm still wonder why. After for about 10 minutes, I finally placed my order, while my colleagues placed it in the 1st minute.

Well, sometimes it's good to have a pure vege meal is good for health I suppose?

After we just placed the order, I noticed there's a big sticker sticking on the glass right outside the main entrance, and it's a...'Chinese Vegetarian' logo. I was like, wth. We never knew that we've entered to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant! Perhaps the former restaurant is closed and now it's running a vege restaurant. The waitress uniforms, decoration and the environment are all the same. No wonder we unable to notice what is wrong.

Of course, for what we've ordered, like spicy chicken with rice, they are made by vegetable and fla. Since it's by accidental, we just accepted it and make it as the joke of the day. ;)

Most of the Vegetarian claimed themselves are healthy, is that true?

I guess it's my fault, by not looking at the big sign from the main entrance before we entered, as the rests of my colleagues are none-Chinese literated. A simple lesson learned by me, "Do not blindly do something that you used to do without using your brain."

Eh, I wonder is that related? Haha.

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