Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Tiger Year - Good or Bad Year?

As usual, many people concern about their luck for this Tiger year. Perhaps it is a concern for every year. If you interested to know, you may refer your fortune in White Tiger year from here. If your year is rated as lucky one, congratulations to you. If it is not? What you can do to overcome it?

According to the newspaper article regarding fortune in this white tiger year, I'll be having bad luck and I'll meet many challenges. I've to be careful of what I do, because it said Tiger is opposite Monkey in the twelve-year cycle of animals. Okay, I just take note here.

Just from the beginning of Tiger year, I've some bad news to share with you about myself. On 2nd day of Chinese New Year (CNY), my lovely car door (behind driver seat) was being hit and run. It created a few long scratches to the door. On the 8th day of CNY, my car broken down, due to weak battery, and that deter me to go to airport on time. During the CNY, I've stomach ache and diarrhea for consecutive 7 days, and it is still happening. And the worst is, I don't even manage to meet any pretty woman during CNY. 

If you are really into fortune and feng shui, you may want to read the books above.

Well, I don't think I need to worry about it, because fate is always in our hand. We able to manipulate it ourselves. Stomach ache or diarrhea just because I ate too much or something wrong. It's time to get my stomach a rest with the right food and drink. Car's hit and run is happen everywhere, especially in our country, perhaps I will do the same thing to others next time. Car broke down should be also an usual case, since my car is already 12 years old (it's proper maintain anyway). I didn't meet pretty woman just because I stay too much at home. Perhaps I want to accuse my friend of being selfish? Okay, seems like I've enough accuses for my bad news already.

By follow the law of polarity, no matter what it is, as long as you believe it will happen, it will. Just like you think you got luck this year, and you will! How about you believe you'll hit a grand jackpot or lottery? Well, it's the same thing. If you relentlessly buy it, you will hit one day. However, there is no time frame or guarantee, since the probability of hitting a jackpot is so small. So please believe in something which is more realistic!

All the best to you in White Tiger Year, folks!

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