Sunday, August 21, 2016

My 34th Birthday

Time flies. I was having my 34th year old birthday last Tuesday. 

My girl friend was kind enough to celebrate my birthday by treated me to a downtown high-end steak house, complimented with a gift that I wanted quite some times ago. I really love the blue cheese wayu steak in the restaurant, it's very delicious and unforgettable. Just that it's a little bit pricey. It's too bad that we've forgotten to take a photo for memory and show you here as we are too excited over the dinner.

To review the past 1 year, it's been a extremely challenging year for me especially the 2nd half. I'm losing a lot of momentum due to a series of mistakes caused by my impulsive and immature decisions. And there are problems accumulating and pending to be resolved. On the other hand, I thank God that I've received a lot of blessings and support from my girl friend, closed friends and mentors. Thank you for that and I hope I can return you guys the favor as much as I can.

Moving Forward, I have yet to think much about it, as I'm still a lost sheep. But I will try to sustain by learning from my past mistakes and grab as much opportunity available as possible. That's what most of us are trying to do right.

I will try to continue my current journey, as where I have chose to start it earlier. I hope I can do it even it's extremely challenging, even I just have a little bit confidence left. That's my wish for my birthday.

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