Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will You React The Same Way?

Hey folks, please take a look at the video clip below. Perhaps every man wish to be approached and asked like this. But, will you react the same way like those gentlemen did? 

I guess it will be unlikely. It's a stupid move anyway.

I just wonder why all of the men in the video wearing their watches on their right hands, as well as holding the beer with the same hand. Perhaps they are the actors in the show as well.

Whatever it is, we just want to have some fun anyway.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Something About Our Fast Food Restaurants

Do you like to visit fast food restaurant like Burger King and McDonald? If you have read my post "The Truth about Our Food", you may want to reduce your visit to fast food restaurant, especially with your family. These foods and drink are really not healthy. 
Okay, my fault. I visited McDonald on last week for lunch with a friend. I ordered the regular size of Double Cheese Burger set at RM9.35. I believe these fast food restaurant are making a lot of money from any other food business. This is because they can sell many products in one time with a attractive set price, instead of let you buy a single burger. Surprisingly, you seldom can find this strategy works in other restaurants. 

McD Regular meal set comes with burder, fries & coke.
Once you ordered set meal, they will normally trained to ask you whether you want to go for large, where you have to pay RM1 extra. RM1 in fact is just a small value in our country. If I can enjoy a better value meal, I would go for it. Hey, please don't be fool and go for it. I remembered my friend told me the drink is FREE FLOW in Burger King and McDonald. So why need to pay more to go extra large? If you want to eat extra fries, perhaps you can order another pack of fries for better value. Does it makes sense?
In summary, these fast food restaurant upsell strategy is so strong that they are continuously making lots of money. No wonder their new branches are never ending. Apart from go for large, I've also being asked to go for ice-cream at 50% off (original price is RM3.70). Another smart-ass upselling idea!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Tiger Year - Good or Bad Year?

As usual, many people concern about their luck for this Tiger year. Perhaps it is a concern for every year. If you interested to know, you may refer your fortune in White Tiger year from here. If your year is rated as lucky one, congratulations to you. If it is not? What you can do to overcome it?

According to the newspaper article regarding fortune in this white tiger year, I'll be having bad luck and I'll meet many challenges. I've to be careful of what I do, because it said Tiger is opposite Monkey in the twelve-year cycle of animals. Okay, I just take note here.

Just from the beginning of Tiger year, I've some bad news to share with you about myself. On 2nd day of Chinese New Year (CNY), my lovely car door (behind driver seat) was being hit and run. It created a few long scratches to the door. On the 8th day of CNY, my car broken down, due to weak battery, and that deter me to go to airport on time. During the CNY, I've stomach ache and diarrhea for consecutive 7 days, and it is still happening. And the worst is, I don't even manage to meet any pretty woman during CNY. 

If you are really into fortune and feng shui, you may want to read the books above.

Well, I don't think I need to worry about it, because fate is always in our hand. We able to manipulate it ourselves. Stomach ache or diarrhea just because I ate too much or something wrong. It's time to get my stomach a rest with the right food and drink. Car's hit and run is happen everywhere, especially in our country, perhaps I will do the same thing to others next time. Car broke down should be also an usual case, since my car is already 12 years old (it's proper maintain anyway). I didn't meet pretty woman just because I stay too much at home. Perhaps I want to accuse my friend of being selfish? Okay, seems like I've enough accuses for my bad news already.

By follow the law of polarity, no matter what it is, as long as you believe it will happen, it will. Just like you think you got luck this year, and you will! How about you believe you'll hit a grand jackpot or lottery? Well, it's the same thing. If you relentlessly buy it, you will hit one day. However, there is no time frame or guarantee, since the probability of hitting a jackpot is so small. So please believe in something which is more realistic!

All the best to you in White Tiger Year, folks!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Organizing High School Reunion

If you are graduated from high school, have you attended any reunion before? If this is not interesting for you, how about organizing it?

About 2 weeks before Chinese New Year (CNY), I’m expected a high school reunion from the committees (who organized a gathering 2 years ago). Unfortunately, they did not, because they claimed that the past reunion was not really successful. They discouraged it, or I would say they gave up. I doubted. I thought we need a reunion just because it is the best time for us to meet each other up during CNY break, where most of us are going back to hometown to gather with their family. With the courage from one of my ex-classmates, I decided to make one, a very simple one.

Do you wish you are in the reunion picture?

Due to the short of time to form committee members, basically I just invited all my mates via Facebook, about 120 of them. Perhaps Facebook is the only source we can utilize, it’s free and convenient for us to update everyone. I organized it in a café, where it belongs to one of the mates. I believe it is a strategic location where everyone should know. It is an air-con café, with a comfortable environment and free parking around.

Well, being the first timer to organize such reunion, I’m lack of experience and time for preparation. Within the expectation, the respond was very poor, many of them put “May Be Attending” and “Not Attending” in the Facebook, while 50% of them did not reply at all (under “Awaiting Reply”. To my surprise, a few of my close friends did not even want to respond or attend the event. They really disappointed me. I’m not sure what is the problem. But I’m glad there was still about 10% people are confirmed guests.

I tried to arrange a camera-man and some interesting programs before the reunion. Due to the limitation of one person strength and difficulty to reach each other, I could not make it. This is bad, I felt it may be turn up and become a worse reunion than 2 years back.

Is there anyone compile a magazine for their reunion events?

Guess what, the event was very successful. Altogether there was about 25 mates turned up. Some of them, which we have not meet each other for consecutive 12 years after graduation. What a surprise! I did not organize any program for the event. Thanks to few of the active and friendly talkers, they entertain the crowds with full hearted. I did not arrange any camera-man, thanks to 2 of the mates, they contribute the expensive cameras to go around and help everyone take photos. Thanks for the everyone who came, they called up their close mates to fill up the empty space, even though some of them came in the very last minute. Some of them even offer to become committee for the next reunion, so they can contribute something! And that’s what makes the reunion successful.

It is always better to form a committee for this kind of reunion, this is not a one-person game. Even though your close friends are not supporting you, it doesn’t mean you cannot success. CNY is almost come to the end, it’s about time to get back to work. Let’s do it!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goojje -- Google's Sister?

Have you heard of Goojje? Well I don't, until this morning I read an article about it. Basically it is a copycat of Google and Baidu, where it uses these both giant search engines to do the actual search. It declared itself a sister of Goo, where the Google is the brother of Goo. This is interesting. 

Goojje was created on 14 January 2010, after Google executives publicly threatened to shut down the Chinese site following the Operationg Aurora cyber attack on Google China. And surprisingly, it is only run by one female college student from Guang Dong, China, named Huang Jiong Xuan. I wish I know how she looks like, but I just could not find her photo.

Apart from facing the risk of similar hacking case like Google, Google also demanded this site to stop using it's logo. She refused to do so. Well, if I'm her, of course I refused to do so! Most importantly, if Google quits China, she can continue to utilize Google (brother) to promote her web site, and finally turns it into a multi-millions business. Smart her!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Tiger Year!

Gee, I've been too busy to prepare what is necessary for the coming Chinese New Year in my hometown these few days. My sincere apology that there were no blog post in the past few days. So, how about you? Are you busy too? 

I don’t know why, I’ve been suffering quite many bad things since the beginning of year 2010. Perhaps Tiger year is a challenge year for me? How about you? Are you running any good luck so far? Well, whatever it is, I just want to borrow this opportunity to wish you, Happy Chinese Yew Year! 

Farewell to the 'Bull' year, and welcome for the 'Tiger' year.

For those who gambling, I wish you win a lot of money. For those who visit friends and relatives house, I wish you get a lot of 'Ang Pow' with big value inside. For those who back to hometown, gather and celebrate CNY with their family, wish you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday. For those who want a rest after some hard works, here's the opportunity for you.

And finally, happy reading, folks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 5 Chinese Wedding Door Games (Revised)

Are you familiar with Chinese wedding door games? Well, this is one of the most fun affair in Chinese weddings. The purpose is to ease both side people tension by playing games, before the groom officially pickup the bride from her house. Normally the games will be prepared by the bridesmaids, and the groom and his mates to take the challenge. The game will be on show when the groom arrives the bride's house.

If you key in "Chinese wedding door games" in Google search engine, you will find one of my blog posts is ranked as #1. Yes, I wrote an article about this title in 1.5 years ago, and it was welcome by many readers. I want to borrow this opportunity to thanks Wedding Bee for a link to this post and generated lots traffics to my blog. Today, I would like to revised this post with the best top 5 Chinese wedding door games I gathered so far. Since wedding is organize once in a life time, you really need to plan it the best! :)

Top 5 - Weird Food and drinks
As a start, perhaps you can feed the groom and groomsmen with some weird food and drinks. Normally people put Wasabi onto the bread, pull chili and plum into the juice, bitter gourd and so on. There are hundreds of weird foods and drinks around. Your choice! Just get them finish before proceed to the next game.

Top 4 - Funny Wear
Want to make groom and groomsmen feel how they wear like a woman? Get them wear big bra and loose underwear, and take pictures on them! 

You may want to watch the video below and see how these groomsmen wear like. It's funny.

Top 3 - Spinning Game
Get ready a stick or a thin chair. Instruct the groom and groomsmen to line up, get their head point to the chair/stick, make 10 round turns, and then walk a straight line afterwards. If possible, add a balloon on a cushion table and ask them to burst the balloon by head. This is the funniest game I've seen.

Unfortunately I could not find a video for this. I will update this again if I find it.

Top 2 - Couple Modelling
This would be simple. Just ask one of the groomsmen to pretend to be the bride. And ask the groom to treat the way he treats her normally. Perhaps you can ask him to tell 5 reasons why he loves her, or why makes the bride needs to marry the groom. It would be fun!

Top 1 - Dance with music
Get ready a mini-combo or hi-5, and some hot/romantic musics. Instruct the groom to do hot / romantic dance with a few groomsmen for 1 or 2 minutes. If the other groomsmen are too free, ask them to join in. Dirty dance will be the highlight of the game!

You may want to see the video below on how the groomsmen dance and how the groom suffered from weird food.

Okay, that's all for the top 5 Chinese wedding door games, I hope you'll enjoy them, or perhaps use these games for your friends/relatives wedding. 

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Pity Boy With Steel Chain

Do you have a child? How do you take care of them when both parents are working? According to survey, normally people will pass this responsibility to nanny or their mother to take care of. However, how about those not afford to get a nanny or they work in the city where their mothers are not with them?

One question, did you ever see a child locked with the steel chain in the street? Hope you don't mind I asked so many questions. Perhaps you don't know, this is one of the issues happening in Beijing, China. A 2-year old child, named Golden Egg, has nobody to take care of, as his mother is having mental problem and his father, Cheng needs to go around the city to fight for a daily living.

Golden Egg playing with the steel chain.

Furthermore, Golden Egg's 4 years old sister was missing few weeks ago, and his elder brother was passed away earlier. It is very pitiful. Cheng claimed that he is not afford to do anything, but to chain Golden Egg to the street's lamp post before he goes to work. This is to prevent Golden Egg from missing like his sister.

However, Beijing weather is now under zero degree Celsius! The pity boy is suffering from the cold, while playing with the steel chain. Sometimes, he would drink the cold milk that left by Cheng.

Golden Egg is very happy when seeing Cheng is back from work.

Well, we cannot blame Cheng, as he is not educated and he is unable to find a living in his village. He only able to find a mere daily living in Beijing city. This real story is now getting the public attention and the situation is improved now. Golden Egg is being sent to a volunteer kindergarten hostel and he will stay there for free until he is graduated.

So, what is the moral of this story?
Do help others who need help, and try not to think you are the worst, not even once. ;)

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chrome OS Tablet Shows Off by Google

Okay, I guess we have enough to talk about Apple iPad. If allow me to recall, it's been about 9 months Google launched Chrome browser and it's running at version 4.0. Google claimed that it has over 30 millions people are using it now. Have you try it already?

Basically I'm one of the fans for Chrome, because it is light, simple, very fast and take lesser resources than any other browsers I experienced. You should really try it out!

If you yet to know, Google Chrome Operating System or OS, it's the extension of Google Chrome, that's why the name is the same. Google Chrome OS is also an Open Source and lightweight OS which likely to be launched in 2nd quarter 2010. Perhaps you can try it out for free. On yesterday, I came to know how it works when Google shows off Chrome OS tablet mock-up via YouTube.

If you would like to see the concept tablet PC with Chrome OS, perhaps you can watch the video below.

It's just looks exactly like Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible II gadget isn't it! Ops, I just realized it's a 2000 technology concept.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I Like It Longer?

I'm not sure about you. When LG Chocolate BL40 is out, I wonder why it looks so long. I always thought relationship should be the one to last longer. After some researches on it, I must tell you why I like it longer. Let's look at some of the reasons below.

1st reason why I like it longer
This long Chocolate comes with a 4 inches touch screen, which has a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, without having to crop the edge like other hot smart phones do. When you use it to play a movie, it is stunning! You no longer need to suffer watching movie via mini-LCD mobile. Compare to other wide screen touch screen mobiles, BL40 is just outshine.

The new LG Chocolate BL40

2nd reason why I like it longer
Chocolate BL40 is also bundled with other cool features, FM transmitter, DivX support and a 5-megapixel camera. Perhaps 5MP cam doesn't impress me much, but I'm pretty sure it's length makes it easy for short people like me to take a photo/video advantage with a 2-3 inches higher position. Wait, it's not what you think like the below...

Would you use this to take photo when you are too short?

3rd reason why I like it longer
Unlike previous models, this Chocolate is a real looker. Why? Because it is longer and slimer, which segregates it from the rest of the smart phones. Before getting a chance to review it, I thought this phone would be just tall and ungainly. In fact, if you try it, the longer and slimer phone like this would make you feel comfortable in your hand. It also allows you to put and take from your pocket easily. Perhaps just like the longer-design wallet?

Do you feel comfortable to hold this kind of mobile longer?

4th reason why I like it longer
I double confirmed to fall in love with BL40 after I found out my favorite supermodel Chi-Ling is one of the representatives of this new Chocolate! They just look identical. I mean both Chi-Ling and the Chocolate also looks longer, slimer, better quality and more fascinating!

Lin Chi-Ling, a high-EQ Asian Supermodel :)

I guess you pretty clear why I like it longer now, I bet you starting to like it too? In fact, I would like to get one immediately, but in view of my blog sponsor is giving me a chance to win this new Chocolate by posting my reasons, I'm glad to share it with you here! If you are a Nuffnanger, perhaps you are encourage to try it out at your blog too!

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