Thursday, February 18, 2010

Organizing High School Reunion

If you are graduated from high school, have you attended any reunion before? If this is not interesting for you, how about organizing it?

About 2 weeks before Chinese New Year (CNY), I’m expected a high school reunion from the committees (who organized a gathering 2 years ago). Unfortunately, they did not, because they claimed that the past reunion was not really successful. They discouraged it, or I would say they gave up. I doubted. I thought we need a reunion just because it is the best time for us to meet each other up during CNY break, where most of us are going back to hometown to gather with their family. With the courage from one of my ex-classmates, I decided to make one, a very simple one.

Do you wish you are in the reunion picture?

Due to the short of time to form committee members, basically I just invited all my mates via Facebook, about 120 of them. Perhaps Facebook is the only source we can utilize, it’s free and convenient for us to update everyone. I organized it in a café, where it belongs to one of the mates. I believe it is a strategic location where everyone should know. It is an air-con café, with a comfortable environment and free parking around.

Well, being the first timer to organize such reunion, I’m lack of experience and time for preparation. Within the expectation, the respond was very poor, many of them put “May Be Attending” and “Not Attending” in the Facebook, while 50% of them did not reply at all (under “Awaiting Reply”. To my surprise, a few of my close friends did not even want to respond or attend the event. They really disappointed me. I’m not sure what is the problem. But I’m glad there was still about 10% people are confirmed guests.

I tried to arrange a camera-man and some interesting programs before the reunion. Due to the limitation of one person strength and difficulty to reach each other, I could not make it. This is bad, I felt it may be turn up and become a worse reunion than 2 years back.

Is there anyone compile a magazine for their reunion events?

Guess what, the event was very successful. Altogether there was about 25 mates turned up. Some of them, which we have not meet each other for consecutive 12 years after graduation. What a surprise! I did not organize any program for the event. Thanks to few of the active and friendly talkers, they entertain the crowds with full hearted. I did not arrange any camera-man, thanks to 2 of the mates, they contribute the expensive cameras to go around and help everyone take photos. Thanks for the everyone who came, they called up their close mates to fill up the empty space, even though some of them came in the very last minute. Some of them even offer to become committee for the next reunion, so they can contribute something! And that’s what makes the reunion successful.

It is always better to form a committee for this kind of reunion, this is not a one-person game. Even though your close friends are not supporting you, it doesn’t mean you cannot success. CNY is almost come to the end, it’s about time to get back to work. Let’s do it!

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