Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chrome OS Tablet Shows Off by Google

Okay, I guess we have enough to talk about Apple iPad. If allow me to recall, it's been about 9 months Google launched Chrome browser and it's running at version 4.0. Google claimed that it has over 30 millions people are using it now. Have you try it already?

Basically I'm one of the fans for Chrome, because it is light, simple, very fast and take lesser resources than any other browsers I experienced. You should really try it out!

If you yet to know, Google Chrome Operating System or OS, it's the extension of Google Chrome, that's why the name is the same. Google Chrome OS is also an Open Source and lightweight OS which likely to be launched in 2nd quarter 2010. Perhaps you can try it out for free. On yesterday, I came to know how it works when Google shows off Chrome OS tablet mock-up via YouTube.

If you would like to see the concept tablet PC with Chrome OS, perhaps you can watch the video below.

It's just looks exactly like Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible II gadget isn't it! Ops, I just realized it's a 2000 technology concept.

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