Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Highlight of Malaysia's National Day

Happy national day to Malaysian!

Since it's national day, instead of trying to dig our head deeply to figure out what our country leader and government had done for us, I have recalled a list of 'Top 10 funny issues the government did".

Top 10
June 08 - They announced to raise the fuel price, and announced to give rebate after the next few days, and then they drop the price slightly again on last month. What's the point of raised it at first?

Top 9
Out of rice, sugar, cements and diesel can happen frequently within the country. That can be happen, but the funny thing is, they never learn from the past lesson.

Top 8
Mar 08 - The government leading party, Barisan National (BN) lost 1/3 of their parliament seats to their oppositions after election. Funny thing is, they lost all their seats in major cities, because city people are well-educated and they know well what the government has done.

Top 7
07-08 - Ex-Prime Minister keep criticizing the existing government throughout all the year, and ask the existing Prime Minister to step down ASAP. He told the media that he made a mistake of elected a wrong PM.

Top 6
Aug 08 - They try to play a lot tactics just to win people's heart, such as drop fuel price, and distributed $300k to our Olympic Silver medalist on the election spot. But that didn't work, as opposition leader won the seat easily, who is being charged for a sodomy case with his assistant. Perhaps you realizing they like to do thing last minute huh.

Top 5
Aug 08 - The leading party UMNO members have suspected/caught to be involved in a corruption cases. Corruption among politicians is just a normal case for every country. But somehow they are just not professional at all in this case.

Top 4
Aug 05 - Proton Holdings Limited sold the sister company, Augusta in Europe for only Euro $1, where they bought it for Euro$70 millions in the beginning.

Top 3
Feb 08 - When they complaint they are going to be broke because of fuel subsidization, but they still afford to spent multi-billions dollars just to send a Malaysian model to the space just to let a Malaysian to experience as an astronaut.

Top 2
Feb 08 - When the multi-millions invested governmental buildings are suffering from water leakage, and our work minister claimed that they were none of his business. When the middle ring road (MRR-2) is cracking like hell, he blamed on the weather.

MRR2 closed down for investigation of cracks

Top 1
Jul 08 - One of the state governments has the ability spent up to 1.2 millions just to do maintenance on 16 units of new local-made executive vehicles. And this is just the beginning, they even spent another 2.5millions just to purchase 14 units of tax-free Mercedez E200. The state leader claimed that they bought Mercedez because it has lower maintenance cost and our Deputy Prime Minister is also has 3 units at home.

Anyway, I'm still please to be a Malaysian, because we are in a better position if we compare to other South-East Asia countries. I hope you feel it too! ;)

Happy National Day to all Malaysian once again!

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