Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I Like It Longer?

I'm not sure about you. When LG Chocolate BL40 is out, I wonder why it looks so long. I always thought relationship should be the one to last longer. After some researches on it, I must tell you why I like it longer. Let's look at some of the reasons below.

1st reason why I like it longer
This long Chocolate comes with a 4 inches touch screen, which has a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, without having to crop the edge like other hot smart phones do. When you use it to play a movie, it is stunning! You no longer need to suffer watching movie via mini-LCD mobile. Compare to other wide screen touch screen mobiles, BL40 is just outshine.

The new LG Chocolate BL40

2nd reason why I like it longer
Chocolate BL40 is also bundled with other cool features, FM transmitter, DivX support and a 5-megapixel camera. Perhaps 5MP cam doesn't impress me much, but I'm pretty sure it's length makes it easy for short people like me to take a photo/video advantage with a 2-3 inches higher position. Wait, it's not what you think like the below...

Would you use this to take photo when you are too short?

3rd reason why I like it longer
Unlike previous models, this Chocolate is a real looker. Why? Because it is longer and slimer, which segregates it from the rest of the smart phones. Before getting a chance to review it, I thought this phone would be just tall and ungainly. In fact, if you try it, the longer and slimer phone like this would make you feel comfortable in your hand. It also allows you to put and take from your pocket easily. Perhaps just like the longer-design wallet?

Do you feel comfortable to hold this kind of mobile longer?

4th reason why I like it longer
I double confirmed to fall in love with BL40 after I found out my favorite supermodel Chi-Ling is one of the representatives of this new Chocolate! They just look identical. I mean both Chi-Ling and the Chocolate also looks longer, slimer, better quality and more fascinating!

Lin Chi-Ling, a high-EQ Asian Supermodel :)

I guess you pretty clear why I like it longer now, I bet you starting to like it too? In fact, I would like to get one immediately, but in view of my blog sponsor is giving me a chance to win this new Chocolate by posting my reasons, I'm glad to share it with you here! If you are a Nuffnanger, perhaps you are encourage to try it out at your blog too!

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