Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Pity Boy With Steel Chain

Do you have a child? How do you take care of them when both parents are working? According to survey, normally people will pass this responsibility to nanny or their mother to take care of. However, how about those not afford to get a nanny or they work in the city where their mothers are not with them?

One question, did you ever see a child locked with the steel chain in the street? Hope you don't mind I asked so many questions. Perhaps you don't know, this is one of the issues happening in Beijing, China. A 2-year old child, named Golden Egg, has nobody to take care of, as his mother is having mental problem and his father, Cheng needs to go around the city to fight for a daily living.

Golden Egg playing with the steel chain.

Furthermore, Golden Egg's 4 years old sister was missing few weeks ago, and his elder brother was passed away earlier. It is very pitiful. Cheng claimed that he is not afford to do anything, but to chain Golden Egg to the street's lamp post before he goes to work. This is to prevent Golden Egg from missing like his sister.

However, Beijing weather is now under zero degree Celsius! The pity boy is suffering from the cold, while playing with the steel chain. Sometimes, he would drink the cold milk that left by Cheng.

Golden Egg is very happy when seeing Cheng is back from work.

Well, we cannot blame Cheng, as he is not educated and he is unable to find a living in his village. He only able to find a mere daily living in Beijing city. This real story is now getting the public attention and the situation is improved now. Golden Egg is being sent to a volunteer kindergarten hostel and he will stay there for free until he is graduated.

So, what is the moral of this story?
Do help others who need help, and try not to think you are the worst, not even once. ;)

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