Sunday, August 21, 2016

My 34th Birthday

Time flies. I was having my 34th year old birthday last Tuesday. 

My girl friend was kind enough to celebrate my birthday by treated me to a downtown high-end steak house, complimented with a gift that I wanted quite some times ago. I really love the blue cheese wayu steak in the restaurant, it's very delicious and unforgettable. Just that it's a little bit pricey. It's too bad that we've forgotten to take a photo for memory and show you here as we are too excited over the dinner.

To review the past 1 year, it's been a extremely challenging year for me especially the 2nd half. I'm losing a lot of momentum due to a series of mistakes caused by my impulsive and immature decisions. And there are problems accumulating and pending to be resolved. On the other hand, I thank God that I've received a lot of blessings and support from my girl friend, closed friends and mentors. Thank you for that and I hope I can return you guys the favor as much as I can.

Moving Forward, I have yet to think much about it, as I'm still a lost sheep. But I will try to sustain by learning from my past mistakes and grab as much opportunity available as possible. That's what most of us are trying to do right.

I will try to continue my current journey, as where I have chose to start it earlier. I hope I can do it even it's extremely challenging, even I just have a little bit confidence left. That's my wish for my birthday.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Give Up vs Persistance

I just read an article from a business magazine about how an entrepreneur faced multiple huge failures over the decades, how he kept his persistence to overcome these failures, and become a very successful businessman today. How many entrepreneurs are actually can be successful like him?

Do you still remember a lot of wise people said, 100 people became entrepreneur, 90 of them gave up and failed within the 1st year. Another 9 sustaining but closing anytime and left only 1 person came up.

It's a no brainer thing. If doing business is easy, then most of us are making money from business and we do not have to work for others anymore. That's why when we want to become entrepreneur, think twice, get advice and make proper decision before step out. This is because it is extremely challenging to be success. Even if you first trial is smooth, the waves will come continuously and make you mentally stress and tiring. I have tried & still trying it now and no doubt about it. Sometimes, you even cannot turn back because you have invested all your resources and money into it, or even owing investors lots of money.

Why 90% people failed within the 1st year, if not 2nd or 3rd year? There can be lots of reasons, out of capital, cash flow issue, lack of customer, lack of profit, high cost, competition, poor product or services, etc. But the major reasons are lack of determination and without persistence, or we call it give up easily.

When we face problem, especially it is monetary involve, we we tend to be stressed. After tried a couple of times but failed to resolve it, we tend to give up. That's very normal. If we apply this to a business, that's where the business ends because we give up.

That's why when you read a lot of successful businessmen stories, they will share with you they failed big first, or at least encountered big issues, before they succeed. If you did not experience it before, you might have just read it through but you will be more focus on his later part of success. For those surviving businessmen, they will have the common touch if they read it, because they have experienced the same thing. Other people may not experience and understand how hard it is. Sleepless nights, reluctant to go to work to face the problems in the morning, begging friends / relatives for help, etc. These activities will make you feel like giving up easily. That's common.

Give up is very easily, you just need to avoid or close the business. Businessmen always told us, never give up. How easy this came from their mouths? Persistence is extremely challenging, you may still fail if you persistence or do not make the right change. It's not only apply to business, but similar goes to relationship, sales, get no.1 in competition, get rich, return of investment, etc.

Since it is so difficult, why we want to do business or be persistence then? Think about the reward, before you think about giving up. If the reward is huge enough, then we should give it another try.

The classic example is Malaysia Badminton No.1 Lee Chong Wei. Did you read his book? Did you see how many failures he encountered along his journey? And do you still see him in the arena now? Did he give up to move one step further? What's motivates him from giving up? He is a classic example of perseverance, a very good example for us to learn.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Being Mediocre or Outstanding?

Sometimes, we want to do and invest something, but because it's involving our hard earn money, perhaps to certain extend, we are hesitate whether want to go for it. For example, property, stock investment, become an entrepreneur, MLM and so on. Go big or go home, how?

We used to hear or see, some people made a lot money from doing business, investing in properties, stock market, forex, joining MLM, etc. They made us rethink whether we want to join them. On the other hand, we also heard a lot of failures around. And we are hesitating how much actually we want to invest, go or not.

From my experience, life is like that. There's no definite or sure-win path for you to follow, and most of the time there are uncertainty and uncomfortable of making these decisions, especially involving your hard earn money. But still, we need to move on, we need to extend our wealth and make our living more comfortable. So somehow we will need to make certain decisions on investment and career.

It comes to the level of daring.

Most of the time, we are wondering why some people are just daring to invest this and that, and even with such a huge amount. Don't they afraid they lose their hard earn money? Well, to certain extend, I believe some of them are just gambling and trying their luck. They do not want to be mediocre, they want to succeed else fail. I also strong believe minority of them have calculated their risks, gathered their past experience and make the best decisions out of all.

I have been putting a lot of efforts in looking into running business, property and stock market investment over the past 7 years. I have tried most of them, starting from small, made tonnes of mistakes, tried big and still fails, as well as don't do anything and let opportunity passed by. Honestly, I failed quite miserably. Why?

I think I do not have the determination. I also do not have the patient to wait.

When market is good, I just tried 10%. When market is even better, I started to reduce my stake to 0%. When market is at it's best, I cannot stand and went in with 50%. Then burn my hand. Same with doing business. Does it means I do not have the qualification to invest and do business?

No, I don't think so.

Everyone stands a chance to success. Not every baby can run before walk. Even though I spent a lot of efforts in studying and understanding it, it does not mean guarantee success. I'm lack of experience, and I also admit that I have limited patience. Remember, life is full of expectation especially you want to walk out of your comfortable zone. My advice is to expect it, ready to be all out and lose whatever you currently have. Then you are qualify to gain more.

It's a bit too lengthy for today. Will try to continue my sharing again.
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