Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking Ways to Make A Difference

'Looking ways to make a difference' used to be my blog theme, and today, I finally have the chance to use it to write a post here. ;)

So, do you want to make some changes to yourself? At least you are giving yourself a chance to stand out, perhaps be different from others, or be memorable by others?

That shouldn't be a very hard thing. Most of the people will tell you that you just need to walk out your comfortable zone. Yes, this is very true.

You see the 'difference' btw FIT & FAT? Sometimes you need a lot of efforts to make it works.

For those who is interested, Lifehack.org offers THREE simple strategies for you to break people's pattern. It's just simple, with examples given for you to practice!

I just read about this short article today and I decided to give myself and you a chance. I'm going to try the one of strategies on tomorrow to see whether it is effective! Haha!

Anyway, good luck to you too. ;)

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