Friday, February 26, 2010

Something About Our Fast Food Restaurants

Do you like to visit fast food restaurant like Burger King and McDonald? If you have read my post "The Truth about Our Food", you may want to reduce your visit to fast food restaurant, especially with your family. These foods and drink are really not healthy. 
Okay, my fault. I visited McDonald on last week for lunch with a friend. I ordered the regular size of Double Cheese Burger set at RM9.35. I believe these fast food restaurant are making a lot of money from any other food business. This is because they can sell many products in one time with a attractive set price, instead of let you buy a single burger. Surprisingly, you seldom can find this strategy works in other restaurants. 

McD Regular meal set comes with burder, fries & coke.
Once you ordered set meal, they will normally trained to ask you whether you want to go for large, where you have to pay RM1 extra. RM1 in fact is just a small value in our country. If I can enjoy a better value meal, I would go for it. Hey, please don't be fool and go for it. I remembered my friend told me the drink is FREE FLOW in Burger King and McDonald. So why need to pay more to go extra large? If you want to eat extra fries, perhaps you can order another pack of fries for better value. Does it makes sense?
In summary, these fast food restaurant upsell strategy is so strong that they are continuously making lots of money. No wonder their new branches are never ending. Apart from go for large, I've also being asked to go for ice-cream at 50% off (original price is RM3.70). Another smart-ass upselling idea!
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