Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goojje -- Google's Sister?

Have you heard of Goojje? Well I don't, until this morning I read an article about it. Basically it is a copycat of Google and Baidu, where it uses these both giant search engines to do the actual search. It declared itself a sister of Goo, where the Google is the brother of Goo. This is interesting. 

Goojje was created on 14 January 2010, after Google executives publicly threatened to shut down the Chinese site following the Operationg Aurora cyber attack on Google China. And surprisingly, it is only run by one female college student from Guang Dong, China, named Huang Jiong Xuan. I wish I know how she looks like, but I just could not find her photo.

Apart from facing the risk of similar hacking case like Google, Google also demanded this site to stop using it's logo. She refused to do so. Well, if I'm her, of course I refused to do so! Most importantly, if Google quits China, she can continue to utilize Google (brother) to promote her web site, and finally turns it into a multi-millions business. Smart her!

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